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Top 10 Proposal Ideas at Disney

Korri McFann

by , Brand Steward, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons

Update – March 30: The Coral Reef Restaurant Dive Engagement is currently unavailable. Please consider one of the many other options that are available to you at Disney Parks.

For those who believe in happy endings and fairy tale settings, a proposal at a Disney Destination is a magical experience to cherish forever. December is the busiest month of the year for proposals, so I wanted to share some tips about the top 10 places to propose at Disney.
Cinderella Castle
10. California Grill – With a sweeping view overlooking Magic Kingdom Park, this signature restaurant is the perfect romantic location to pop the question. Be sure to ask a Cast Member about having the ring brought in on an engraved glass slipper under a silver dome, on a “Will You Marry Me” platter.

9. The Hollywood Brown Derby – For movie fans, escape to an authentic replica of the famous Brown Derby, a longstanding Hollywood landmark and hang out for Tinseltown’s biggest and brightest personalities in the “Golden Age” of Hollywood. Arrange for special desserts with the ring on top as a surprise.

8. Victoria & Albert’s Restaurant – Amongst gentle harp strains and the sparkle of imported crystal in a Victorian dining room, sit in the midst of romantic splendor and transcendent atmosphere. The ring can be placed inside a red rose carried to the table on a silver covered tray for a romantic proposal.

7. Characters in Flight – Take your special someone up in a giant balloon 400 feet above Downtown Disney. Ascend in the sky to experience a proposal sure to take one’s breath away.

6. Cinderella’s Royal Table – Enjoy a dining experience in a mythical, medieval setting where you can celebrate your proposal with a champagne toast, and a few other special surprises!

5. Animal Kingdom Sweetheart SafariKilimanjaro Safaris provides the chance to see African animals including giraffes, black rhinos and lions, as they roam the 100-acre savannah in the Africa area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Enjoy limousine service to a romantic safari for two, complete with champagne toast.

4. Coral Reef Restaurant Dive Engagement – Coral Reef Restaurant at Epcot theme park is surrounded by stunning underwater views of The Living Sea coral reef. Between the delicious food and the extraordinary view, the Coral Reef provides a fascinating and memorable dining experience. Let divers assist with your proposal, in an underwater experience complete with champagne toast.

3. Serenity Bay at Castaway Cay – Castaway Cay is a port-of-call paradise on Disney Cruise Line Bahamian and Caribbean cruise vacations, where you enjoy such tropical leisure as snorkeling, boating, swimming and old-fashioned sunbathing. Escape to a quite beach setting ashore the private beach, for an intimate, romantic proposal.

2. Dreams Come True – Grand 1, the most luxurious watercraft at Walt Disney World Resort, offers a VIP boating experience on the waters of Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake just outside Magic Kingdom. Enjoy dessert as the night sky comes alive with Wishes™ Nighttime Spectacular, aboard Grand 1 Yacht.

1. Picture Perfect Proposal – For those of you looking to plan the perfect proposal at Disney, we just unveiled DisneyEngagements.com as a planning resource. Here you can get inspired, share ideas and learn more about what makes an engagement with us like no other!

Out of curiosity, have any of you gotten engaged at a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments below.


  • My boyfriend (now fiance!) proposed to me in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle on my birthday this November 6th. I have loved Disneyland as a child and go around ten times per year . My boyfriend was never as much of a Disney fan as I was, so when my birthday came around I was torn between spending the day with him or going with my Mom and grandparents to Disneyland. He finally convinced me to go, and was I shocked when he surprised me at the Plaza Inn while we were eating lunch! After that, everyone kept acting quite suspicious and when we went to take our pictures by the castle (which had just gotten Christmas lights up!) the photographer had us pose for our first picture. I thought we were done and I turned to my boyfriend to see him down on one knee, proposing. The Disney photographer caught it all, from my shock to our first kiss, including my red Disney crocs and my yellow “Happy Birthday” ears. It turned out he had planned the whole thing, from asking my family to take me to the proposal.

    It was amazing and the people at Disneyland were so wonderful with their congratulations and well wishes.

    My Mom had carried the “Just Engaged” buttons around in her pocket all day, so I proudly sported that along with my birthday gear. It was a day I will NEVER forget!

  • My husband proposed in the rose garden at Magic Kingdom, during the fireworks – twice! The first time, we took lots of pictures with our camera (with the help of the cast members). The next day I took the film to be developed and somehow it was exposed during the developing process and ruined – we lost all the engagement pics. We called the cast member who had arranged everything, and they were able to recreate the night on the last night of our trip – everything was exactly the same as the first time. It was wonderful, and a story of Disney world class service that I love to share.

