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The Disneyland Band Shares Walt Disney’s Love for Music with Local Students

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Director of Public Relations, Walt Disney Publishing

Walt Disney loved music and he believed it had an important role to play in the experience at Disneyland park, so for opening day he hired a group of musicians to play band concerts in Town Square. He called the group the Disneyland Band. While the original run was only supposed to last two weeks, the band has performed for hundreds of millions of guests and the group is still playing 55 years later.

The Disneyland Band has logged more than 3,500 marching miles since opening day and has traveled to dozens of cities as a representative of the Resort.

The band performs annual music education concerts for 40,000 second graders at local schools from January through March every year. The 45-minute performances often include a visit from Mickey Mouse, as well as an introduction to musical instruments, musical styles and proper concert manners. An additional element of the program engages local high school students and gives them the opportunity to play on stage with the Disneyland Band.


  • Oh my gosh! I remember going to a Disneyland Band concert when I was in 2nd grade! That was 22 years ago and I still remember that day…Mickey did indeed make a surprise visit and even left us with a free ticket to Disneyland. It is such a great memory for me and I’m so glad to see it’s still happening today!

  • Love watching the Disney Band perform! Wish they would make a trip to rural Utah!

  • Mary from CA
    Growning up and going to Disneyland at least once a year or more it was always a great memory of watching the Disney Band perform weather if it was in the parade or sometimes as a concert at the Plaza Gardens Stage (next to the Castle). Its something I was cherish for the rest of my life.

  • Our school here goes every year to Garden Grove High School for it. I have a 2nd grader this year and he had fun. My oldest did as well when he went. I love that Disney does this for them. The kids just have so much fun seeing it. Thanks Disney for doing this for the local schools.

  • I attended this concert when I was teaching 2nd grade a couple years ago. It is wonderful! The kids have an opportunity not only to learn about music, but also to experience a concert in a real music hall. The Orange County field trip takes place at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, in the beautiful new music hall. I hope to be able to take my students to this event every year!

  • Quote=Karen on March 17th, 2010 at 4:34pm: “Great,Love the music. I was there on that day. Just wish Disneyland was a bit cheaper.”

    I didn’t get there until the late 50’s and ALL of the 60’s. I once led the band in the park at age 5; they (the band leader) asked the audience: “Who wants to lead the band?” And my grandmother stood up, pointed to me, and said: “He does!” So I got up, took the baton, and led the band in the Mickey Mouse Club March. I’ll never forget that day. The bandstand was on the left side of Main Street, just before the castle entrance, between the entrances of Adventureland and Frontierland.

    As to the price: I remember parking was 50 cents, and admission was free in the afternoons, dirt cheap earlier, but you could not go on any attraction without a ticket (A, B, C, D, or E) that you could buy separately or in a book.

    The band was the best. Extremely professional musicians.

    • Cool memory, Jeffrey. Thanks for sharing.

  • Its awesome that the band has lasted all these years.
    Heather, is that you narrating this video?

    • No, that is not me narrating the video. :) The narrator is Danielle DuBois, the Disneyland Resort Ambassador.

  • Great,Love the music. I was there on that day. Just wish Disneyland was a bit cheaper.

  • Bravo!

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