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Mobile Magic – First Disney Parks Mobile App Now Available

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

It’s here. Our first official Disney Parks mobile application is now available and you’re invited to check it out.

Trying Mobile Magic is simple. Verizon Wireless customers can download the application for $9.99 for 180 days.   Just go to the Media Center to “Browse & Download,” then “Get New Applications.” You’ll then find Mobile Magic in the “Travel & Navigation” folder.  The app can also be found by texting Magic to 2777 later today.

You should know that there’s a 24-hour free trial available for a limited time if you’d like to test it out. In either case, download and message charges may apply. Airtime or megabyte data charges may also apply when browsing, downloading and using certain applications. You can access the Disney Parks mobile web site by going to either m.disneyland.com or m.disneyworld.com on your mobile web browser.

Mobile Magic Mobile Magic
Mobile Magic Mobile Magic
Mobile Magic Mobile Magic

The application is ready to use but the team will be fine tuning it until January. Mobile Magic is bringing FASTPASS return times, attraction wait times for the park you are in, extensive information on character locations and more for Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks to your Verizon Wireless phone. And, even if you are not a Verizon Wireless subscriber, you can still use your mobile phone to access select park information and on the Disney Parks Mobile web sites.

Here’s the list of phones that the app is currently available on:

    – LG Glance
    – LG VX Chocolate
    – LG Chocolate 3
    – LG Decoy
    – LG VX 8700
    – LG Venus
    – Moto Adventure
    – Nokia 7205
    – Samsung Renown
    – Moto 325
    – Samsung 540
    – Samsung 550
    – LG 5500
    – Nokia 6205
    – Moto 755
    – UT Starcom 8950
    – UT Starcom GC1-c711
    – GZ1 – S Boulder
    – Moto K1 -M
    – Moto – L7c
    – LG 8350
    – Samsung Trance
    – Moto V3m
    – Moto Barrage
    – Moto VU204
    – LGE VX-8360
    – Motorola RIZR Z6TV
    – Motorola VU30 (Rapture)
    – Motorola Z6c
    – Samsung SCH-A990
    – Samsung SCH-U620
    – Samsung SCH-U900 Flipshot
    – LG VX 9100 – enV2
    – LG VX 9200 – enV3
    – LG VX 8300
    – LG VX8370
    – Motorola V9M
    – Motorola W766 Harmony
    – Motorola VE
    – Samsung U640 Buddy
    – Samsung SCH – U650 (Sway)
    – Casio Hitachi Exilim C721

Update: New Phones Added

    – Nokia 6315i
    – Nokia 2705 Shade
    – CDM – 8975
    – LG VX 8600
    – LG VX9400
    – LG VX9800 V
    – LG VX9900 enV
    – Nokia Twist 7705

The Following Touch-Screen Devices Added

    – LG VX8575 – Chocolate Touch
    – LG VX 9600 – Versa
    – LG VX 9700 – Dare
    – LG VX 10000 – Voyager
    – LG VX 11000 – enV Touch

The list of Verizon Wireless phones that Mobile Magic will be available on is expected to grow to include “touch” handsets and smartphones in the upcoming weeks.

Here are some more screenshots:

Mobile Magic Mobile Magic
Mobile Magic Mobile Magic

There are even more screen shots below:

Mobile Magic Mobile Magic
Mobile Magic Mobile Magic
Mobile Magic Mobile Magic
Mobile Magic Mobile Magic
Mobile Magic Mobile Magic

Here’s more information on the Mobile Magic Application. Of course, there are some official details you should know about: The downloadable Mobile Magic application for Verizon Wireless subscribers is available for purchase. Message and data rates also may apply. Coverage not available everywhere. Availability subject to handset limitations. If you’re under 18, get your parent’s permission first. Valid theme park admission required.


  • Looking forward to being able to try this out. But unfortunately I’ve got a Blackberry. Fortunately I do use Verizon. So hopefully it won’t be too long before this happens. It’s nice to get something for BB before iPhone!
    I don’t think it’s going to make it for my mid-December trip though.