  • Thank you all for the great stories on proposals. I wish you all warm wishes on your engagement.

    Tony DVC Member

  • My fiance proposed to me in Mexico in Epcot near the flower cart. Very quiet and sweet. :) We plan on getting married in Disney on 11/11/11 after I graduate college. :)

  • And don’t forget to hire a photographer to document the engagement.

  • My husband proposed to me at the Disney Shopping Village in Lake Buena Vista in 1984. We’ve always loved Disney throughout our dating, and now married life.

  • My fiance proposed to me in the Rose Garden at the Magic Kingdom. I was clueless, but he had everything planned out. He went to City Hall to talk to someone about getting help with the proposal, and they sent a photopass person and a manager out to the Rose Garden to capture it all! As we were walking down Mainstreet, I stopped at various photopass people to get our pictures taken and he was sneaky – taking out the ring in every picture – hiding it so only the camera saw it. One photopass photographer caught on and tried to stage a proposal, and I said “no, we don’t do that kind of thing” and moved on. Well, turns out that we DO do that kind of thing! After 13 years of being together, I had no idea what was going on when he said the words. The photopass people even asked if I would need an EMT afterwords, because I couldn’t walk or talk. We are getting married in 2011 at the Wedding Pavillion & honeymooning at Disneyland!

  • I proposed to my girlfriend in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, with some help from our favorite PhotoPass Photographer, Manuel! Upon my request, after he had snapped a couple of pictures, he said “Now just to have fun, pretend you are proposing”. She turned to me, now on on knee, and ran around screaming! She knocked me on the ground, and said yes!

    Best Disneyland trip EVER!

  • My boyfriend just proposed to me this past Sunday in the Magic Kingdom. We are annual passholders, so we like to find things that are off the beaten path. He had read about the wishing well by Cinderella’s Castle. After making my wish, he told me to close my eyes and wish again, and when I opened them, he was down on one knee!! I was so shocked and surprised! It definitely was a dream come true!

  • My son Trevor proposed to his future wife Lauren on Feb. 9, 2006 at the Crystal Palace. She was surprised and delighted. Both sets of parents were there and it was a truly magical time. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful. They took care of everything for us. Trevor and Lauren were married a little more than two years later, and took a Disney Cruise honeymoon. They’ve been happily married for a year and a half. We’re planning another Disney World trip in January 2011 to celebrate my sweet wife’s and my 30th anniversary. We can’t wait!

  • My husband proposed to me at the Disneyland entrance on New Year’s Eve 2007. I was running to get in line and he was looking at the engraved bricks on the ground outside the park (which I didn’t even know existed before that day). He asked me to come over to look at one of the bricks so I reluctantly got out of the very busy line. I looked down and there was a brick engraved with our names and future wedding date. He then got down on one knee and proposed and we were married this past May! <3 Amber & Brandon Hack, California

  • After two years of dating, we planned a trip to WDW (his first time) and I wanted my bf at the time to propose so bad… (let’s just say there was some hint dropping). By the last day of our vacation, I was quite annoyed that he hadn’t and worried that he wasn’t going to… but because I had convinced myself that it wasn’t going to happen, when we were watching the Wishes fireworks display, I was COMPLETELY surprised when he turned to me and asked me to marry him…with a mickey mouse engagement ring!

    Wishes do come true! We even celebrated our honeymoon there!

  • I chose the rose garden at the Magic Kingdom, in front of the castle. Your photopass guy went with the flow and got a killer picture of it!

  • Yep – my husband proposed on the footbridge to the left of Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland – he had a friend set the ring on the bridge moments before we got there who then hid in the bushes and took tons of pics with his telescopic lens. I had told my husband I would not accept a proposal that was not made on Disney property.

  • If you are a Disney Vacation Club member staying at the Bay Lake Tower @ The Contemporary Resort, I would encourage you to consider the Top of The World Lounge… if you are NOT a DVC member, then perhaps thats a nice Wedding Gift! :)

  • I didn’t get proposed to at any Disney park but I met my husband while we both worked there, does it count? :)

    Mark, I hope that your wish comes true too!

  • Regarding #6 in the article above, Champagne toast in the Magic Kingdom? Are you sure about that?

    I got engaged at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, on the 4th floor outside balcony, overlooking the creek, pool, geyser and Bay Lake.

