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Your Favorite Disney Character is…

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Nowadays, trips to the parks with my daughters include stops for some “must see” characters. And the funny thing is, I was the same way as a boy with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. How about you? Over the holidays, we grabbed a camera and asked guests at the Walt Disney World Resort about their “must see” characters.

Now it’s your turn. Please tell us about your favorite character in the comments.


  • Club Curator Fletcher Hodges and his “Icky Yucky Sushi”.

  • Torn between Hathaway Browne and Graves, if I have to choose then Hathaway Browne. It was always the highlight of my holiday going to the Adventurers’ Club – haven’t been to Disney since it closed.

  • Hathaway Browne, Samantha Sterling, Pamelia Perkins, Otis T. Wren, Fletcher Hodges, Graves, Emil Bleehall, The Maids, Babylonia, Fingers Zambezi, Arnie and Claude and most of all Colonel Critchlow Suchbench.

  • hathaway browne, without hesitation. the adventurer’s club literally WAS my single favorite place in the entire world to be. not one day passes without the many incredible memories crossing my mind. i will never forget. please, disney…please.

  • Snow White of course! Cheery, pretty and full of sunshine and she can cook!!!

  • i loooove running into alice and the mad hatter. they’re always goofing around.

    but the princesses hold a dear place in my heart [:

  • Otis T. Wren! But where is he now?

  • Mickey is the best since he’s the original 😀 but Peter Pan has a special place in my heart…can’t help it he’s just too awesome lol

  • My wife and I had several fun trips to the Adventurer’s Club in the 90’s and in 1997 Babylonia gave me the Fertility Curse (oops, I mean blessing). In 1998 we had a baby girl we named Samantha. It kept us from making our usual trek, so my wife sent a blank book to the AC and asked them to make some notes to me to make me feel better. The entire cast signed the book in character and sent it back! It is the one memento from the AC that I treasure most (and it is one of a kind). The entire cast gets my vote!

  • Mexican Donald, followed by every other Donald…

  • Goofy, of course!


  • Samantha Sterling as exemplified by the lady who also played Annelle. The quickest wit ever!
    I used to visit WDW twice a year (two weeks at a time). My last visit was Thanksgiving 2008. I can’t tell you how empty the nights were without the ADVENTURERS CLUB. Now Disney has no night life. About the only thing worse would be the closing of WDW!

    Mickey, are you listening? Can’t you hear the crowds?

  • OTIS T. WREN from The Adventurers Club! Played by no other than Karl AKA Blondie! At least I get to see him play a butler in the Florida Lottery Commercials, when I see him step into that Library…well, brings back memories.

  • It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but the ones I will miss the most this June will be Otis T. Wren and all of the other members of the Adventurer’s Club. They will always be on my family’s must see list, even if we can’t see them anymore.

  • Mickey of Course! It all started with a mouse. Second is Otis T Wren Adventurers Club Treasurer (Especially when played by Karl) Kungaloosh!!!

  • Samantha Sterling from the Adventurers Club

  • The Adventurers Club characters!

  • My favorite Disney characters are Samantha Sterling and of course the rest of the Adventurers Club members! They all gave my family so many laughs and wonderful memories! Each October of my childhood we took a family trip to Disney World and always visited The Adventurers Club at least one night. It always amazed us how year after year Samantha Sterling would recognize us from the year before. She always remembered my kid brother’s name and involved him in the show. What an outstanding and magical character!

  • I miss ALL the characters from the Adventurers Club. Probably my favorite was Emil Bleehall. Emil and I had many a conversation in the salon between shows. Pamelia Perkins was so infuential that I still channel her regularly myself with a cheery “Haloo everyone!” in my best “Pamelia” voice when I get to work. Hathaway’s flirting gave this married middle-aged lady a flattering thrill- though it was part of the schtick, it was a fun ego boost just the same. Maybe the character that had the most impact on me and our family was Prifessor Hoges, the curator. I know that the degree of interaction with the public was dependent on the actor performing on a given night, but this person stayed completely in character while making my daughter’s 16th birthday an event to remember. He spent time with both of us in the lobby, brought her autographed “swag” and brought her on stage during Hoopla to help him sing. She’ll never forget it. We visited AC at least once a month for over 10 years. We forged “in character” friendships with every denizen of the club. It was not a visit to “the World” without a visit to “the Kloob” as Otis put it. We miss it so much, we haven’t been to WDW since it’s closing. It took us years to mourn the loss and get in the mood to go back to the no longer “happiest place on earth”. It’s fun, we love it, but it will never be the same without our beloved Pamelia, Otis, Samantha, Hathaway, Emil, Fletcher, Graves, all the maids, and of course, the Colonel.

