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Adventures by Disney Invites You to Our New Virtual Event!

Josh D'Amaro

by , Senior Vice President of Resort & Transportation Operations, Walt Disney World Resort

Adventures by Disney Invites You to Our New Virtual Event!

As some of you may know, I just got back from Adventures by Disney’s first trip to Egypt; it was amazing. Our group had so much fun! I learned about some of the most incredible things I have ever seen.

Today, I invite you to attend a special Adventures by Disney virtual event to learn more about my trip as well as some of our other exotic destinations.

Join us as we explore some of our most unique and exciting destinations. From China to South Africa and Australia, with the wild island Tasmania, to Egypt, this virtual event will take you whizzing around the globe – through beautiful landscapes and distinctive cultures, past fascinating animals and into time-honored histories. You will hear from some of our guests as they visit new places and you’ll see some of the exciting experiences that Adventures by Disney vacations are best known for. This special event ends Dec. 2, 2011, so click here and watch it today. Enjoy and see which one of these destinations will be your next family vacation.


  • What a shame, Canadians cannot view this. :(

  • Hi Josh, Namaste from India..

    What an amazing concept, i simply love it. I am looking forward to India being added as a mystical and adventurous location.

  • This is my dream vacation!! I studied ancient egyptian art in college for a semester, and have wanted to go to Egypt ever since!!

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