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Caption This: Jungle Cruise Encounter at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Editorial Content Director, Disneyland Resort

You never know what you may find along the treacherous waters of the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland park. Looks like this solo skipper has come across a pair of locals … what do you think this encounter might sound like? Show us your stripes and “Caption This!”



  • “The boat’s empty. Everyone must be at the parade.”

  • Should we go pick up Carl? The Lions are babysitting him.

  • Zebra 1: Stripey horses!?!?! He should talk. He’s got hardly any hair on him at all.

    Zebra 2: You speak human???

  • Pardon Me… Do you have any Grey Poupon???

  • One zebra to the other….”So, what did you do with his guests?”

  • This cruise is ‘two behind’ schedule.

  • “Hey Ed, didn’t there use to be passengers in those boats?”
    “Nah, not since the Anna and Elsa meet-and-greet started.”

  • Ok, I zebra you too!

  • My feet might be glued in place but if I hear that “backside of water” joke one more time I’m outta here!

  • The word got out that this guy eats beans for lunch!

  • Excuse us…Sir?! Can you help us? We are supposed to be on a savannah or grassland…not a jungle.

  • Zebras… Why did it have to be zebras?

  • “Did you sneak back to the dock to cut the throttle cable?”…”Yeah…he will be going around the jungle for hours…”

  • Mowgli visits his jungle family.

  • “Look at him, pal. Master of his fate? Captain of his soul? Strip away the hat, and the uniform — All I see is the shattered dreams of one more guy who really just wanted to direct!”

  • I hear that if we take the boat over to Animal Kingdom, we become real Zebras!

  • Ok , prove to me you know Chris Rock and I’ll switch places with you.

  • Finally people started to get as tired of his jokes as we have, look, no passengers on the boat!

  • Zebraburg straight ahead!!!

  • Hey! Is it just my Imagination or does that boat have a Walt mustache?

  • what game is this?

  • That poor Wilderness Explorer — he doesn’t have any badges!

  • Oh look, the 3:00 parade has started.

  • The zebras stand guard. They know they cannot let the skipper pass. They’ve seen Bambi. They’ve spoken to the hippos. They know what happens when man is in the jungle.

  • “Now’s our chance. Two of us and only 1 of him. Finally – to be a JC operator. Woo Hoo!”

  • Is that the boat to Downtown Disney or Small World?

  • “Okay, that’s it, pal–Far as you go. Let’s have a little talk about the lion scene.”

  • ‘That’s the Ark? I thought it would be bigger.’

  • “Until he earns his stripes they won’t let passengers on his boat.”

    • I see what you did there!

  • Is he insane? All he ever does is go in circles and tells the exact same bad jokes.

  • No zebras here, buddy. It’s just an imagineered optical illusion.

  • Here comes our lunch delivery … Wait … where’s the food?

  • Hey George, have you seen Frank? These boat guys keep saying he’s sleeping with the lions.

    • Poor Frank!

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