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Via Napoli Restaurant, Italy Pavilion at Epcot

Create a Home for the Holidays at Walt Disney World Resort

posted on December 12th, 2013 by Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG

Everyone knows the song “There’s no place like home for the holidays.” The smell of Christmas cookies coming out of a warm oven, the family tree trimmed with tinsel and hundreds of lights, and of course the company of our loved ones.

And while that will always remain true, there is something overwhelmingly magical happening at Walt Disney World Resort during the holidays. The snow falling as you walk down Main Street, U.S.A., all of your favorite Disney pals wrapped in sweaters and scarves, and don’t even get me started on Cinderella Castle. If you haven’t been here, it’s really something to experience!

So, wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could experience the comfort of Christmas at home with the magic of a Disney vacation all at once? Lucky for you my friend, Disney Floral & Gifts has found yet another way to fulfill your holiday wish list!

Now you can step into a Disney dream come true with our newest In-Room Celebration, Dreaming of a Disney Christmas! Each gift within the In-Room Celebration is designed to create a home-for-the-holidays ambiance that can be enjoyed by the whole family, created as if from Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


After a day of celebrating in the parks, return to your resort room to discover the gentle glow of luminaries, creating a soothing and relaxing environment, much like the one you would feel back home as the family is gathered around the fireplace waiting for Christmas tales to be told.

Speaking of Christmas tales, we’ve included a Toon Town Times Newspaper featuring your much anticipated arrival, packed with fun holiday stories and tips for enjoying your time in the parks.


And what would Christmas at home be without unwrapping presents? We’ve included plush toys for the little ones, each holding a present waiting to be unwrapped. I don’t want to spoil any surprises but just a hint; each present will really help capture the memories made on your stay.


Whether you’re leaving them out for Santa, or a treat to snack on before bed, we can’t forget baked cookies on Christmas! Not only did we include cookies, but also provided the works so the entire family can frost, sprinkle, and munch together.

After all the festivities when it’s time to tuck the little ones into bed, Minnie has included a special kiss goodnight with treats and even more surprises for little ones. Whether they’re dreaming or restlessly awaiting Santa’s arrival, you’ll rest easy knowing you have made your resort room that much homier.


This indoor winter wonderland not only includes an array of opportunities for the whole family to enjoy a holiday away from home, but a chance to start a new family tradition that will not be soon forgotten. You may be far away from home, but when celebrating the magic of Disney, you will always have a home here for the holidays!

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Experience a Disney Christmas at Home this Holiday

posted on November 25th, 2013 by Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG

Have you ever seen the Disney Parks during the holiday season? It’s totally amazing. Some of my favorites are the Christmas parades, Main Street, U.S.A., transformed into a winter wonderland, which includes snow – oh, and Cinderella Castle twinkling in the dark! Seriously, if I could pack my bags and move into the castle just to be in the center of all the action, I would. However, due to the high volume of fairy tale royalty in Magic Kingdom Park, no vacancy!

But what if you can’t come to Disney for the holidays? Well, for you my friend, I wanted to find a way that we (Disney Floral & Gifts) could bring the magic to you without leaving your home. Curious? Read on!

A few weeks ago we talked about our new Custom Gift Builder, a feature that allows you to create customized gifts with all your favorites.


Now we’re introducing our Ship to Home feature!


With this new addition to our website we can send your favorite holiday trees and gifts to your own front door.

What’s on our Christmas list this year? Let’s start with three Disney themed holiday trees. Each tree includes a story tracing back to Disney tradition and nostalgia.

First, take a look at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Tree. It features Mickey, holding Duffy, while climbing the tree to hang the holiday star. It’s vintage with a story full of tradition.


Or, you can extend your family tree with A Merry Character Gathering Tree! There are picture frames waiting to be filled with portraits of your loved ones surrounded by all of your Disney favorites, you’re sure to feel even more at home! With a family tree like this, you’ll have all your loved ones close for Christmas past, present, and future.

Merry Christmas Gthering Tree

But check out our Mickey & Minnie Chrismouse Tree. At a “towering” 18” tall, you’ll get a BIG smile out of the story we created for this gift, which all began with a mouse.

Mickey & Minnie Tree

We have gifts for the chef, hero, and sweetheart in your life, plus much more!

