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Freshening the Air with Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Merchandise Communications Manager

New Air Fresheners Coming to Disney Parks - Introducing the Turkey Leg and Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar

I’m amazed how certain smells can trigger a flood of memories. For me, I love walking in Epcot just after it has rained, as I’m reminded of a family trip in 1988. Disney Parks attractions use scents to enhance experiences (I’m looking at you, burning embers from Spaceship Earth); and I know I’m not the only one who enjoys standing outside the bakery on Main Street, U.S.A. I’ve discussed before how Disney Theme Park Merchandise (and I) have a love affair with food. That affair continues in August with the release of four new air fresheners inspired by iconic food from Disney Parks. These items have been in development for more than a year and they are dear to my heart (and stomach).

New Air Fresheners Coming to Disney Parks - Introducing the Candy Apple and Mickey Mouse Waffle

Last July, the souvenirs team asked me to photograph several food items for air fresheners they were developing. I visited Epcot, where I secured a turkey leg and a Mickey Mouse premium ice cream bar (my favorite treat next to a Dole Whip). At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I photographed a candy apple, cotton candy and popcorn (the souvenirs team decided not to make the latter two). At a team breakfast in Boma at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, I photographed (then ate) the last item I needed – the Mickey Mouse waffle. Disney Design Group artist Caley Hicks then used the images to create these air fresheners.

Once released, you will be able to find these at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

With so many scents to choose from, I think my all-time favorite is the “l’orange” scent from Horizons. So what is your favorite scent?

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  • I have been begging my bf to find me a candle scented like the kettle corn in the park! I almost hyperventilate trying to suck in as much of that sugary air as I can. But seriously, there’s a facebook page dedicated to loving the smell of PotC. That scent will be linked to Disney in my mind forever.

  • These are great!! You are so right be need that Mickey fix after we come home. I will be there late fall hope they are in the shops when I am there. Please keep us posted as to when they will be ready….

  • I will have to get every scent! my family will often say things like “oh it smells like frontierland” or “mmm this smells like main st usa”..we love Disney smells

  • How about one with Figment in skunk form?!?! No?!?! lol….
    I’m another lover of the burning embers smell in Spaceship Earth. Imagining that smell, and the music that plays as you enter Epcot, makes me pine for my happy place! :)
    Hubby thought the turkey leg freshner would make an excellent gag gift for a vegetarian friend :) I myself would want the waffle – yum!

  • I love all four and can’t wait to buy them. Disney is brilliant, once again! Seriously folks, how would it look to have a CHURRO hanging from your rear view mirror? Ummmmmmmm…. No. The air fresheners resembling the treat, and the scents chosen, is, well, brilliant.

  • Oooo! I LOVE the idea of a freshener scented w/ the specific scent used in each resort! Those would be BIG sellers!

  • Keep coming up w/these great and unique items! One thing we used to do so much of at WDW was SHOP. We haven’t done as much of it in the past 6+ years or so, but not from lack of wanting to. Keep it up! These and those hat ornaments are GREAT steps back into phenomenal marketing! Perhaps we’ll need to pack an extra suitcase this time for all the things we’ll bring home! I don’t mind one bit!

  • Steven! I regret to inform you that that is a CARAMEL apple, not a CANDY apple that you took a picture of! Candy apples are bright red, covered in CANDY. Caramel apples are covered in, not surprisingly, caramel :/

  • I love these! Some of my favorite foods and favorite smells! I just wish it didn’t say “Disney Parks” on them. Another favorite smell is the air around the resort when you arrive from Chicago in the winter. The combo of living plants and humidity is the BEST!

  • Fiber One Chocolate Mocha bars smell and taste just like Main Street in Disneyland.. the waffle/coffee goodness takes me there every time :)

  • I would love an air freshener with the scent from The Grand Floridian!

  • I’m so sad that Dole Whips didn’t make the cut!!!!! I know turkey legs are kitschy and somewhat of a Disney icon, but I think the smell of pineapple in your car, rather than turkey leg smell, is WAY better.

    Also, “Soarin’ of California” smells are beyond amazing and completely reminiscent of just one place: DISNEYLAND / WALT DISNEY WORLD. Please consider using these scents in any form of fragrance (candles, room sprays, air fresheners, etc). They would be huge sellers!

  • I’m with everyone here… PIRATES Water. (Yo Ho Yo Ho Pirates Water For Me.)