  • Samantha Sterling!

  • Colonel Critchlow Suchbench!! I love him! I miss him always starting the wrong song first. ^_^

  • drizella tremaine

  • My favorite characters are Tigger, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey! My fiance’s is Pluto! We even have Tigger and Pluto stockings for Christmas time!

  • Hathaway Brown and the Dreamfinder.

  • My favorite is Mickey, because there would be no “Disney” without him! But my favorite park character has been Figment since I first saw him when I was 9. I LIVED in my Figment sweatshirt! When it comes to movie characters its Marry Poppins all the way!

  • Otis T. Wren!!

  • Hathaway Brown from the Adventurers Club

  • Colonel Critchlow Suchbench at the Adventurer’s Club!! Kungaloosh!

  • Pamelia Perkins is my favorite – a good classic Adventurer’s Club character.

  • Fletcher Hodges was my favorite. He exemplified the Spirit of American Optimism, unfortunately, he and the other Adventurers disappeared with the closing of The Adventurers Club.

  • Otis T Wren
    Emil Bleehall
    Pameila Perkins
    Fletcher Hodges
    and…of course…Hathaway Browne!!!

  • “Samantha Sterling” from the “Adventurers Club!”
    An adventurer with a heart of gold.

  • Hathaway Brown formerly the greatest adventurer that ever lived!!

  • Bring back the Adventurer’s Club! Kungaloosh!!

  • The Fab Five and characters like Peter Pan of coarse but…characters like Hathaway Brown and those from the ADVENTURERS CLUB can’t be overlooked!

  • Hathaway Browne! With Elliott a close second

  • My favorite characters as an adult guest were all at the now closed “Adventurers’ Club”. The amount of interaction between guests and the characters was unequaled by any other Disney attraction. We once spent 45 minutes just chatting with Samantha Sterling in character between shows! Those characters made “The Adventurers’ Club” WDW’s all time best attraction for those who were lucky enough to visit. Hope it gets another chance!

  • Pamelia Perkins was always my favourite character along with her friends, such a shame you cant see them anymore

  • Hathaway Browne, Samantha Sterling, Otis T. Wren, Pamelia Perkins, Otis T. Wren, Fletcher Hodges, Graves. All terrific characters from the Adventurers Club…bring them back!!

  • In order:
    1) Tigger & Stitch (tie), 2) Beast, 3) Jasmine, 4) Chip & Dale, 5) Mickey Mouse (last but not least)

  • Junior Adventurer Emil Bleehall and Colonel Critchlow Suchbench at the Adventurer’s Club. Kungaloosh!

  • My favorite Disney character is Mickey Mouse. After all he is the one who started it all. Ever since I watched the original Mickey Mouse club back in the 1950’s he has been my favorite. Thanks Mickey and all of the Disney characters for all of the fun and laughs you have brought us all thru out the years. We look foirward to many, many more fun filled years!

  • Gabby The Maid,…from the Adventurers Club,……She always had the best jokes and guest interactions,….she made everybody feel special, no matter what age, sex, or even language you spoke,…she would interact personally with every single person in the room,…..bringing each a personalized joke, smile, and interaction.

  • Emil Bleehall from the Adventurer’s Club. I have never heard a crowd laugh so loud than when he walked into a room! Truly, a unique character!

  • Ooh, asking me to pick just one character is like asking me to pick my favorite from a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.

    Collectively, my favorite characters are from the Adventurers Club. I’ll dress as Samantha Sterling for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this year, and my partner will be Hathaway Browne. Kungaloosh!

    In addition to that, all the DHS. Citizens of Hollywood – as with the AC members, too many to name. The Mayor of Main Street and his coteries. Heck, all the Streetmostphere. YeeHaa Bob at POR.

    If we’re limited to animated characters, I go with Bre’er Rabbit from “Song of the South.” He’s a storyteller and a classic trickster figure – much like Walt himself.

    I also have a soft spot for Pixar’s Wall-E. Plucky little Chaplin guy.

  • Dawn the bar lady in Mannequins! Could make a cocktail with both her arms and legs, one hand was on the glass the other on the cocktail shaker whilst her right foot shut the fridge and her left knee closed the drinks door :o)

  • Professor Otis. T. Wren, preferably when he’s a Southern gentleman. Balderdash Cup 1937, baby!

  • Hathaway Brown forever. His tragic passing from the face of WDW makes me sad.

  • Goofy, of course. Ever since he broke out from shorts and made it big in his own full length movie, he has been my number 1 star! Who can’t love him?

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