• Looks FANTASTIC! Very pleased with this unique addition to the MK. 😀 Much better than a Pre-Parade or the like, this is theme based and in the proper land. Well, sub land, really. 😉

    Will this run during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party? That might be the only time I get to see it.

    And I felt bad for the horse, too. :(

  • Thanks! I was their for the 13K on Sunday and missed it by ONE DAY. Sigh. I wish I lived in Florida!

  • Aw, that poor horse at the beginning definitely did not like the fireworks. I thought that was why there aren’t fireworks at Animal Kingdom…


  • I just bawled like a baby watching this! I cannot wait to meet Princess Tiana during my upcoming Walt Disney World vacation. Thanks so much for posting this video!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video!! It’s so nice that we can enjoy a little piece of the magic from home when we can’t be in the parks in person!!!! I can’t wait to meet Princess Tiana in person & see the Jubilee!!

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