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Mad Tea Party at Fantasyland

Facts on Disneyland Prices

Theme Park Ticket Options

Ticket Ages 10+ Ages 3-9
6-Day Park Hopper $271 $251
6-Day 1-Park Per Day $256 $236
5-Day Park Hopper $266 $246
5-Day 1-Park Per Day $251 $231
4-Day Park Hopper $249 $231
4-Day 1-Park Per Day $234 $216
3-Day Park Hopper $224 $208
3-Day 1-Park Per Day $209 $193
2-Day Park Hopper $173 $161
2-Day 1-Park Per Day $158 $146
1-Day Park Hopper $105 $99
1-Day 1-Park $80 $74

Base Ticket admits guest to one theme park each day of use. Park choices are: Disneyland, Disney California Adventure.

Park Hopper option entitles guest to visit both theme parks on each day of use.

All tickets expire 14 days from the date of first use.

Theme Park Annual Pass Options

Premium $499
Deluxe $379
Southern California* $269
Southern California Select* $199

*Valid proof of Southern California residency required for purchase and use.