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Your Favorite Disney Character is…

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Nowadays, trips to the parks with my daughters include stops for some “must see” characters. And the funny thing is, I was the same way as a boy with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. How about you? Over the holidays, we grabbed a camera and asked guests at the Walt Disney World Resort about their “must see” characters.

Now it’s your turn. Please tell us about your favorite character in the comments.


  • I have so many favorites, I hardly know where to begin. I love almost all of them equally, but here’s a few that stand out on my list:

    -Pocahontas & John Smith (one of the best Disney couples ever)
    -Horace Horsecollar & Clarabelle Cow
    -Roger Rabbit & Jessica Rabbit
    -Blue Fairy
    -The 3 Caballeros
    -The Song of the South/Splash Mountain critters (Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brer Bear, etc.)
    -Tinker Bell and her fairy friends from Pixie Hollow
    -the cast of the Country Bear Jamboree (Henry, Big Al, Teddi Barra, Liver Lips, Wendell, Shaker, etc.)
    -Bo Peep
    -WALL-E, EVE & M-O
    -Dug (from “Up”)
    -Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable
    -The Muppets

    That’s all I can recall at the moment.

  • The one and only ‘Handsome’ Hathaway Brown. The Adventurers club really needs to be brought back.

  • Adventurer’s Club Treasurer, Otis T. Wren, Icthiologist!!! (I had a big Fish on the Line, and he Wasn’t happy!!!!!) An Adventurer’s Life is Best!! Kungaloosh!!!!

  • Pamelia Perkins and all the wacky members from the Adventurers’ Club! Please bring it back?

  • hmmm….Have to say it’s a tie. For cartoon characters it’s The Beast. For Disney characters with real faces, it’s got to be Emil Bleehall. He’s a bit geeky and adorable and his Bessie is fun to watch as she twirls around on stage. Even when I lived in NJ and came down on vacation, The Adventurers Club was always where we went the first night (and several subsequest nights) here. So many wonderful memories of that place.

  • I have so many favorites, but if I were to tell you the best time that I ever had, it was with a character named Joe(?) from Sandusky, Ohio who was a visiting character to the Adventurers Club. We had been Disney regulars, but this was my sister’s first visit solo with me. Sandusky waved us over to the Adventurers Club(after directing local people traffic) and proceeded to hand my sister a potted plant. She donated it back to the club, but we learned to expect the unexpected. Love the sinking chair at the bar, as well as the French maid who dusts just about everything. Please send my regards to the Colonel. Saddened deeply that the Adventurers Club closed. For those Adults who love imagination, you can only understand how sad the closing is, by thinking…’how would I feel if Disney shut it’s doors?’ Yes, I’m still a kid at heart and love all things Disney. Bless you. (Sandusky’s the best)

  • Stitch, Mickey, and Woody!!

  • Hathaway Browne from the Adventurers Club is my favorite. He always made ‘me’ laugh.

  • My favorite characters were always at the Adventurers Club explorers and the Adventurers Club radio characters. Please bring it back – it would be a hit on the Boardwalk!!

  • The character(s) I most loved to visit at WDW are Pamelia Perkins, Emil Bleehall, Owen T. Wren, Samantha Sterling, Hathaway Brown, Fletcher Hodges, Graves the Butler, the many Maids (my favorites being Annelle, Gabbie and Sugar Snap), Babylonia, Colonel Crutchlow, Beezle, Arnie and Claude in the Adventurer’s Club. It’s where I most was made to feel at home amongst friends and fellow travelers. I can not tell you how lonely and empty my last trip to WDW was without the club and the various members to visit!

  • I would have to say my favorites were the characters from the adventurers club. No other Disney character has made me feel more welcome and appreciated, nor has any been able to show me more Disney magic than they did

  • Hathaway Brown of course! Kungaloosh! Bring it back!

  • Samantha Sterling from the dearly departed Adventurer’s Club. Here’s hoping I’ll get to see her Cabaret show once more when Disney gets around to bringing the Adventurer’s Club back!

  • Emil Bleehall from the Adventurer’s Club!

  • Hathaway Browne from the Adventurer’s Club.

  • Oh — I should have added that I’m also a big fan of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! A great original Walt character. I hope he has a great and bright future at Disney. Looks like we may be seeing more of him at the parks soon. 😉

  • Mine would definitely have to be Dreamfinder & Figment! Both amazing characters full of emotion and, well… Imagination! 😉

  • Hathaway Browne from the Adventurer’s Club (used to be in Pleasure Island in Disney World)

  • Samantha Sterling from the ADVENTURERS CLUB – When and where will it be re-opened??!!!

  • Hathaway Browne.

