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Wild Africa Trek Adventures Begin This Weekend at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

That’s right, it’s time to get trekking. Beginning Sunday, you’ll be able to get up close and personal like never before with the animals of Disney’s Animal Kingdom during our new Wild Africa Trek experience. But before the adventures begin, we’re sharing another sneak peek as we put the finishing touches on the experience.

The Rope Bridge at Wild Africa Trek Experience at Disney's Animal Kingdom

If you look closely you’ll see that the Trek’s rope bridge crosses above the Safi River over Nile hippos and crocodiles. Exciting, huh? Here are a few more behind-the-scenes photos of the bridge and other exciting features you’ll see on your adventure.

Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Wild Africa Trek will be offered several times daily and group sizes for this unique experience will kept small – no more than 12 trekkers. By limiting the group size, the Wild Africa Trek offers a personalized, VIP feel for guests.

If you’re interested in booking a Wild Africa Trek, you may do so by calling 407-WDW-TOUR (939-8687). And for those of you visiting the park, stop by the Wild Africa Trek podium behind the Dawa Bar in Africa to arrange an adventure. Park admission is required for trekkers.

So, who’s trekking with us this year?


  • Just booked us for April 26th – glad I looked here b/c I couldn’t book that date just a week or so ago. Boy, did the price go up! But it looks like it’s totally going to be worth it!

    By the way, from what I’ve read and seen online, it appears that there is no zip-line – someone above had asked about that.

  • We will be there next week and have our spot waiting. Can not wait.

  • If you can only bring small cameras that can be attached to the provided gear, why were the people in the photos in this article allowed to bring such large heavy duty cameras??? If I go on this tour, I want to be able to bring my best camera to take photos, which happens to be larger than a tiny digital camera.

  • Just spoke with them. They are booking 180 days in advance (Through July at the moment). We won’t be going until October, but you should be able to book anytime in the next 6 months at this point.

  • They spent all the time building extra paths and viewing areas, and spent the money to do so…I highly doubt Disney will only run this through April. Not to mention I’m going in May and really want to see it!!!

  • Please, please, PLEASE extend this tour indefinitely!!! Would love to do it someday…

  • I am so excited. I confirmed my reservation this morning for January 29. I am pleased they are allowing cameras now, which makes even more worth it, to get those close up pics that are hard to get on the moving safari vehicles. I can’t wait!

  • I’m in – just got a reservation for 8AM in January. Super excited

  • Come on guys. 310 lbs is more than reasonable for this type of experience and the nature of the trek.

    If you’re 6’6″/400lbs there are ALREADY a bunch of attraction vehicles you’re likely too large for. So, I think you need to give Disney a pass on this one.

    This experience looks amazing! Assuming the price doesn’t change greatly, this looks like something we’ll be sure to do next time in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (the best park at WDW, IMHO).

  • My wife and I are scheduled for 1/29 and can’t wait.

  • As soon as I heard about this, I knew I wanted to do it – however, do you know when booking & prices will open past April? Is that something that will happen in the near future? I will be coming down in May, and want to finish planning things soon!

  • I’m going next Friday for my birthday! I can’t wait. What a fun way to experience AK.

  • I was a bit concerned at the first few pictures where the “rope bridge” appeared to be just three ropes! Then the rest of the bridge showed up and I was relieved!

    I won’t be in WDW until August, by then I’m sure anything I need to know will be answered.

  • Still waiting to hear if zip lining is involved. I want it to be!!

  • We will be going the end of Jan. I can’t wait. I hope the weather warms up. Animal Kingdom Backlot Tour was great, this is going to be better.

  • @Joshua- I am in the same boat and I agree. One of the reasons I love Disney so much is because the young, the young at heart, and people of all sizes can enjoy most, if not all, of the experiences Disney has to offer. This one, however, seems to be an anomaly.

  • this looks really cool and very exciting. we will not be there until Dec, 2011 so i am disappointed that we will not be able to experience this, but maybe one day if it’s available again we will make it out :>

  • Sounds awesome!! I would really like to go but when I called a few days ago a CM said it was currently only going thru April… I’m really hoping that it’ll be extended. Any ideas??

  • Wish I could go on this tour – I love DAK, I love animals, and I enjoy hiking and waterfall photography (the photography more than the hiking, admittedly) – but this tour has a weight limit of 310 lbs attached to it. I realize that’s not small, but at 6’6″ and 400 lbs, it’s smaller than I am, and I hate that I have to miss out on an experience Disney could easily have built to accommodate a much broader range.

    Disney’s Imagineers are masters at making safe things look and/or feel unsafe (the rickety bridges already seen on safari, for example). Surely the experiences on the Wild Africa Trek could be similarly themed while maintaining safety for everyone.

    I’m really sad that this is an experience I won’t be able to enjoy.

  • But, the information on the reservation says “no cameras”. These folks sure have cameras. What’s the real scoop?

    • Great question, Chris. With regard to cameras, you are permitted to carry small personal items, such as cameras and cell phones as long as they can be attached to gear provided. Lockers will be available for guests to leave larger items or anything they don’t wish bring or that can’t be safely attached to gear. Back packs are not permitted.

      Also, a Disney-trained photographer will capture memories throughout the experience. At the end of the trek, you’ll be provided will digital copies of some photos as part of the ticket price.

  • Very Cool! Just called and signed up. Thanks for posting this.

  • My sister and I are booked for Sunday’s 10:00 Trek…in celebration of her birthday on Monday. We are soooo excited!

  • Woohoo!! I am doing this Saturday (the 22nd) and I am SO excited!! This is going to be great! :)

  • we will be there on sunday!!! we are so very excited!!

  • I think the Wild Africa Trek Adventure is an amazing idea and I would love to be able to do it one day. I just wish there would have been a way to do it that was less visible to those on Kilimanjaro Safari. But great idea nonetheless!

  • This sounds great…but, is that zip line or just safety harness to walk over the bridge?

    I would love to do this next trip, but zip lining is not my thing.

    Also, do you know if this will extend past February?

    Thank you!

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