• PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE Bring Captain EO back to EPCOT!!!! I’ll be your best friend:-)

  • Oh wow! The girl in the homemade white EO jacket in the opening shot is my friend! She got there at Midnight for the showing. =)

  • This was the best day ever at Disneyland!!! Anticipation was in the air as we waited in line for entry into the park and it grew even greater as we arrived at the theater for Captain EO!! Everyone was having a great time as we waited!! We chanted “EO, EO, EO!!!!!” Once inside the theater, the excitement was more than we could stand!!! The audience erupted into loud cheers as the film began!! There were even cheers throughout!! To have Captain EO back is so incredible, I’m truly at a loss for words!
    The film looked superb on screen and the acoustics were absolutely amazing!! Loved the special affects which were not apart of the original screening!! My group went back to see it twice!!

    All MJ fans are grateful it’s back and hoping it stays for a long time to come!! We also hope you’ll be getting more “EO” merchandise, especially, the original t-shirt design!!
    Many thanks for bringing back CAPTAIN EO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The official Disney Parks Blog said last week that there would be “a special “Captain EO” announcement” this week. What happened to that? Is it possible that announcement is that EO will be released at EPCOT too?

  • I want Captain EO back at Eurodisney France !!!

  • Yes, please bring Captain EO back to Epcot Center. “Honey I Shrunk the Audience” was amazing when it first opened, but the movie hasn’t been out in years and ride is getting dated. Captain EO should make a comeback on both coasts.

  • will it stay and not be closed again?

  • Can’t wait to see it! So glad you guys put in the effort to get this back up and running! TOO COOL!

  • PLEASE bring it back to WDW!!

  • We can’t wait to see it. We’ll be there in October for all the Halloween fun!!

  • is this going to be a Permitted or a limited run of captian eo? do you kown if they are going to bring back honey i shrunk the audieces in the future or are they going to do something eles like a new show? i think disney sould do captian eo and honey i shrunk the audiences on blu ray dvd in 3D.

  • Please, Please, Please bring it to Epcot! :)

  • Hey, those people had the white Captian EO shirts with the right sized rainbow!! Where do you get those? I was there for the Re-opening yesterday and got the black shirt with the purple logo, but I want the white rainbow shirt too!!!

  • Can’t wait till tomorrow. That’s when we will be there.

  • That’s amazing! i just really hope it will still be up when it is summer break since that’s the only time i will be able going to Disneyland, if it will be there, it would be the most awesome thing ever!

  • Wow, this looks awesome. I love that merchandise too, I’m gonna get me some!

  • Hi Heather,
    My husband and I sat in the last three showings of the day today!!!! We ZOOMED after work in hopes to make it on opening day and we got there just in time!!! We got so emotional! Everyone clapping and cheering was awesome and it was so much fun to see it all over an adult! :) We are huge Michael Jackson fans and are SO HAPPY that Disney decided to bring it back! :)

    We have a few questions that we were hoping you might be able to answer…
    We were wondering why the opening day was today? Is there some significance with the date today? And also, how long does Disney plan on showing it at Disneyland?
    Finally, what is with the floor moving and bouncing at the end? We don’t remember the floor moving during the original showings years ago. Is this something new that has been added?
    Thanks for your time!
    Love your blog!!

  • Awesome! I really wish I could catch this out there. I remember seeing it the year it opened in DL. The t-shirt he is wearing in the video (and some people had on in this vid as well) were sold back then. The stripe would glow in the dark! I had the shirt (long gone now) and I had the stuffed Fuzzball (still have him!)!

  • I was there and all I have to say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I remember watching it as a child and it was my favorite thing to do at disneyland. My family has memories of me saying “you think me beautiful?”. I just want to THANK disney and everyone who worked on bring it back. It was just how I remembered it so once again THANK YOU

  • Thank you Disney for listening to what your fans wanted and making it happen! It means a great deal to a lot of people to see this movie again at Disneyland. You made the happiest place on earth even happier today, and for weeks to come! : )

  • I’m so happy to see Captain EO back in the parks!! The video was very cool. Please consider bringing it to EPCOT.

  • Thanks for the video!

    I can’t wait to see it this weekend.

  • See Disney, you made the right decision, look at that turn out and everyone LOVED it! Now just keep it! lol

  • Will it be reopening at Epcot?

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