• I called in sick that day just to see the parade

    After family moments then there are Disney moments. And if you can have both at the same time – you have the greatest happiness :)

    Thanks Disney for the dreams & memories -!!!

  • VERY nice. Great to see Mr. Aldrin out and about, what a hero.

    Mr. Lightyear is cool too. 😉

  • I am weak with cute! A proper parade for a proper hero.

    I agree with the above comment; thank you for these videos. They are great for those of us who wait impatiently for the day we can return to WDW!

  • I just love these videos on the new blog site….it is the next best thing to being at WDW. I wish we were there, but at least we get our fix by watching….THANK YOU! Congrats Buzz and welcome back home!

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