• Sneak peak for a new Villains/Divas event?

  • William on March 2nd, 2011 at 5:15 pm- you rule!! HAHHA Bibbity Bobbity Boutique for adults! that’d be awesome.

  • Very intriguing!
    I’m looking forward to hearing details tomorrow.

  • Queen Grimhilde – The Evil Queen from Snow White

  • malificent! getting ready for a parade?

  • Jane Seymour

  • The Evil Queen from Snow White(Olivia Wilde).

  • I have a far-out guess.

    My guess is that it’s Olivia Wilde, and she’s going to be in Jon Favreau’s new movie: Magic Kingdom. She’s already in his latest movie: Cowboys & Aliens. Now she’s going to be in his next feature, and maybe it’s filming soon at Disneyland.

  • Okay, she is Olivia Wilde getting her makeup ready for her preformance in the new movie Snow White! It will probably be in 3-D!!

  • Snow White, An Enchanting Musical is returning? or something to do with the new “Magic Kingdom” Movie?

  • Malificent!

  • It could be a make-up test, or the start of filming for the live-action Snow White remake.

  • I’m guessing Alyssa Milano doing something to promote the new Disney Venomous Villains M.A.C product line?? For an Evil Queen, the lady is a stunner!

  • Looks like Olivia Wilde to me, as Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

  • Looks like the evil Queen is getting her lovely makeup done! Perhaps getting ready for a show! Sure looks pretty!

  • getting ready to be her fierce self!

  • It’s the Evil Queen from Snow White getting her make-up done. Beyond that, I’m stumped!

  • The Evil Queen from Snow White!!! My favorite Villain of all time!

  • Maybe another of those great photo shoots where people become their favorite characters? This is the Wicked Queen from Snow White, but I don’t know who the person is…

  • She looks like Olivia Wilde and she looks like she’s the Evil Queen in Snow White.

  • She’s becoming the Evil Queen from snow white! SO FIERCE!!! Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store!

  • Its Olivia Wilde dressing up as the Evil Queen from Snow White

  • Looks like Olivia Wilde kind of.
    New Annie Leebovitz ads?

  • This looks like Olivia Wilde dressing up as the Evil Queen from Snow White.

  • Why is Olivia Wilde dressed up as Snow White’s Evil Queen?

  • Olivia Wilde! Love her! Looks like she is going to the dark side of Disney! :-)

  • Well I am not sure who it is although it looks a little like Katie Perry but I do know what she is doing. She is being the evil Queen from Snow White now the question is why?

  • I can only hope that it is something for us at WDW too! You guys in CA seem to have all the fun these days! Haha :)

  • Ooohh! Olivia Wilde! The Wicked Queen, GREAT fit, she’s perfect!

  • Olive Wilde…the Wicked Queen (Snow White)….hmmmm?

  • olivia wilde from house dressed up as the evil queen from snow white?

  • olivia wilde. Doing some print work possibly?

  • Finally, Bibbity Bobbity Boutique for adults!

  • OH!!! Is it Olivia Wilde doing something for Tron??

  • Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen!!

  • Is that Olivia Wilde & is she the new Maleficent movie by Tim Burton?

  • It looks like the Evil Queen from Snow White kind of…but no idea what she’s doing lol

  • Looks like the witch from Snow White.

  • This is the evil step mom from Snow White!

  • Olivia Wilde? Interesting. Can’t wait to see whats going on tomorrow.

  • The evil queen is getting ready for her close-up!

  • The Queen from Snow White?

  • She’s the fairest villain of them all, but what is the news? 8:-)

  • Olivia Wilde???

  • I think it’s the actress Olivia Wilde, and she is getting made up as the Evil Queen from Snow White. Am I right?

  • The Evil Queen!!! My favorite villain!!! :)


  • Olivia Wilde dressing up as the evil queen??

  • Malificent? Ezma?

  • Whoever it is, looks like she’s suiting up to appear as the vain & wicked Queen from Snow White.

  • Evil Queen from Snow White!!!

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