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Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland Park

This Week in Disney Parks Photos: New Ways Guests (And Dogs) Show Their #DisneySide

posted on August 2nd, 2014 by Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Editorial Content Manager

There are always new ways to showcase your #DisneySide at our parks – and guests showing their love for Disney Parks is exactly what inspired some of my favorite photos on the Disney Parks Blog this week.

Some of the best were the shots in Tom Smith’s Animal Planet post.


Show Your Pet’s Disney Side on Animal Planet’s ‘America’s Cutest’ Show Your Pet’s Disney Side on Animal Planet’s ‘America’s Cutest’ Show Your Pet’s Disney Side on Animal Planet’s ‘America’s Cutest’ Show Your Pet’s Disney Side on Animal Planet’s ‘America’s Cutest’

As he shared in the original post, a national search is under way for the cutest video that shows a pet celebrating it’s Disney Side (more details here). In addition, Animal Planet’s “America’s Cutest” TV show will also produce a special Disney Side edition for a Howl-O-Ween Pet-acular that’s set to air later this year. Seriously how cute is that bulldog?

Guests over at the Disneyland Resort are already having fun showing their Disney Side in the ol’ west, thanks to “Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!” in Frontierland at Disneyland park through September 1.

Stay Out of Jail at ‘Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!’

Be sure to check out these photos of guests enjoying the experience. Will you test it out next time you’re at the park? Tell us in the “Comments” section below!

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Jonathan on August 2nd, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Without a doubt, DogYoda is my favourite of those dog pictures. I recently learned from one of my relatives, that he was stationed at McCoy Airforce base (Now Orlando International)while he was in the Royal Airforce. He tells me that around the time of Walt Disney World opening he made an agreement with the park to fly over the park daily at a certain time for a week in return for 142 tickets for him, his fellow pilots and relatives. Is there any record such as pictures in the Disney archives of this ever happening?


Sarah on August 8th, 2014 at 8:24 pm

Do you know if the dog costumes are available for purchase or do these dogs have very crafty humans?