There are gifts for her like A Magical Wish – Fulfill a Dream, a perfect gift for your mom, aunt, grand mom or anyone who has always helped you fulfill your dreams. What better time than the Christmas season to fulfill one of hers! It’s a gift that’s just the right size and one she surely won’t return this year.

FG Merch

Or, our In the Kitchen with Mickey Mouse, the perfect gift for the Disney fanatic who knows how to slice, stir, and sauté. Hopefully when your chef needs a taste test, they won’t forget who chose this culinary kit for them. (Wink, wink.)

In the Kitchen

For the first time ever, selecting the perfect gift for the man in your life will actually be easy! Gifts like our Honor your Hero will let him know how appreciative you are to have someone so special, a keepsake he’ll keep forever.

Honor Your Hero

And when you’re looking to plan a future visit, Discover Disney Magic is a fun way to announce a family visit to Disney! With tips and tricks to ensure your stay is full of magic, you’ll be collecting autographs and trading pins like a pro.

Discover Disney Magic

The possibilities of creating, sending, and sharing gifts are almost endless and so simple to do! Check out our Celebrate at Home tab for ideas and gifts that are sure to knock your stockings off. Gifts can be sent anywhere within the continental US. (Oh, and by the way, these gifts can also be delivered on Walt Disney World Resort property as well.)

So if you can’t come to Disney, let us bring Disney to you! Let your family experience a one of a kind holiday, with plenty of gifts that warm the heart, and just may create a tear or two, but only the happy kind.

And don’t worry, when it’s time for your family to visit Disney for the holidays, we will still be here, ready to make new memories with you, some of which just may include Cinderella Castle.

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Create Memories With Exclusive Disney Christmas Cards

posted on November 7th, 2013 by Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG

When you were a kid, did your parents take holiday pictures of your family for your annual Christmas card? My dad took pictures every year. While hearts were in the right place, let’s just say some of the pictures were a bit of a miss. Between the old camera, lack of photography skills, and those “awkward” childhood years we didn’t stand a chance. The funny thing was my mom was so proud to send them to friends and family – how embarrassing! To top it off the experience continued for years. Now, years later, I’m the one receiving those holiday cards from friends and family, but guest what, I love it! How did that happen? In fact, I take it one step further, I save them because they’re so special. It’s all about the memories now.

What if Disney could help you make that special memory? Well, now we can.

New this season, Disney Fine Art Photography & Video is offering select holiday cards for guests. You’ll be able to bring a little magic home with you for the holidays and share a little bit with the ones you love!

Imagine strolling through one of our theme parks or resorts with a Disney photographer as they capture your memories through the artistry of fine art photography. Then share the magic by choosing your holiday cards from an exclusive collection of elegant, stylish, and distinctive designs created by our Disney artists, customized with your family portrait. It’s a Disney holiday experience and memory your family will hold in their hearts, no doubt. Check out the variety of holiday cards to choose from.

How about the blue card below with Spaceship Earth at Epcot against a pixie-dusted sky!
Exclusive Disney Fine Art Photography & Video Holiday Cards

It doesn’t stop there. They have a variety of holiday cards this season.

And it’s so easy to get started.

  1. First, call 407-934-4004. to book a session with Disney Fine Art Photography. You don’t even need to be staying at the Walt Disney World Resort.
  2. Next, experience the magic personally and capture your family’s memories through a portrait session.
  3. Last, after your photo shoot, go online to view your images and choose which Disney art you would like to use for your holiday cards.

Looks like this year, mom will be able to send pictures and Christmas cards the whole family will like.

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Design Your Very Own Gift With Disney Floral & Gifts Custom Gift Builder

posted on October 18th, 2013 by Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG

As a Disney enthusiast, I’m always looking for new Disney experiences. And, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a magical moment fanatic! I love those heartfelt stories and experiences where there’s that feel-good moment that usually results in a glistening tear streaming down the face. Yep, that’s me – if you feel the same way, you’ll enjoy this post.

Disney Floral & Gifts found a way to help you take your magical moments to a new level by giving you the opportunity to create a memory for your loved ones. They did it through their new website, which enables you to create a one-of-a-kind gift with the touch of your fingertips. Over the next several weeks, I’ll share how you can give the gift of a memory on this new site.

Let’s talk today about creating your very own Disney gift. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to step into the shoes of a Disney designer or product developer? Well, here’s your chance! It’s easy and there are so many options.