  • My husband proposed in front of the Castle at Disneyland after a week-long lead up… He arranged for a castmember to be ready to take pictures (which I didn’t even realize). He got down on one knee at about the spot we shared a special kiss during the snow after fireworks one night, and told me that I was a princess and he wanted to spend every day for the rest of my life being my prince. Even better, we were married at the Disneyland Hotel Rose Garden and had our honeymoon at Walt Disney World. On a different note, one my friends was proposed to on Splash Mountain, another cute proposal (he held up a sign right before going over the drop). But truly, my proposal was magical as was our wedding. I LOVE Disney! 😀

  • My husband proposed at Cinderella’s Round Table on my birthday in 2007. It was wonderful, my ring was in a glass slipper around a rose bud. Everything was timed, when the ring arrived and I said yes the nightly fireworks went off in the park. Disney photographed the whole thing, it was truly a night to remember.

  • My fiance proposed at California Grill! EVERYONE was in on it – I was the only one who didn’t have any idea. We went to the back balcony to watch Wishes! and he waited for the perfect moment. When we got to our table, it was sprinkled with confetti and had an engraved slipper in the middle. It was perfect! We’re definitely going back for our honeymoon!

  • I’m with Michelle. Where do we go to find out more about the after hours proposal? I couldn’t imagine a better proposal! What a great idea :)

  • I proposed to my fiance at Disneyland on Royal Street by the exit of Pirates Ride, with the Character Artist that does drawings, I had them draw out me purposing to her with big words saying “will you marry me?” It worked out really well and was fun because more and more people started gathering because they could see the drawing but she couldnt..

  • Mark, that is the sweetest story, I wish that for you too :)

    I dream of being proposed to at WDW or Disneyland or DLP, ANY Disney park! How can I find more information about Disney after hours proposal?

  • My Fiance proposed to me on Sept 4 2009. He set up the trip as a 3 year anniversary gift. He was taking me to dinner at Cinderellas table when he told me we had to get our picture taken in front of the castle-he looked for a photo person and got the card. They took like 9 different pics, than the lady was about to hand the card back and rob said one more pic..and he did it :) he got done on one knee and proposed in front of everyone. We have amazing pictures of the moment! It was priceless. I can not even explain how happy I was. I wish I could upload the picture here!

    • Jessica, if you’re on Twitter you can send the picture to us at http://Twitter.com/DisneyWeddings We’d love to see it!

  • (Waving hands in the air) My turn! My turn!

    I presented a commitment ring to my partner in front of Cinderella Castle on the bridge to Tomorrowland at the eight minute mark during Wishes. It was the best and scariest night of my life.

    I wish Disney could sprinkle some magic around the government so I can marry my one true love.

  • My husband proposed in Mickey’s house. While I was getting pictures taken with Mickey and my two best friends, he knocked on the back door and the photographer (who was in on it) let him in and he proposed right there while I was standing with Mickey with the photographers taking tons of pictures. It was absolutely perfect!!!

  • My husband proposed to me in front of Cinderellas Castle! We were in WDW with my family. After watching the parade, my family started to follow him towards the castle. I was upset because we were leaving a prime spot to watch Wishes! The Cast Member let us past the rope so that we could go up the bridge to the castle “for a quick picture.” After the picture, I turned to go back to our previous location, but no one followed me. I turned around and saw my future husband down on one knee. After I said yes (in front of the whole Kingdom!) we went back to watch the fireworks. Perfect!

  • My husband proposed on the shore of the Seven Seas Lagoon at the Grand Floridian Resort just as the sun was setting and we were within view of Cinderella’s castle.

    He had tried to get Walt Disney World’s help with the proposal, but recieved a resounding “no”. I’m glad you finally wised up and put a website together.

  • I was planning on proposing at the California Grill, but we had to cancel our trip at the last minute. I proposed closer to home and then we eventually went to WDW to celebrate the engagement.

  • I proposed in front of Cinderella’s Castle in December of ’06 during Mickey’s Christmas Party as we were having our picture taken! We now have the photos of my wife absolutely shocked as I’m down on one knee! We ended up getting married exactly a year later @ Disney’s Boardwalk Resort!

  • My hubby proposed on the Peoplemover (the TTA) – just said hey, I know you love this ride, but I bet I could make you love it even more…

    FYI, the dark of the space mountain part is great for hugging and crying. :)

  • My husband proposed to me in New Orleans Square (Disneyland) by caricature! =) it was so cute…i of course said yes =)

  • I think you missed a place. How about the veranda on the Disney Wonder after a dinner at Palos?

    Just ask @sambycat and @traceland !!!

  • After my wife accidentally foiled my plans at Epcot and Pleasure Island, I finally proposed in the back seat of Its a Small World…

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