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First Look: Inside D-Street

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We couldn’t resist…the doors of D-Street officially open tomorrow but we grabbed a camera and went inside to give readers of the Disney Parks Blog an early peek. D-Street is the newest addition to Downtown Disney WestSide that’ll feature an mix of pop culture novelties, unique apparel and as Steven shared earlier today, Vinylmation. Take a look for yourself:

The official Grand Opening of D-Street at the Downtown Disney WestSide in Florida is happening on Friday, April 16 beginning at 9:45 a.m. If you’re going, let us know on Facebook.


  • My family and I will be there on april 21, its our very first visit to DW. we are so excited!!!!!!

  • One week to go until our Disney vacation. Looking forward to seeing the new store!

  • won’t be there but will check it out in December 2010

  • Cant wait to visit in October!!! It cant come fast enough..

    Disney fan in ATL GA

  • What if we’re going but we *really* don’t like Facebook? I’m just saying… :)

    I’m planning on going, though.

  • Looking forward to checking this out when I am in Disney next week on vacation.

  • Please put one of everything on my Disney Visa and ship it to Pennsylvania! K THX!!

  • Aww I really want to go. Another reason to try my fiancé and persuade to go for honeymoon. Hehe 😀

  • can’t wait to see this next week looks awesome

  • Great new again!!!

    Everyday I know a new reason to come to Walt Disney World, but my next (and wished) visit, can’t be before to 2012 :(

    Thanks a lot Disney’s imagineers.

    Regards from Spain

  • Keep an eye out for a few more items that were cannibalized from the Adventurers Club! One or two were shown in the video, but there are others.
    The Colonel Crichlow Suchbench wasn’t displayed a couple weeks ago; they must have pulled one out of the box recently

  • Can’t wait to check it out in person, 2 weeks from now! Looks amazing!

  • Please tell me some of this stuff will be available online. Unfortunately I do not have enough money to make it to WDW for about another 2-3 years. D:

  • Can’t wait to check out D-Street when we’re down in Walt Disney World next month! I loved the D-Street store @ Downtown Disney when we visited Disneyland back in January 2009. The Vinylmation section @ WDW’s D-Street looks GREAT!

    NCDisneyDad Bob °O°

  • I won’t be there tomorrow but I will be next week. We are all excited to check it out.

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