How do you get started? First, with the holiday or occasion in mind, you can come up with a theme gift for your loved one.

Design Your Very Own Gift With Disney Floral & Gifts Custom Gift Builder Design Your Very Own Gift With Disney Floral & Gifts Custom Gift Builder Design Your Very Own Gift With Disney Floral & Gifts Custom Gift Builder

Next, choose one of our exclusive baskets or totes to fit that theme.

Design Your Very Own Gift With Disney Floral & Gifts Custom Gift Builder Design Your Very Own Gift With Disney Floral & Gifts Custom Gift Builder

Then, dream and add gifts, personalized surprises and treats that reflect your theme and loved one in mind.

Lastly, create your own Disney-themed card message that they’ll want to keep forever. For example, “For all the magic you’ve created for me over the years, today I wanted to create a bit of Disney magic just for you”. We also added something special on the card just to get you started! Take a moment to read the note.
Design Your Very Own Gift With Disney Floral & Gifts Custom Gift Builder

It’s that simple. From there, our creative Basketeers (yes, our designers are really called Basketeers. Cool, huh?) will design your gift with TLC and your loved one in mind.
Design Your Very Own Gift With Disney Floral & Gifts Custom Gift Builder

Gifts can be sent to any Walt Disney World Resort room, dining locations and some excursions on Disney property. You can even ship your gift home to experience the magical moment there!

Get started through our Custom Gift Builder, which is now available on our site. Our Disneyland Resort site doesn’t have this feature just yet, but it will be coming soon so be on the look out!

Check it out and experience the magic for yourself. And if you find yourself getting choked up or overly excited about the endless possibilities – then I’ve done my job!

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A Special Trick-or-Treat Experience Just For You at Walt Disney World Resort

posted on September 20th, 2013 by Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG

UPDATE: Good news! You asked for the Disneyland Resort party map and I’m happy to include that for you today in follow-up. Also, I’m posting an updated map for the party on the 24th. Thank you for keeping me on my toes!

Remember how excited we got as kids receiving candy on Halloween? It was one of the few times a year we could receive an overwhelming amount of sugar and the stash was completely ours. Dressing up was fun and the Halloween parties were great, but the candy made it the real treat. Let’s just say that at Walt Disney World Resort, we take the holiday to a whole new level with our Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Where else can you experience an amazing Halloween party complete with Disney characters, a parade, fireworks and trick-or-treat trails that are to die for!

This year, I got ahold of two Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party park maps to help you plot your trick-or-treat path in preparation for your big night. The first park map covers the party’s trick-or-treat trails for September 24.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Park Map for September 24, 2013 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Park Map for September 24, 2013

This second map covers the September 20, 27 and 29 party date trick-or-treat trails. More to come real soon on the October party map.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Park Map for September 20, 27 and 29th Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Park Map for September 20, 27 and 29th

And here’s the map for Mickey’s Halloween Party at the Disneyland Resort.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Park Map for September 24, 2013 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Park Map for September 24, 2013

Now for the inside scoop:

  • There will be 11 trick or treat locations including two trails, three of which are in New Fantasyland. You may even find some interesting “characters” involved to make your experience even trickier.
  • There will be healthy options, too. Special Dietary options are available at City Hall upon request (but this is not a treat location).
  • Worried that all the good candy will be gone by the time you get here? Take heart in the fact that there will be more than 11 semi-trailer refrigerated truck loads of mixed candy for the whole season.
  • Wondering how you’ll carry all this candy in the parks? I thought so. The park provides free treat bags for guests at the Main Entrance and at one of the satellite wristband locations.

Now, for those who are looking for an enhanced trick or treat park experience, here’s a treat you may not know about. Check out these adorable light-up Mickey’s Trick & Treat Pumpkin and Minnie’s Trick & Treat Pumpkin from Disney Floral & Gifts, that also doubles as a gifting experience. (A gift delivered to your resort room that ties in with an experience or attraction in the parks).

Mickey’s Trick & Treat Pumpkin From Disney Floral & Gifts Minnie’s Trick & Treat Pumpkin From Disney Floral & Gifts

For instance, the light-up pumpkin has an autograph book and pen for character meet and greets in the parks, treats to snack on, a light-up lanyard for the park, and a magic trick they can learn (and let’s just say it will keep the kids busy for hours – I’ve tried it myself). And of course the pumpkin doubles as their trick-or-treat pail for collecting candy!

