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Wild Africa Trek: Explore a Different Side of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Have you tried the Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?
Wild Africa Trek: Explore a Different Side of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I have, and it’s an unbelievable way to explore the park from an entirely new vantage point. In case you aren’t familiar, the trek is a three-hour guided tour that offers guests up-close views of some of the park’s animals – including crocodiles, giraffes, hippos and rhinos – by foot, by safari vehicle, and by rope bridge. The experience also offers African-inspired snacks, and a photographer accompanies you on the trek so you don’t even have to take your eyes off the animals.

And did you know that a portion of the cost of each trek is donated to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, which protects wildlife and wild places around the world? The unique part about the Wild Africa Trek is that each guest gets to choose between different animals that they learn about on trek and put their donation towards projects that focus on that animal.

For a closer look inside the experience, be sure to check out the video below.


  • I noticed the cost is shown as $189-$249. There is no description anywhere of what prices apply to when. Is it based on season, time of day? Hoping to do this in June this year, but it’s a squeeze on top of a long trip at $189 so the higher end charge would pretty much rule it out for us. Where can I find this info?

  • My husband and I are planning a trip during February 2014. Which time of day is better for the Wild Animal Trek? I can not find how much it cost. Is the price seasonally priced?

  • My son and I did this a few years ago. We had so much fun!! Great tour!!

  • I’m trying to find out some more info on this tour. When did they start this? I have been there many times and never seen anything about it. Can you please let me know how much it is, and do you have to be staying at Animal Kingdom? I will be staying there next Sept. and would like to look into this tour.


  • Is this a new tour? I have been to Disney many many times, the last being last Nov. and I have never heard of it. Can you give me some more info, as in where to go to sign up, how much it costs, ect.? I am going next Sept (2014) and am staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Thanks for your help


  • My wife and I did the trek back in June of this year. Did the 8am and it was an excellent choice. My wife has been to Kenya twice and even spent 4 months teaching missionary children in Malawi. One of the biggest things she noticed was during the trek we saw some of the more elusive animals (i.e. white rhino and some of the big cats) better than she did while visiting the Masai Mara! Yes you can take your own camera, just like Jennifer mentioned you’ll need to be able to attach it to the vest or around your neck. I took my Canon DSLR with a 75-300 zoom lens and got some really great shots. But the guides had a camera as well and they got great pictures that I missed. The camera didn’t interfere at all, even while walking over the foot bridge!

    This VIP tour is definitely a repeat in the future for us (we’re DVC members so it WILL happen again)! Especially once we have our future adopted daughter come along! Don’t be afraid of the food choices because everything is excellent (does Disney ever do anything truly bad when it comes to food?) To this day, we both get cravings for the “Jungle Juice” they serve!!!

  • Thank you Jennifer!

  • I’m off to WDW two weeks tomorrow and have often considered doing this. Turns out this timely blog was the final push I needed to book!

    • That’s great to hear, Hilary. I hope you have a great time.

  • For my husband’s 50th bday last year I surprised him and our 4 friends with the WAT. I would do this activity every yea. It was wonderful. The photo CD was fantastic. After we got home, I was contacted by a couple on our trek who remembered that we had sat together for a week on a Disney cruise a few years before. We were all so completely engrossed in the trek we didn’t even realize it. I highly recommend this adventure and will definitely do it again.

  • This looks like such adventurous fun… My bro-in-law and I are going on this year’s Holiday family trip, can’t wait! Jennifer, I understand there is an audio device that each Trekker can use to listen to the guides, can we use our own earphones? I have finicky ears.

    • Yes, you can. A standard 3.5mm plug works.

  • Eric, I’ve done this tour twice now. You are only allowed to take phones or cameras that have a strap that you can put around your wrist. The first time I went on this tour I didn’t know I couldn’t take my camera and was really miffed! But, after we got started I was really glad I didn’t take it and could just concentrate on what there was to see instead of fooling around with camera and lenses. The guides have really good, 35mm cameras and they take lots of photos along the way. Included in the price is a CD which will be mailed to you with all the photos they take plus some stock photos. The first time I went on this tour it was just my husband and me. This past summer we took the whole family. It was fantastic. Don’t let the camera thing stop you. It’s well worth your time.

  • Are Guest’s allowed to take their own personal cameras on this adventure? This video does focus on photography at times and the tour initially did not allow this. This was the deal breaker for us, however if that has changed, we would be far more interested to participate next time we visit.

    • Yes, you can bring your own camera as long as it has some kind of strap you can use to secure it.

  • I’ll be doing this on my Honeymoon in December! Can’t wait.

    • You’ll have a great time, I’m sure!

  • I did the Wild Africa Trek with my 8 year old this summer. We both loved it!! Our guides were awesome! They took the time to answer all of his questions and made it an incredible experience for him. I highly recommend this experience. You’ll see Kilimanjaro Safaris in a new light and have a whole new appreciation for what the team at Disney is doing for the wild life there and around the world.

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