    -At the Adventurer’s Club, I was inspired by Hathaway to be adventurous with my life. I’ve been around the world 3 times since then, traveled to over 20 countries, and had many adventures.

    The Adventurer’s Club always made me laugh, and inspired me to enjoy life. LONG LIVE THE ADVENTURER’S CLUB! Kungaloosh!

  • Samantha Sterling

  • Otis T. Wren – Adventurer’s Club Treasurer and ichthyologist!

    An Adventurer’s life is best. KUNGALOOSH!!

  • Pamelia Perkins!

  • I would love to see all of the wonderful cast of characters from the Adventurer’s Club. Kungaloosh!!

  • My favorite character is Yvette, the French Canadian maid from The Adventurer’s Club. She has quite the singing voice and made me laugh every time I vistited the club. Kungaloosh!

  • Emil Bleehall! I wish they would give us the Adventurers Club back!

  • Sugar Snap and Buella Belle, a couple of the French maids from the late, great Adventurers Club. On my last visit to the club before it closed Buella Belle sang “Popular” to me. I miss that place and my favourite Disney characters that were never on the big screen or the small, but who were incredible none the less.

  • Gyro Gearloose and Moby Duck from the Carl Barks comics and Hathaway Brown from The Adventurer’s Club.

  • Adventurer Hathaway Browne from the Adventurer’s Club! Please bring back my favorite character!

  • Colonel Critchlow Suchbench, from the Adventurers Club! KUNGALOOSH!!

  • Hathaway Browne of the Adventurers Club.

  • Hathaway Browne from the Adventurers Club is my favorite Disney character. Please reopen the Adventurers Club. Kungaloosh!

  • Ariel!! My daddy ALWAYS used to wait in line with me to meet my favorite princess! From the time I was 6 until…well, now!
    My second favorite must see is definitely Chip and Dale. (Don’t tell them, but Dale is my favorite chipmunk!)

  • My favorite characters would have to be some of the amazing Streetmosphere and Entertainers at Walt Disney World! They’re what keep me coming back.
    Here they are in no special order, because they’re all to special to put one at the top!
    Magic Kingdom: Miss Hildgarde, Miss Bea Starr, Miss Inga DaPointe & The Dapper Dans of Main Street U.S.A.

    Epcot: The Voices of Liberty & The Hat Lady, Miss Carol Stein

    Disney’s Hollywood Studios: The Citizens of Hollywood, especially Dorma Nesmond!

    The Cast of the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue! Six Bits Slocum rocks!

    And of course, all of the other amazing characters and performers who no longer perform at Disney World. Kungaloosh to them all!

  • The Disney characters that kept me coming back every year to WDW would have to be the wonderful members of the Adventurers Club. I loved to dance with handsome club aviator Hathaway Browne, argue and make faces with treasurer Otis T Wren, laugh with Sugar Snap and rest of the maids, and sing silly songs with the Colonel. It is a true shame that I cannot visit with these wonderful characters anymore.

  • Hmm… Emil Bleehall, Hathaway Brown, Samantha Sterling, Fletcher Hodges, Otis T. Wren… hard to say which is my favorite. Since there’s no trace of them now in Disney lore, I may never get to decide. Let’s cut to the chase: please, Disney, bring back the Adventurer’s Club.

  • Tie: Brer Rabbit and Jack Skellington.

  • Samantha Sterling from the former Adventurer’s Club. Every character at that club made me feel like I was part of something. They got me through a kinda crazy time in my life and I will NEVER forget that! KUNGALOOSH!

  • Without a doubt it was to be Hathaway Browne, but alas I haven’t been able to find him around. Hoping that changes soon.

  • Otis T. Wren & Sugar Snap! Kungaloosh!

  • My favorite is Iago, the parrot from Aladdin. He has such a sharp wit; he is the funniest Disney character ever. I collect Iago memorabilia–I prefer items without Jafar because Iago defeated Jafar in The Return of Jafar. I have a plush Iago that I sleep with every night, and I’m 39. I pretend that he’s real and tuck him in under the blankets.

  • Marie from The Aristocats, Pluto, Bambi and Ursual the Sea Witch

  • STITCH!!!!

  • Snow white and the 7 Dwarfs

  • The Genie of the Lamp!!

  • It’s a tie! Tigger for his sheer exuberance and Belle for her brains! My first picture taken with a character was in 1978 and it was Tigger.

  • Capt Jack Sparrow, mate.

  • OMG YES. Sora! He’s so positive and persevering; he really sends a great message. Kingdom Hearts needs presence in WDW! Foam keyblades anyone!? :)

  • Hathaway Browne: Adventurer, Handsome Club Aviator, Movie Star from the Adventurers Club

  • Hathaway Browne from the Adventurers Club! Kungaloosh!

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