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Now and Then: Photos Taken Outside Walt’s Apartment

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Director of Public Relations, Walt Disney Publishing

Walt's Apartment Now

In this photo taken October 2, 2009, Disneyland Resort cast members from across the property pose in front of Walt’s apartment, where the light in the window is always shining in honor of our founder. The photo was presented as a congratulatory gift from the Disneyland Cast to the Executive Director of the Walt Disney Family Museum to celebrate the recent opening of the museum.

Walt's Apartment Then

Taking a look back to December 1956, the second photo shows Walt just outside his apartment during a media event at the park.

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  • I love everything Disney. Took my daughter when she was 3yrs. We visited numerous times a year. So, of course I would want to see more archive photos

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA

    What great pictures from the then and now…I know with my family always going we make sure we take pictures all over that park so my childrem well have memories to last a life time!!!! Like these pictures from Disney…keep them coming.

  • Yes please keep on posting anything about Walt Disney and his life and dreams.

  • YES, I would love to learn more about Disney parks through-out the past;)

  • Yes. Please post more of these.

  • I never knew that was Mr Disney’s apt. I need to brush up on my Disney trivia. I have loved Disneyland since 1964:}My first visit @ 6yr old!

  • Yes Id love to hear more about Walt’s Apt.ment. Please post more.

  • I absolutely love these photos, more please………

  • Yes, please share the historical photos that chronicle the development and daily life that is Disneyland.

  • Walt- You’re my Hero!

  • Absolutely love to read and see all nostalgic Disney posts and photos! More please! :)

  • Those photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us. When I visit DL, I always stand outside and gaze up at the windows and wonder what it must have been when Walt lived there. Thanks again. I LOVE this kind of nostalgia/trivia/secret info. LOL 😉

  • Yes.. Please… I love hearing about all the things old and new… I didnt know about the light in the window and I would have looked closer while I was there… Thanks for all the nice things.. reading about disney brightens my day.. Everyday.. :)

  • I’ll take as many historical pics as you can give!

  • Any pics or stories about when Walt was alive and that pertains to Disneyland Park would be great. Share all you have with us.

  • yyssssss please!!!

  • Totally. I love seeing Walt walk around the park, and hearing stories & memories that people have of working with him.

  • Yes, the nostalgia and the pictures are great. Half the fun of loving everything about Disney is learning the history.

  • Give us more vintage!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, please share more pictures. I remember watching the Mickey Mouse Club on TV in black and white in the afternoon. That was a big treat for me. LOL

  • YES, we all would love to see and hear more about Walt’s apartment!!! Please post more about his apartment and tell us all the details. Hoe big was it? Did he really sleep there? Did the family ever stay there, etc?

  • I LOVE the vintage photos. Please post them whenever you can!!

  • I love the then and now pictures, especially inside Disneyland Park. Keep them coming!

  • Yes! I used to watch Vault Disney on the Disney Channel, and they would have old Wonderful Wolrd of Disney shows. I miss being able to get a glimpse into Disney’s past.

  • Yes! I can never get enough of Walt Disney.

  • When did the awnings in the upper windows get added?

  • Yes please!!! Keep them coming. I love it!

  • I Love this. More please.

  • Didn’t Princess Di stay at the apartment on a visit?

  • Yes, more historical photos! They are terrific. Thanks

  • Please do more pictures that would be great love Disneyland!!

  • Yes, more historical photos and stories please.

  • I was fortunate enough to have a personal tour of the apartment, but they didn’t allow photos. I would love to see some pictures of the inside!!

  • Yes, more please. I used to pretend I could find a hidden spot at Disneyland when I was a kid in the 50s and 60s.

  • Love old photos, I would definitely enjoy posts about the history of Disneyland (especially with pictures).

  • The OC Register did a really great piece on Walt Disney’s apartment and there was even a 360 degree virtual tour of the place. It looks very different than what I’ve always imagined.

    Hope you enjoy!

  • Yes please, more photos.

  • Yes please post more old photos. I was five when DL opened and growing up in So. Calif. we went there numerous times but did not take many pictures. Thank you!

  • Ditto!

  • Yes show us more of Walt and his apartment!

  • I recently visited the Walt Disney Family Museum in SF and loved it. Seeing these pics today reminded me of the amazing items in the museum, even items from his apartment during his time. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Yes and yes.

  • love this!

  • I love seeing historical photos of Disneyland!

  • Yes, please share more about his apartment! I love nostalgic DL photos, especially ones with Walt. :)

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