A Spirited Halloween Surprise by Disney Floral & Gifts

And for the older kids, check out A Spirited Halloween Surprise packed with fun glow pieces that will make their visit to The Haunted Mansion a real scream! It also doubles for a candy bag.

But here’s the cutest offering yet for Halloween. It was designed especially for your little one – My First Disney Visit Halloween.

My First Disney Visit Halloween by Disney Floral & Gifts

Mickey included his pal Duffy in this gift to take along on all your little one’s “firsts” at the Disney Parks. It includes all their “firsts” such as: Mickey ears; autograph book for character greetings; plush; and Mickey pillow-blanket. There’s an adorable heart-warming story too, that will tug on your heart strings. It’s a gift and keepsake you’ll totally want to preserve and remember memories made for years to come. Trust me!

And, get this – if you want to add more treats and surprises to any of these gifts, you can. They’re available for purchase now on or by calling 407-WDW-GIFT. Gifts can be delivered anywhere on Walt Disney World Resort property and same-day delivery is available. One thought to consider: There are limited gifts so it’s better to order sooner rather than later. This year is a great opportunity to “treat” your family to a real sweet experience.

Oh, and by the way, I’m going to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party real soon, too. If you see an adult woman dressed as a “Fairy Godmother” sitting on the ground in a pool of candy smiling, it’s been a successful evening!

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How Will You Celebrate Halloween at Disney Parks?

posted on August 29th, 2013 by Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG

Remember Halloween back in the good old days? Did you trick or treat with a variety of makeshift costumes (like I did), with sheets that could transform into a ghost costume, and carry trick-or-treat pillowcases? Years later we graduated to the “high-tech” plastic face masks – remember those? Not the most comfortable. But we had so much fun, dressing up to go on a trick-or-treat quest with friends and family. Now, years later, there’s so much more available.

In-Room Halloween Celebrations by Disney Floral & Gifts In-Room Halloween Celebrations by Disney Floral & Gifts

This year, we’re taking Halloween to a whole new level – of course, at Disney Parks, we totally have to “scream” Halloween with creativity “ghoul”ore. In this post, I thought you’d like to read about some new experiences Disney Floral & Gifts is offering in Florida and California. Not coming to the parks this fall? Not to worry, I included a fun game in this post to play at home as well. Interested in learning more? Well, read on (If you dare! Muhahaha!).
Mickey’s Spooktacular Celebration by Disney Floral & Gifts

If you’re going to the Walt Disney World Resort this fall, check out Mickey’s Spooktacular Celebration. What’s included? Well, imagine walking up to your resort door after a full day in the parks to see a one-of-a-kind Halloween banner that lights up, then entering your resort room only to discover creepy hidden surprises, cobwebs, candy and more, prepared by Mickey and Minnie. There’s also a special message from Mickey and a “ghostly” activity waiting just for you. After you’ve discovered special Halloween haunts lurking in the room, little ones can snuggle up with their new Mickey and Minnie Mouse plush, and rest on their personalized Mickey Mouse pillowcase! They’ll be retelling this not-so-scary tale for years to come!

In-Room Halloween Celebrations by Disney Floral & Gifts Skellington Mickey’s Haunted Adventure by Disney Floral & Gifts

What’s available at the Disneyland Resort? What if you could experience Skellington Mickey’s Haunted Adventure in your resort room? What’s included? Well, legend has it that Jack Skellington and Mickey teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind surprise that “eeks” Halloween. After a full day in the parks, imagine walking up to your resort door to find a Halloween light-up banner – but that’s only the beginning. You’ll then enter your room to find an illuminated Jack Skellington head, a candy filled jack-o-lantern, a cobwebbed candelabra, a personalized note to the family, Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”-themed playing cards and tiny tombstones scattered throughout your room. And once you’ve found all the lurking treasures and haunts, you can cozy up with your new Mickey plush and fleece blanket to complete one thrilling Halloween family memory.