  • Do we have any ballpark idea on when (or if) this will be available to Verizon subscribers with smartphones? I switched to Verizon for this, then found out it is not available for the Droid I got when I switched.

  • Great idea….

  • Looks like a great app, when is it going to be available for the HTC Imagio?

  • Will this be available on Blackberry by Nov 23
    Looks awesome…
    Do have t tell ya..Verizon customer service knew nothing about this when I called

  • This looks amazing! I hope they make an iPhone version!

  • Any idea of when this is going to be available for the LG EnV3? I hope before our trip in Dec!

  • HELP! I can’t seem to find or download this app. I’ve searched several different ways in the Verizon website [on PC] and looked in the VZAppZone on my phone. The Disney Mobile Magic app doesn’t show up in either place. I also tried the text message to 2777 with Magic as the only text, and that returned an error message. I’m heading to WDW in 2 weeks and would LOVE to have this app before then.

  • This is a great idea for people in the parks! I only wish it was for my Verizon phone :( I have the LG Voyager… I wish it was for ALL Verizon phones not just a few. Hope someday its for all Verizon phones.

  • PLEASE PLEASE get it up an running for the Blackberry Curve before my trip in December. I am sooooo bummed that it is not available already. One would think that a “smartphone” will be able to handle it.

  • iPHONE please. Would save so much walking back and forth!

  • This is great!! Thanks for the app. My question is for wait times. When it says moderate how many min. does the wait need to be to gain that status? And how often is the app updated to real time?

  • iPhone user. I like the way Universal makes their wait times available simply to everyone. How come Disney can’t just add a bonus to it’s customers and FANS?

  • These apps look cool. I just wish they were also made for the iPhone!

  • The mobile site is wonderful for those of us who can’t get the app due to not being on Verizon. I’m also hoping for clarification on what the “see now” “moderate” and “high demand” times mean… I’m assuming 0-30 minutes, 30-60 minutes and 60+ minutes…ish.

  • By any chance will you be adding the Verizon Wireless LG Dare?

    MouseTimes Podcast

  • Is the Droid one of the phones this is being developed for in the future?

  • Looks neat enough. It’s too bad that the LG eNV and the Blackberry Storm are not listed. I would loved to have tried this in December.

  • This is epic. Seriously considering changing my plan and basing my next phone purchase off of this app…

  • I think this technology is already obsolete. I think it needs to be retired now.

  • Thomas, I am not quite sure what this means to me? Do you not value customers who are not Verizon subscribers?

    I like the app, but I am on Sprint with the HTC Hero. When are you going to make an app for me?

    BTW, this is no way I will switch to Verizon, so just leave that out of the discussion.

  • I am considering moving to Verizon just so I can get this app.

    Actual Wait Times! It is a dream come true.

    Now if you could access the menus of the Quick/Counter Service restaurants , I’d switch tomorrow!


  • The more I play with the mobile site on my iPhone, the more I like it. I do hope for a full app for the iPhone though.

  • For iPhone users there is a really cool free app called MouseWait for Disneyland – it is not affiliated with Disney but the wait times are accurate and there is a ton of free stuff in there, I used it yesterday and it worked great for me and they have tons of iPhone users who are using it. But this Verizon app looks pretty cool, they have really included a lot in the app.

  • Please Make an iPhone version!!!

  • iphone please! You went Verizon and didn’t include Blackberry?!

  • I’ve been with Verizon for awhile and resisted going to the iPhone, especially with this deal announced LAST November.

    So, I upgrade thinking it’s a good thing to a fancy schmancy phone. However, with this post, my cell is NOT even listed?!

    What is the time for “upcoming weeks”?

  • Hey, this app looks awesome. Looking forward to trying it out.

    Can we get a comment on what “See now”, “Moderate”, and “High demand” translate to in terms of actual wait times?


  • This looks really great – but are there any plans to make this available to international visitors? Coming from Europe I don’t have the possibility to be a Verizon Wireless subscriber.

  • @Matt — Already done! “)

  • It looks fantastic, but you need to develop it for the iPhone. I would pay more than $10 for this app for my iPhone, as would my husband. Sorry; I’m not going to switch carriers just for one app.

