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The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Snow Transforms Tokyo Disney Resort Into a Winter Wonderland

posted on January 17th, 2013 by Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Social Media Manager

Is it me, or has your jaw already dropped? It’s not everyday you see photos of a Disney Park blanketed in snow.

These amazing photos were taken at Tokyo Disney Resort earlier this week, when the city of Tokyo experienced a major snowfall. Compared to the winter weather we’re used to in parts of the United States, snowfall in Tokyo is rare, with snow falling only a few days each winter. When these images were shot, a total of four inches had blanketed the city, which is an amount of snow that Tokyo hasn’t experienced in more than a decade.

Would you love to explore a Disney winter wonderland like this? Tell us in the “Comments” section below.

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Mickey & Duffy’s Spring Voyage To Debut at Tokyo DisneySea in 2013

posted on December 14th, 2012 by Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Social Media Manager

We have a lot of things to look forward to in 2013 at Disney Parks, including the upcoming 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort. Earlier this week, the resort unveiled plans for a new show, “Mickey & Duffy’s Spring Voyage,” that will help spread the celebration throughout Tokyo DisneySea.

Mickey & Duffy’s Spring Voyage at Tokyo DisneySea Will Debut in 2013

Presented from March 18-June 30, the show will tell the story of Duffy the Disney Bear traveling with Mickey Mouse to enjoy springtime at Tokyo DisneySea. They embark on their cruise from Cape Cod and visit the ports of Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, and Arabian Coast. Together with other Disney characters dressed in new spring costumes, they take part in “mini shows” at each stop for a unique springtime celebration.

Mickey & Duffy’s Spring Voyage at Tokyo DisneySea Will Debut in 2013

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D23 Announces Disney Events Across the Country For 2013

posted on November 28th, 2012 by Jeffrey Epstein, Manager, Marketing

D23: The Official Disney Fan Club has just announced a slate of extraordinary events for 2013, which will cross the country sprinkling pixie dust on D23 Members and Disney enthusiasts of all ages.
D23 Expo 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center Directly Across from the Disneyland Resort.

The fan club will bring its popular Sip & Stroll event, celebrating the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, back to Walt Disney World Resort in fall 2013, as well as an all-new festive family event, D23’s Holiday Splendor, which will deck the halls in December of 2013.

Walt Disney World Resort will also play host to one of the ten stops of D23’s Fanniversary Celebration, the exciting multimedia road show event, which commemorates dozens of magical milestones celebrating an anniversary in 2013. This all-new show will highlight anniversaries for such park favorites such as Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room (50th), Tokyo Disneyland Resort (30th), Horizons (30th) and Disney’s Animal Kingdom (15th). Along with its Orlando stop, Fanniversary will bring Disney delight to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

The Walt Disney Imagineering campus in Glendale will host two special events at its Mickey’s of Glendale employee store, flinging open its doors exclusively to D23 Members on Saturday, April 13 and Saturday, June 8, 2013.

Returning in 2013 are D23’s popular tours of the Walt Disney Studio Lot and Archives, where guest have the opportunity to truly walk in Walt’s footsteps, as well as their 50 and Fabulous and From the Vaults film series held in the original Studio Theater on the Burbank Lot.

Of course, D23’s most spectacular event of 2013 will be its third D23 Expo: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event, which will take place August 9 – 11, 2013, at the Anaheim Convention Center, directly across from the Disneyland Resort. This can’t-miss, unforgettable three-day experience for Disney fans will once again be brimming with live appearances, musical performances and autograph opportunities by Disney’s top stars from films, TV and music; exclusive sneak peaks of what’s on the horizon at Disney Parks around the world, plus entertaining presentations on a variety of Disney topics. Attendees will also thrill to the always compelling Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit and the exciting Disney Legends Ceremony.

To read more about D23’s 2013 events, click here.

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Haunted Mansions at Disney Parks Around the World

posted on October 31st, 2012 by Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Social Media Manager

Happy Halloween, everyone!

The Haunted Mansion has always been my absolute favorite attraction in all of Walt Disney World Resort, and what day better to celebrate it than today? In honor of this Halloween holiday, let’s take a look at all the Disney Parks Haunted Mansions around the globe.
The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park

The first Haunted Mansion was, of course, the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland park, which opened its doors in New Orleans Square in 1969. Here, theme park guests were first introduced to “Ghost Host” Paul Frees, and boarded Doombuggies in the hopes of sighting some of the mansion’s 999 happy haunts.
The Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom Park

When Magic Kingdom Park opened at the Walt Disney World Resort on October 1, 1971, The Haunted Mansion was one of the park’s opening-day attractions. Located in the Liberty Square area of the park, this mansion offered a totally unique exterior reminiscent of an 18th-century manor.
The Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare at Tokyo Disneyland Park

The first Haunted Mansion attraction to open in Asia did so at Tokyo Disneyland in 1983. This attraction, which now features a Holiday Nightmare (“The Nightmare Before Christmas”-style) overlay at this time of the year, is located in the Fantasyland area of the park.
Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris

The newest Haunted Mansion attraction, named Phantom Manor, opened at Disneyland Paris April 12, 1992, in the Frontierland area of the park. This attraction features a slightly different backstory that focuses on the Ravenswoods – a family of Western settlers who struck it rich during the gold rush and were later affected by a series of mysterious demises.

