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Your Favorite Disney Character is…

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Nowadays, trips to the parks with my daughters include stops for some “must see” characters. And the funny thing is, I was the same way as a boy with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. How about you? Over the holidays, we grabbed a camera and asked guests at the Walt Disney World Resort about their “must see” characters.

Now it’s your turn. Please tell us about your favorite character in the comments.


  • Pluto has always been my favorite since I can remember!

  • Absolutely Donald Duck !

  • My favorite is the beast. Second would be Jack Sparrow. And last but definitely not least Mickey. He looks so handsome in a tux.

  • GOOFY!! 😀 😀 He is the BEST!! He is soo underrated it’s horrible. There is barely any Goofy merchandise. I hope someday there will be more!

    My 2nd favorite character is Peter Pan, 3rd is Captain Jack, 4th is Aurora, and 5th is Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. Speaking of which, Hayao Miyasaki’s characters would be AMAZING characters to meet!!

  • Snow White

  • Oh and how could I forget to mention Jack Sparrow….**Captain** Jack Sparrow

  • Megora….I met her in the parks once…it was the best Character Meet and Greet ever.

    My runners up include:

    Ursula, Dory, Jessica Rabbit, Ray (Princess and the Frog, and Hades,

  • Mary Poppins!

  • I’ve much preferred cast members. I’d give just about anything to spend one more day with merchandise guru and 55er, Jack Taylor, talking about the early days of the parks and Walt.

  • My favorite disney parks character is Figment! I met him once in 2006, but couldn’t find him any other time! Is Figment still in the parks?

  • Ah yes, club president Pamelia Perkins always made a point to pay attention to me whenever I visited. I miss her dearly.

  • Here are my top 10:
    1. Mickey & the gang; 2. Sleeping Beauty; 3. Peter Pan; 4. Captain Jack Sparrow; 5. Lilo & Stitch; 6. Rapunzel & Flynn Ryder; 7. Woody, Buzz, Jessie & the rest of the Toy Story gang; 8. MUFASA!; 9. The Incredibles; 10. Tigger.

  • I’m with you Carrie, I love the orginal Fab Five, 2nd are the Toy Story characters.

  • Otis T. Wren (Club Treasurer and Icthiologist Extraorinaire!)

  • Oh, and Sora and some of the other kingdom hearts characters, I love Sora!

  • Mulan because she’s brave and didn’t always know how to accept who she was, reminds me of myself a little.

    I also love Baloo because he’s just so “chill”, he dances through life, but when it comes to Mowgli, he sent him to the human village because that was what’s best for Mowgli.

    Then there’s Ray and Lewis, Timon and Pumbaa, all of those sets of two characters that just complete each other in the most entertaining way.

  • Mickey and the others in the “Fab Five” of course but I have to see Woody, Buzz, and Gang. I get very excited when I run into Mary Poppins, Rafiki, & Terk.

  • Hathaway Brown–adventurer, movie star, aviator, bon vivant! (Jungle Exploress Samantha Sterling a close second.)

  • Winnie-the-Pooh!

  • My favorite characters in the whole world are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, because they are the two “main” mice and I just love them. Other top favorites are Princess Jasmine,Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Stitch. Whenever I visit the parks, I just have to have a visit with all of the above, because they are the highlight of my day =)

  • Practically Perfect in Every Way Mary Poppins!

  • Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Perry and Dr Doofensmirtz. Does anyone know if Phineas and Ferb are in the parks now? I know they were in the Christmas parade. Would love for the kids to get to see them in person! :)

  • Hathaway Brown was my favorite but unfortunately he and the rest of the Adventurers can’t be found anymore.

  • Dopey is my all-time favorite but I really love the Beast too!

  • My favorite movie growing up was The Little Mermaid. I thought Ariel was the best. Then I met my own Prince Eric and the rest is history. Each visit to the park requires a visit with Ariel:)

  • Growing up my favorite character was always Ariel. Then I met my own Prince Eric and the rest is history…Ariel is the best:)

  • Briar Rabbit and all of The Song of the South Characters

  • Without question my favorite character was Otis T. Wren. It is such a shame that you can no longer see him and his friends.