Not staying in a Disney resort during Halloween time? No need to go batty! Here’s a spin on an old “boo” game for the neighborhood that’s sure to spark the haunting season for you. It’s called the “Neighborhood Goodie-Tag.” Here’s what to do:

Neighborhood Goodie-Tag

Make or decorate a goodie bag, then gather some Halloween-themed treasures like Halloween goodies and other small holiday surprises. Secretly deliver it to a friend with a sign that says “BOO!” The sign lets them know they’ve been “Boo’d” and they must create and pass another bundle of treasures on. Be sure to include a secret Halloween message in the bag explaining why they’re receiving the bundle and what to do next. Get creative with it: write a poem, create a song, you could even leave a picture message. The goal is to deliver the goodie bag to a friend or neighbor without them knowing it was you who left it. If the trend follows, you’ll have the whole neighborhood “booing” in no time, creating lots of fun and surprises.

Want to learn more about Mickey’s Spooktacular Celebration at the Walt Disney World Resort? Call a Disney Floral & Gifts Dream Maker 407-WDW-GIFT or visit

Want to learn more about Skellington Mickey’s Haunted Adventure at Disneyland Resort? Call our Disneyland Dream Makers at 714-781-GIFT or visit

And whatever you choose to do this fall, make sure its “spooktacular”…. just like when we were kids.

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Enter to Win a Disney Fairy Tale Glass Slipper

posted on August 6th, 2013 by Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG

UPDATE: Click here for a list of recipients.

Do you remember the first time you watched the movie, “Cinderella”? I do – it’s my favorite Disney story. And one of my favorite scenes is when the Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella’s outfit into a twinkling dress with those gorgeous sparkling glass slippers.

Disney Fairy Tale Glass Slipper

Disney Parks Blog readers, we are running a promotion from 2:00 p.m. on August 6, 2013 through 2:00 p.m. on August 8, 2013 for the giveaway of three (3) Disney Fairy Tale glass slippers!*

Each slipper is six (6) inches in length and made of 100% lead-free crystal and enhanced with a sparkling rhinestone pavé heart. It’s gorgeous. But what really sets the shoe apart is that it lights up. Inside the gemstone heart on the shoe is a hidden button that you press to illuminate the slipper in blue light.

To enter for a chance to win one (1) of the three (3) glass slippers, email us a “Disney Fairy Tale Glass Slipper” greeting of no more than 50 characters in length to Be sure to include your full name and mailing address in the email. Once the potential winners are determined, we’ll send notifications via email. See the sweepstakes rules and eligibility requirements by clicking here.

And for those who may not win the slipper but want to experience the fairy tale, the slipper is now featured in several of our gifting experiences, including: Create a Fairy Tale, Once Upon a Time, Proclaim Her a Princess and A Princess Dream Come True. To learn more, please call a Dream Maker at 407-WDW-GIFT (407-939-4438).

* Open to residents of the 50 United States and D.C. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

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Disney Fine Art Photography & Video Releases New One-of-a-Kind Disney Letter Art Portraits

posted on July 16th, 2013 by Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG

I have some exciting news to share with you today! Disney Fine Art Photography & Video has just released an all-new unique portrait experience that will capture the memories of your family’s visit to the Walt Disney World Resort and even allow you to bring a little magic and Disney art home with you!

This new and exclusive portrait session, shot by one of our very talented Disney photography artists, places your family inside the magic of Disney and comes complete with a whimsical, one-of-a-kind piece of framed artwork you will truly cherish forever!

Letters spell out “DISNEY” or a character’s name, while playful pictures of your family are nestled inside those letter – posing, hugging, peeking and smiling. Then, a Disney character appears with your family on the final artwork, completing your Disney family memory and telling the magical story of your vacation! Can you imagine having this piece of fine art to cherish for years to come? Even the mounting, packaging, prints, a double matte, acrylic glass and a wire frame hanger are included.

It’s so simple to order, too. Just select a Mini Photo Session or Enhanced Portrait Session, choose a theme and the size!

I had a chance to speak with Ty Boyce, Disney Senior Fine Art Photographer, about the new product and creative concept:

Why is this experience something Disney Fine Art Photography & Video wanted to bring to life for our guests?

Ty: We are always challenging ourselves creatively and exploring innovative ways to tell stories. We developed this portrait to make guests’ photo sessions more interactive and fun … more of an experience than a standard portrait session. We wanted the shoot experience itself to become a special Disney memory for the family.

When did your team begin developing this?

Ty: We started developing the concept about six months ago. I would create a few shots at the end of sessions to see if the guests would enjoy the interactivity of creating letters with each other. We realized guests loved the interactive part of the session and it really helped young children to have fun and allowed us to capture them more naturally!