    I could think of so many places…. but the one smell I remember is La Kringla. (I think that’s how it’s spelled. I usually call it “The Kringle.” It’s in Norway.)I also remember the smell of the Tea Shop in the UK area. And the last thing I can remember the smell of is… believe it or not, the chocolate covered frozen bananas. Since they were lower in sugar than the Mickey Bars, and I tend to have major problems with aversions to sugar, they were my snack of choice.

  • I hope these will also be available for purchase online. Great scents to put me in the mood when planning my next Disney vacation. Or great to have around when sharing family videos & slide shows. Sort of like my own “scentsation” aromas like Mickey’s PhilharMagic.

  • How about Pineapple Dole Whip to match the new shirt?
    I love the oranges smell too – the original one from Horizons (nice and strong)!

  • For all you Soarin’ fans who wear nail polish, my daughter happened upon a couple of bottles of scented polish that may help you out with your cravings although they just make us want to go back!
    Revlon makes scented polish and she has found that Orange Pop and especially Ocean Breeze are pretty close. You have to let them dry to get the effect. If they weren’t such crazy colours I might wear them myself. Now if they just made the pine scent…

  • How about a Dole Whip fragrance??? I’m partial to orange, but pineapple would be nice too, both with vanilla… Yum! Chocolate chip cookies from Main Street? The smoke smell from Fantasy Land after Wishes? I hope these scents will be available to order and have shipped!! What a great idea!

  • The railroad ties smell from Port Orleans Riverside. Will Be there the first week in December cant wait.

  • I agree with the Pirate water idea. It is THE one smell that I can remember as a constant through every trip I’ve made to Walt Disney World over the past thirty eight years. So many things I’d like to take home with me, the feeling when your ship soars around London on Peter Pan, the smells of Main Street U.S.A and the fuel on Tomorrowland Speedway, the gentle hum of the peoplemover, and the taste of a turkey leg! The Magic Kingdom is truly my happy place!

  • I thought I was alone with the burning embers from Spaceship Earth. That is one of my favorite smells in general. I also remember the Horizons scent. My favorite would be, and I thought this would be weird to say, but considering you mentioned E.P.C.O.T. just after it’s rained, I guess not, the Boardwalk when it is breezy.

  • I had a blue Donald Duck cup from the Main Street Confectionery. The wonderful sweet smells of that place stayed in the cup for so long – I wouldn’t let my mom put it in the dishwasher!

  • After losing my job/career recently I was really depressed. I kept telling my husband…”I just want to smell the confectionery store at WDW”- that smell always makes me feel so happy! The candy apple and the waffle Mickey are on my wishlist. It is very true that smells trigger memories and happiness like no other. I can’t wait to get mine :)

    • @Leanne – Good thoughts to you! As they say, there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow just a dream away :-) I could spend hours standing in that store just breathing (but then I’d probably get lots of funny looks).

  • Please sell them online, I love them. I already drive around with my 5 feet Mickey and Minnie and get a laugh now add the smell would be great. I love anything Disney . Wish I could be at DisneyWorld every year.

  • I also wish they would be available on-line since I am not able to go to WDW in the near future and would LOVE to own an air freshener or two

  • I may be dating myself a bit by saying this, but one of my favorite Disney scents dating back from childhood is the lemony fresh scent of the fluorescent hand stamp that we used to get on our hand. Crazy, I know! I just love the way the dark rides smell, but am particularly fond of the oranges smell on Soaring. At the Disney store, I stock up on the Magic line of soap, candles and room spray. It’s very Disney!

    • @Sheri – They will be priced $5.95 each (please note retails are subject to change without notice). And I agree – between the delicious aromas from Boma and Jiko, Jambo House smells wonderful!

      @Annemarie – Wow! That’s such a great memory. I recall visiting Disneyland with my children in 2009. We got those hand stamps and I took a photo because I thought it was cool to see our hands with the stamps. Certainly a smell that I remember!

  • Anyone know how much these are going to cost?

    My favorite smell is walking into Animal Kingdom – Jambo House! I could sit in the lobby and just take in the aromas!

  • I love these and really want the Mickey ice cream one. But I second the disney water smell, there’s nothing quite like it.

  • ahh how cool is this??!! LOVE all of the smells everyone has listed…it takes me right back! One of my favorites is at Caribbean Beach Resort–walking into Old Port Royale. Something about the mixture of foods cooking with a hint of coconut….such good memories!!

  • They missed the rice krispy treat with chocolate topping! Super cute..can’t wait to grab one!

