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Live Chat: Talk Seven Dwarfs Mine Train With a Walt Disney Imagineer Today at 2:30 p.m. EST

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Imagineer Dave Minichiello will join us here on the Disney Parks Blog beginning at 2:30 p.m. EST, to answer some of your questions about Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We’ve received many questions so far, but please keep them coming!


This will be a text chat with a video element later on that will auto-play on most computers. You may wish to adjust your speakers now.


  • The Chat was Awesome! Thanks to all! It would be great to see Bambi and Friends wandering in the woods on this Mountain!!! Just a Magical Wish from an ardent Disney Family!!! See WDW soon!:)

  • Thanks for the Chat. I wish I could have learned the ride duration. But otherwise a great and well discussed teaser chat. Thank you. I can’t wait for the ride to open!!!

  • Thank you for putting this chat together :) A lot of my questions were answered and it will be great to experience this coaster!

  • Thank you, Jenn and Dave, for this insightful chat!

  • Thanks Jennifer for moderating another successful Disney Chat.

  • So glad this 1937 classic is bring brought to life in such detail. Although I hope one day, some how, the Tremaine Chateau/Cinderella that was planned for this spot meet and greet will make its way into a Disney park though!

  • Spring is a very vague answer :(

  • Will there be stuff to put in the Ride when you get into the car like purses or backpacks ? And how long is the ride?

  • What will the minimum height requirement be for this ride?

  • I will be visiting Disney World with my family from March 15-26th, any chance the Mine Train will be open before or during that time frame?

  • When are you anticipating the opening day to be? We will be visiting in August and are eager to ride!

  • Do you take into consideration that Disney has more visitors than years ago; hence, longer lines. So, how many riders will each train hold?

  • We have a trip in April and would love to ride it.

  • When can we expect the ride to be open??

  • are there any elements of the old snow attraction in the new mine train??

  • Can you elaborate on what makes the ride system unique, and what the development process was like for coming up with the side-to-side motion?

  • If you can please announce the date you will release the opening date I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  • What was the most exciting part of the attraction to design?

  • Do you think the ride will open by May 11th?

  • I am very excited about this ride. I was upset when Snow White’s Adventures closed. I have been coming to the parks since the year it opened and I have seen so many favorites go away. I know you need to keep up with the new movies but it is nice to also not forget for us older people where it all came from too. I am looking forward to this new ride with old favorites.

  • When will all of the AA figures and Special effects be installed by?

  • We will be coming home for the first time June 5- June 9! Will the Seven Dwarfs Ride be open & will we be able to use our Fast Passes on it?

  • Why the protracted build time on this ride?

  • What is it about this ride that will make it so unique when compared to other Disney Parks attractions?

  • Will we see AAs of the 7 Dwarfs and The Wicked Witch in this ride?

  • How many diamonds will there be throughout the ride?

  • What are the ride specs: How long (both time and track length), how fast, how many drops, etc.

  • Will all the figures be Audio Animatronics and how long will the attraction last?

  • My daughter seconds that comment – she would very much like to know how many drops there are and how high the big ones are?

  • With the success of the previous interactive queues, what can we expect from this queue? I’m excited to see some possible hidden Disney “gems” from this ride.

  • Looking forward to it. Will be there end of March, think it will be open by then?

  • From the success of the other interactive queues, what can we expect from this queue? I’m excited to see some hidden “gems” in this ride!

  • When does it open?

  • I have a few questions, if you don’t mind. With the Mine Train completing New Fantasyland, what project will you be focusing on next? As Art Director, how do you make the Mine Train and all of the other components of New Fantasyland mesh together cohesively, yet stay true to their own origins? As a general question: How did you know you wanted to be an Imagineer and how did you make that dream come true? Thank you so much for your time.

  • Will there be a Dwarfs meet-and-greet area as part of the design when it is revealed, for one dwarf or all seven? :)

  • How fast will it go and how high is the biggest drop?

  • What are the height requirements for the ride?

  • I have members of my family that don’t like roller costars but will rider test track. do you think they will like the mine train.?

  • Looking forward to riding it! Will there be a soft opening soon?

    • We hope to have an opening date to share soon.

  • Is the thrill part of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train going to be like Big Thunder Mountain?

  • I’m wondering what the ride is actually like. It looks a lot like Thunder Mountain. Is it actually smaller? Why did you decide on another roller coaster instead of a different type of ride?

  • What did you find to be the most difficult element to replicate for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction?

  • How much of the budget was taken up by precious stones?

  • Are there any hidden Mickeys on this ride?

  • What made you choose Snow White as the theme for this attraction? Why not a more recent character, like Merida or Rapunzel?

  • Saw the construction last spring and have been following online with every update. We are going at the end of April and have fingers crossed it will be open. Otherwise I will have two very disappointed little girls on my hand. I would also like to confirm the height to ride is 38inches – thank you!

  • Our family has been following progress on this exciting project since it started! When do you think it will open? We are heading down in April and hope we get a chance to ride this amazing attraction!

  • Why out of all the Disney films, did you choose to design a ride from Snow White?

  • Did Imagineers taken any inspiration from the original Snow White’s Scary Adventure ride?

  • What was one of your favorite elements that went into the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? Anything secret we should keep our eyes peeled for when riding?

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