Why is this portrait so extraordinary and unique?

Ty: There’s no other piece of artwork that will be the same. It’s a one-of-a-kind personalized piece of Disney Fine Art customized to your family’s experience. We’ve heard comments from kids, “I’ve never seen my dad be so funny.” You’re here to have fun with your family and we are just setting up an experience for that to take place.

For more information on this new Disney experience visit or to book a session, call 407.934.4004.

If you could choose any Disney character for this piece of fine artwork, who would it be?

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Surprise your Hero on Father’s Day

posted on June 5th, 2013 by Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG

How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day this year? Not sure just yet? Still looking for ideas to show your Dad just how important and appreciated he is? While every father is different, a large amount enjoy hearing how much they’re valued, especially by those they love the most. There are so many ways you can express your appreciation. It could be as simple as cooking his favorite dinner with all the trimmings or, letting Dad choose what he would like to do on Father’s Day. But, if you’d like to create a one-of-a kind exclusive Disney memory that honors him, I’ve got an idea for you. After all, he may not just be your Dad; he may be your hero too! Take a look below.

The gift is called, “Honor Your Hero”. It was created by Disney Floral & Gifts so you could recognize the champion in your life.
'Honor Your Hero,' Created By Disney Floral & Gifts So You Could Recognize The Champion In Your Life
Imagine presenting Dad with this certificate, recognizing his most honorable characteristic. Take a moment to read the copy!
Imagine Presenting Dad with this Certificate, Recognizing His Most Honorable Characteristic
Then, after he reads the certificate, award him this exclusive Disney medal, presented in a special storybook. Talk about creating a magical moment in time for Dad…created by you.
After Dad Reads The Certificate, Award Him This Exclusive Disney Medal, Presented In A Special Storybook
So, if you’re interested in learning more, click on to our “Honor Your Hero” link or call a Disney Floral & Gifts Dream Maker at 407-WDW-GIFT. This gift can be delivered on Walt Disney World Resort property or shipped anywhere in the 48 contiguous states! And a thought to consider.. if you’re interested in shipping this gift to your home, order sooner rather than later. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16, and more than likely, final shipments will be sent on Wednesday, June 12.

And, for all those who are not able to spend time with your Dad this holiday, but would like to recognize or remember him…take a moment to post a tribute below. It’s a great opportunity to share their legacy.

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New Star Tours Gift Preps Young Jedi for Departure at Disney Parks

posted on May 30th, 2013 by Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG

If you enjoy Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as much as I do, then you’ll love what our creative team at Disney Floral & Gifts has created for young Jedi this year. It’s a new “interplanetary gift” called the Star Tours Adventure Pack.

The new gift prepares young Jedi for their interstellar trip, compliments of the Star Tours Travel Agency. And today, Disney Show Director Ken Malquist, who led the creative development of this new offering, is sharing a behind-the-scenes look at what went into designing the Star Tours Adventure Pack. Here’s my interview with Ken:

Jean: Ken, what’s this gift about?

Ken: Well, as the galaxy’s foremost vacation and travel provider, Star Tours takes great care in enhancing their passenger’s in-flight experience, so Aly San San, Star Tours Spokesbot, has provided the essentials a Jedi should never travel without: A satchel, a motion activated nametag with flashing blue lights, travel credentials, a pillow/blanket, chocolate, and a Light Saber.

Jean: What special creative experiences did you go through to create this gift?

Ken: We worked closely with our Star Wars experts on staff, Star Wars Weekends, Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Imagineering, [to share] our concepts and ideas. It truly was a collaborative process to create this gifting experience.

Jean: As a Star Wars/Star Tours enthusiast, what do you think fans will especially like about this gifting experience?

Ken: It’s the whole package and the detail. Having the light-up lanyard, boarding documentation and ticket really takes it to the next level. You’re now in the adventure and the Force is with you. Creating this gift was an amazing and unique experience. At the end of the day, I would share with my family that I had spent time researching Ewoks, how many fingers they had, and how tall they are! I never thought I would actually become an expert, which is literally what happened. I had to immerse myself in the Star Wars universe; it was definitely a personal journey.

If you want to learn more, visit or call a Disney Floral & Gifts Dream Maker at 407-WDW-GIFT. And of course, may the Force be with you!

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