  • Goofy is my favorite :) Every single meet and greet with him I walk away either smiling and/or laughing like an idiot.

    Peter Pan is lots of fun too <3

  • My absolute favorite is Peter Pan! I always pay him a visit when I’m in Disney. When I was a little girl, I used to leave my window open at night hoping that he would come and take me away to Neverland.

  • Daughter’s favorite is Lilo or Stitch
    Mine is and will always be Donald, but Phineas, Ferb, and Perry are gaining.

  • Here’s another vote for Baloo. He’s my favorite since my early childhood. I got The Jungle Book on VHS as a little boy and watching that movie is one of my fondest childhood memories. I always wanted to have a big, cuddly friend like on my side. The catchy songs, the storyline and the strong relationship Baloo and Mowgli have still fascinates me and so The Jungle Book remains my all-time favorite movie. Needless to say, I’m glad I’m able to meet Baloo everyday during my stays at Walt Disney World – be it in the Animal Kingdom or at the Move Shake It Celebrate It Street Party in the Magic Kingdom. Plus, I’m very excited he’s also in the new “Believe” show on the Disney Dream.

    Meeting Baloo is always one of my most favorite things to do in Walt Disney World. Over the past two visits, I got 100+ photos and some nice video footage of my magical moments with him. I uploaded this to the “Let the Memories Begin” website

    Thank you, Papa Bear!

  • Jessie from Toy Story! I can relate much better to a girl in jeans – with all her quirks and insecurities – than to a picture-perfect princess. And together with Buzz – even better! 😉

  • My favorite Disney character is Mickey Mouse. My other favorites are Jiminy Cricket and Mushu (from Mulan). :)

  • Emil Bleehall, Hathaway Brown, Samantha Sterling, Pamelia Perkins, Fletcher Hodges, Otis T. Wren, Graves, Sugar Snapp (and all the other maids), Colonel Suchbench (of course), Babs, Beezle, Arnie & Claude and of course the very talented Fingers Zambezi!

  • DOPEY!!!! is definitely my favorite :> i love seeing any and all the characters throughout the parks, but he is and always be the top guy :> one time we were just strolling along and happened upon him in a secluded / off the main drag area of the MK and thought this could not be right, but his handler was there also so we asked to take pictures and he was so kind and funny with us :> it was a blast!! that made my day :> thanks for having the characters come to life for us.

  • Robin Hood!!! I know a lot of people who think that is their favorite movie, but it is so hard to find anything with Robin Hood!

  • Stitch! I hope to someday see a Lilo and Stitch attraction.

  • Mine would be Cruella… who else would it be?? lol

  • My fiance and I have to get a picture with Stitch every time we go!

  • Capt Jack Sparrow, Tinker Bell, Chip N Dale,

  • Belle from Beauty and the Beast because it’s the most beautiful love story ever told.

  • I agree with Michelle, it would be great to see some Kingdom Hearts in the parks!
    My favorite character is Peter Pan- I don’t want to grow up either!

  • Donald Duck!! The original “the Donald!”

  • My favorite character is Baloo and Louie in the Animal Kingdom. My last trip was the first that I actually went around to different characters with my older brother Ryan, who is handicapped, his favorite character, Figment. But the experiences with all of the meet and greets that we had with Ryan were Magical and bittersweet. I can’t wait for my next trip (hopefully with Ryan again) and the next time with my daughter who is suppose to arrive in March.

  • I love so many of Disney’s characters, but the one who makes me smile and laugh every single time is none other than Professor Ludwig Von Drake.

  • I’m with the little guy at the end! Mickey is “the main man!” lol…too cute.

  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! 😀 I want to see him in the parks and in stores now that Disney Epic Mickey has come out!

  • My 10 yr old son likes Phineas and Ferb and my 2 yr old son likes Wall-E!

  • Daisy, Clopin, Oswald. I would really like to see Sora in the parks. My husband really loves Uncle Scrooge.

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