    Please continue to make this available to everyone, not just a select company like Verizon. The “mobile website” is not enough for us loyal Disney customers.

  • Until they make an iPhone version, you can visit m.disneyworld.com (or m.disneyland,com) on your iPhone, then click the plus symbol at the bottom of the screen and select “Add to Home Screen”. This will look just like and App, but will take you to the Web site.

    Orlando Attractions Magazine

  • the apps look great, it still doesn’t explain why we have not heard anything back on the 120 posting that have been put out concerning our Lights of Winter over at Epcot. Please do not cancel them.

  • Love this post. I’ve been waiting for this app to realease. I noticed that more phopnes will be made available in the coming weeks. Just curious if that will include the NEW DROID phone by Motorola. I just upgraded from a EnV2 and am really looking forward to this.

  • So does this mean that the Hollywood Studios icon has been changed back to the Earful Tower? If so, does that mean we can finally look forward to the dismantling of the Sorcerer’s Hat soon, like they did with the wand at Epcot? Somehow I doubt it, but I can dream, can’t he?

  • @Stephen – Good point Stephen. I think it would be a great idea if [at least] they offer a way to use the application for free by entering a code. THen this code will be valid to use the application for X amount of time.

  • @Nicholas – I understand developing these apps isn’t cheap (I’m actually a software developer myself). My point is that companies of the magnitude of Disney can absorb these costs in order to make things better for their customers. Having to pay for an application that is specific to being in the park shouldn’t be charged for in my opinion.

  • This is a wonderful looking app. Would still like to know what happen to Lights of Winter though. There are over 120 comments on the weekly wrap up post about it.

  • New technology is great, as are refreshed attractions. But let’s be honest, nothing can replace the special touches Disney puts into its parks. I am excited about Space Mountain reopening and Mobile Magic debuting, but even those can’t hide the things we are losing.

    The Lights of Winter at Epcot appear to be gone with no mention at all from Disney. There’s word that a gospel choir will be added to the fountain stage, but surely that’s not meant as a replacement for our beloved lights.

    The guests are trying to make their voices heard! Is anyone listening? We will soon find out.

  • @Stephen – Disney Application Developers have spent a lot of time to develop an application of this caliber. With everything that goes into development of an application, $10 is worth it, I believe. Also, going off your idea of park entry… it would be nice if you were allowed to use the application for a certain time period based on your park admission. (For example: Entering a code on your ticket would give you access to the application for the day)

  • I love the fact that Wait Times are listed in this application. I have been using an iPhone Application called “WaitWatchers” to view Wait Times, but the con about that was it was only user submitted. I just hope that the wait times are pulled from the same database (source) as the official times listed above the ride entrance.

  • iPhone app is a must for sure! Agreed with most, I would pay for this.

  • Shouldn’t the applications be free? Since we are already paying to enter the parks, an application that gives information that is only relevant to the parks shouldn’t be charged for in my opinion. Very nice that Disney are making park based applications, but I wont be paying for them when I can only just afford the park entry.

  • Thomas, great post! An iPhone version of this application is a must. I know that Disney has developed many iPhone Applications for the AppStore. I currently count 22 made by “Walt Disney”. This would lead me to believe that an iPhone version is in the works. Thomas, can you please clue us in and let us know if this is in the works or not? I would pay for an iPhone version of this.

  • Ditto what Tom said.

    I am actually rather upset that between the time this was conceived a few years ago and today, neither Dis nor VZW had said anything about it only being available on certain verizon phones.

    I sure hope that “…available in the upcoming weeks” means sooner rather than 1 year later…….

  • I’d still like to see Lights of Winter displayed at Epcot this year…

  • I agree with Douglas. I am with AT&T wireless – Blackberry Curve. Would love to see the app compatible with that. May switch to Verizon in the future, but not for awhile.

  • Please make an iPhone version!

  • Will the application be available for a variety of Blackberry devices carried by Verizon? If so, how “soon” can we expect service on these popular devices to begin?

  • Looks nice. I just gave up Verizon service for my iPhone. I wish Disney would come out with a similar app for the iPhone and other non Verizon guests. The non Verizon mobile site looks good too.

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