  • Oh please oh please make a cotton candy one! Disney has a distinct wonderful smell to me and I never figured out what it was until Disney On Ice came to New Orleans, as soon as I entered the arena it smelled like Disney World and I realized it was the cotton candy they were making at the Disney merchandise stands that were set up. It smells so wonderful and magical to me. But until than I will go with the Mickey Waffle, which is amazing as well.

  • A Spaceship Earth – Rome burning scented one would be great! Lots of fun memories there. Until then, I guess I’ll settle for the turkey leg. :)

  • I’m glad it’s not just me that loves the scents of Disney World. In fact, I wrote about it myself a while back.

    And I think another good scent for the air fresheners would be the leis that come from ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

    • @Aaron – Yes!!! Such a fun place to hang out in World Showcase.

      @Nicole – I agree. There is something wonderful about the entire Aloha spirit of Disney’s Polynesian Resort. I particularly love the leis made by Auntie Ka’ui!

  • How about the scent “Black and Tan” from the Rose and Crown…I know I would buy that one.

  • Omigosh, Mickey waffles… You’re making me hungry.

  • I am going in September and have to get the Premium Mickey and Mickey Waffle ones.

    Ones to add-
    The smell of the waffle cones baking on Main Street
    Orange groves from Sourin’
    Sea Smell from Sourin’
    Pine Trees from Sourin’
    The smell of Living With the Land ride
    Apple Pie in Philharmagic
    Lobby area in Fort Wilderness
    Flame Tree BBQ

    I could keep going on! Only Disney can make people remember all the things they see, hear and SMELL!

  • Besides the churros, the next best smell is the Autopia! Reminds me of when I used to ride them a lot when I was a kid. And, I still do……

  • These look good enough to eat!! And so cute!! Will they be avaialble at DisneyStore online?

    • @Chelsea – Right on! Or the smell from the Disney’s Days of Christmas shop at Downtown Disney Marketplace. I love that scent!

      @Michele – I had the ice cream and the waffle after I took their photos. And they were delish! At this time, they are not planned for the online store. Sorry.

  • How about a Grand Floridian Gingerbread house scent!

  • I would love to see a Pirates of the Caribbean water air freshener and a dole whip freshener. Yummm!

  • My Dad has been trying to replicate the scent of the oranges from Soarin’ ever since his first time on the ride. There are orange scented air fresheners out there, but none that come close to the smell on Soarin’. I really hope the orange scent is included – I know my Dad would really love it.

  • I’d hang a pineapple scented Dole Whip from my rear view mirror.

  • That is a fantastic idea! I am going to get one of each to see which smell we like best. Resort fragances would be awesome as well. I love the smell of the Boardwalk’s lobby!

  • Last week I brought home a bag a charcoal for my bbq. The rest of the day my car smelled like the burning embers scene in Spaceship Earth. So funny you mentioned it here!

    • @Darren – Looks like I’m stopping at the store on the way home to pick up a bag – LOL!

  • OK. I just saw this post. Awesome! I’m going to add an idea. We were in the Contemporary lobby several weeks ago. I’ve been there a bunch of times, but this time the smell was amazing! I’m not sure what changes were made in the lobby, but an air freshener with that scent should be made!!!

  • Please, please, please let these be available online!!! I don’t know if I can wait until next year’s trip to get these!!

    • @Christine – I hope you have a great trip in August. I don’t have an exact release date for the air fresheners yet. So I too hope they will be released by the time you arrive. And the Contemporary is great. My parents stayed there last October. Took some beautiful photos of the sunset and the amazing Grand Canyon Concourse mural by Mary Blair (one of my favorite classic things at Walt Disney World!).

      @Lauren – Unfortunately, there are no plans at this point to carry these via the online store.

  • ow about a scent of the H2O shampoos & conditioners. Very clean scent!

  • OMG!! I absolutely love this idea of the airfreshners! I agree with everyone about the smell of the water from Pirates of the Caribbean, I love it and it just brings so many memories of when I was a kid. There is nothing like Walt Disney World!! My family and I will be there from August 9 – August 20 at the Contemporary. Hopefully, the airfreshners will be out by then and we can pick them up . I can’t wait to see what Disney will create next. Thanks Steve for the info!

  • This is great! My family was just talking the other night about the “smells” of Disney. These will be a must-buy on our next trip in November.

  • I love the suggestions I’ve seen here and haven’t gotten through all of them, but love the Pirates smell idea and if it hasnt’ been mentioned yet, the Main St bakery smell that comes out of those vents as you are walking by!

  • It sounds weird, but the smell of the soap and the air freshener used in the bathrooms at Epcot – I smelt it somewhere the other day and had an instant flashback to Disney.

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