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Josh D'Amaro

by , Senior Vice President of Resort & Transportation Operations, Walt Disney World Resort

As 2011 comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to share with all of you some of the special moments our Adventures by Disney Adventure Guides have shared with me from their trips around the world this year:

Laura Farrell in Costa Rica with Adventures by Disney

One of my favorite memories of 2011 was on a Costa Rica trip during sea turtle nesting season. There was a little girl who tried very hard to stay awake on the night walk because she wanted to see a nesting turtle so badly, but ended up falling asleep (it was very late for a 7 year old) and missing the sighting. The next morning, a couple was walking along the beach and saw a turtle laying her eggs (very rare to see in the day). They ran all the way back to the hotel to get the girl and she was able to see the turtle just before it went back into the ocean. I love this memory because it is a perfect example of the kind of magical moments that happen on Adventures by Disney trips.
– Laura Farrell

Christian Cruz Takes the Backstage Magic Tour with Adventures By Disney

Visiting Walt’s Apartment is one of the highlights of our Backstage Magic tour, especially to a mother-daughter tandem who came all the way from Belgium. Our docent gave us a heartfelt story about Walt Disney’s little abode which deeply touched that mother’s heart. Seeing her sincere tears of gratitude to Walt Disney is one of my favorite memories of 2011. It was not only a magical moment for her, but also for me in knowing that I am working with a team that connects guests from around the world to a man and his creation, one I truly believe in. And in knowing that I am an Adventure Guide not just to exclusive backstage access but also access to memories people will keep for a lifetime.
– Christian Cruz

Visit Australia with Adventures By Disney

During the welcome dinner on a tour to Australia a guest shared with the group that he had chosen to come Down Under to see a platypus. He loved platypuses. Yes, really! While in elementary school he even dressed up as a platypus for Halloween. Our visit to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, therefore, required seeing one of these creatures. We had to visit the platypus house twice (they are quite shy) before one finally made an appearance. Only a few times in my life have I ever seen anybody as truly happy as this gentleman was upon seeing his beloved animal. He was even wearing a platypus t-shirt for the occasion. It was a wonderful moment the whole group got to share, one I will never forget!
– Kira Butler

I hope you have had a wonderful year and if you have any special vacation memories on a recent trip, leave a comment and share them with us. Happy New Year from all of us at Adventures by Disney!


  • The last time we were at Disney World, my daughter forgot her purse on the monorail. When we walked in to Epcot, she realized it – so we asked one of the security guards for help. He immediately phoned the transportation station and the monorail soon pulled up to drop off the purse! Not sure how they did it. In fact, I don’t want to know. Like any good magic trick, I would rather not know the secret. It’s simply another dose of Disney Magic that makes every vacation there memorable.

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