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Exclusive First Look: Disney Parks Unveils New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portraits

George Savvas

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Today we’re excited to share two new images by Annie Leibovitz from our ongoing Disney Dream Portrait series. All the portraits feature well-known celebrities transformed into the roles of famous Disney characters, and now, in a first for the series, we’re featuring characters who originated in our parks!

But first, Russell Brand stars as Peter Pan’s arch nemesis, Captain Hook, narrowly escaping the jaws of the hungry crocodile who has chased him for years. The caption reads, “Where every moment leaves you hungry for more.” Looking at this one, can’t you almost hear the “tick-tock?”


“There’s a little matter I forgot to mention…beware of hitchhiking ghosts!”

From the Haunted Mansion attraction, Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel star as Phineas, Ezra and Gus, better known to millions around the world as the Hitchhiking Ghosts. The caption reads, “Where you can go on the ride of your afterlife.” If you’re not careful, one of them may follow you home!


You’ll find these amazing images and more as part of a special insert in fall issues of GQ, O – The Oprah Magazine, People, People En Español, Vanity Fair, Real Simple, Essence, and InStyle.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll be your host — your ghost host — as we go behind the scenes of the Hitchhiking Ghosts photo shoot with three of the funniest guys around.

Hurry baaa-aaack…


  • I love this series by Annie Leibovitz! I especially love the Haunted Mansion – brilliant!

  • I am in love with the Haunted Mansion portrait!

  • These photos are so amazing! It makes me a little jealous, I want to be turned into a Disney movie character too!

  • I too would love a book and/or wallpaper showcasing these images. They are brilliant!

  • I love these pictures! Where can we buy prints?

  • Is there any place we can purchase these wonderful photos?

  • I always love seeing new Disney pictures from Anne Leibovitz. They’re always so imaginative and magical. I, too, would love to have the whole collection as wallpapers for my computer. Pretty please?

  • IS there someplace I can go to view all the Annie Leibovitz Disney photos???

  • Teenie tiny problem. With the ghosts: The one with the beard (here Jason Segel) is supposed to be the short one. Jack Black is supposed to be taller.

  • Awesome.

  • can we get this haunted mansion photo hi-res for a screen saver??

  • These are so cool! The casting is great. :)

  • I love her Disney work! Wish I could have them as wallpaper!

  • Gorgeous! Love them both. I’d like to second the request for either a book of all of these awesome shots or/and hi-res backgrounds!

  • +1 for wallpaper sized versions. 1920×1080 please!

  • Fantastic casting and great characters! Now (and this is NOT a Russell crack) can we see some Katy Perry? Maybe Jane from Tarzan? Meg from Hercules? Or her, Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen as the three hilarious ladies heartbroken by Gaston choosing Belle in B&tB? ^_^ Just saying…

  • These are absolutely the best two of the series thus far!! I LOVE them! I hope, when Annie is done (maybe never!?) you’re going to compile all of these into a book so that we can have them all in one place!


  • Great job as usual George.


  • +1 to people asking for hi-res wallpaper sized versions. 1920×1080 please!

  • Definitely love these! I’m with everyone else though, need some high res ones for backgrounds!!!

  • Best entries in this series to date.

  • Totally IN LOVE with all of her work!! Is there a way we can purchase prints of all of her pictures?? I NEED THEM!!!!

  • The Haunted Mansion, my all-time favorite Disney attraction!!! Just when I thought it wasn’t possible for me to adore Jason Segel more than I already do:-) Disney really needs to make these beautiful photos available as hi-res prints for purchase! Thank you Annie for making my day!

  • I agree !! Would love some Hi Res images for my wallpaper !! Especially those ghosts … awesome !!

  • Gorgeous pics, but I think Jason Segel is rather large to portray Gus. (Gus is the smallest of the bunch in the Haunted Mansion attractions.) Regardless, I’m sure was thrilled to be a part of the shoot. I certainly would be!

  • How about some High Res ones suitable to be used as wallpapers?

  • these are absolutely amazing! Annie Leibovitz is so talented! can’t wait to see more!

  • I’m not big on Will Ferrell, but it’s a good job. And Russell Brand as Captain Hook is absolutely inspired!

  • These are awesome! Is there anywhere to find larger versions of these pics, and the one of just the Haunted Mansion you showed yesterday? These thumbs are too small to really appreciate the details.

  • Awesome!!!

  • These are absolutely fantastic. Incredible work by Annie Leibovitz, incredible casting, and incredible idea by Disney.

  • I love these so much! Annie Leibovitz is so talanted and has a great imagination. I always save these when I see them in magazines. =)

  • Love these! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Will you ever release a book with all these Annie Leibovitz images?

  • I love these… fantastic!!

  • Simply beautiful and hilarious all in one!!

  • Perfect casting

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