Which Haunted Mansion attraction is your favorite to explore?

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Disney Parks Blog Features Halloween Images from Across the Globe

posted on October 29th, 2012 by Thomas Smith, Social Media Director, Disney Parks

You’ve probably seen our Haunted Mansion Disney Parks Blog logo, but have you noticed what’s behind the moon and clouds at the top of the page? We’ve kicked off Halloween week with a fresh batch of exclusive header images from the Walt Disney Imagineering Art Collection and Slide Library.

Here are three of them. The top and bottom images are from Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris, and the middle one is from the inside of Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea. Of course, there’s more to see from those parks as well as the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort – just refresh any page for a new image. And let us know if you have a favorite.

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Tokyo Disney Resort Chooses 2013 Ambassador

posted on October 8th, 2012 by Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Social Media Manager


We just received some news from our friends at Tokyo Disney Resort: Cast member Ayaka Nagai has been selected to serve as the 2013 Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador.

Last week, we shared details on how the park will mark its 30th anniversary in 2013 and celebrate the milestone with “Tokyo Disney Resort 30th – The Happiness Year,” beginning April 15. As the resort’s ambassador during this special milestone, Ayaka will lead the happiness celebration in her local community on behalf of Tokyo Disney Resort.

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Tokyo Disney Resort to Mark 30 Years with ‘The Happiness Year’ Celebration

posted on October 5th, 2012 by Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Social Media Manager

So many of you had a blast marking the 30th anniversary of Epcot earlier this month that we thought we’d mention another major anniversary that’s coming up this spring – Tokyo Disney Resort will mark its 30th anniversary on April 15.

Tokyo Disney Resort to Mark 30 Years With ‘The Happiness Year’ Celebration

In honor of the milestone, the resort will hold a special celebration called “The Happiness Year” from April 15, 2013, through March 20, 2014.

Highlights of “The Happiness Year” will be a new Tokyo Disneyland daytime parade “Happiness Is Here,” as well as the new attraction Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (opening spring 2013). Seasonal events will also be offered for Halloween and Christmas, in addition to special merchandise and menus.

Disney characters will take the Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary “The Happiness Tour” to 30 cities around Japan to share lots of happiness with as many people as possible.

Who’s ready to book a trip?

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First Look: Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House Opens at Tokyo Disneyland

posted on August 24th, 2012 by Thomas Smith, Social Media Director, Disney Parks

Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House at Tokyo Disneyland

Take a look at our newest attraction in Tokyo Disneyland. Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House officially opens today and of course, we have some first images to share with Disney Parks Blog readers.

Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House at Tokyo Disneyland

Inside the House, everyone gets a “paint”-shooting applicator called a Toontone Splat Master to redecorate Goofy’s room. You push a button, turn a handle or pull a string to make different colors of what seems like real paint fly out toward the walls and floor of the room. And yes, guests work together to make it happen.

The attraction also features theme options, like “beach” or “jungle,” to help with your remodeling. Check out our gallery for a closer peek.

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Ghosts, New Carnival-Style Show Coming this Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland, DisneySea

posted on June 19th, 2012 by Thomas Smith, Social Media Director, Disney Parks

If you were excited about plans for Tokyo Disneyland’s 30th anniversary celebration, wait until you see what’s in store this Halloween at the park and at Tokyo DisneySea.


At Tokyo Disneyland, “Halloween Street” is back. If you’ve not heard about it, the themed parade takes you into the spooky world of ghosts and features some pretty amazing floats. Along with decorations, food and merchandise, there will be a new puzzle-solving program at the park called “Tricks & Treats on Halloween Street.” Guests will receive a challenge (in the form of a map) from ghosts and if they solve it, they’ll receive a “treat.”

Also new this year, Tokyo DisneySea will be hosting a Venetian carnival-style show called “A Halloween Daydream.” It’ll feature your favorite Disney friends joined by skeletons that were invited by Mickey Mouse. And we’re told that “Chip ‘n Dale’s Skeleton Fiesta” greeting program will be back this Halloween as well.

The event begins on September 7 and runs through October 31, 2012. And you bet, we’ll be sharing images later this year here on the Disney Parks Blog.

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‘Poster Art of the Disney Parks’ Arriving Soon at Disney Parks

posted on May 18th, 2012 by Steven Miller, Merchandise Communications Manager

Cover of 'Poster Art of the Disney Parks'

I recently visited California, where I had one of the most amazing experiences of my Disney career. Imagineer Vanessa Hunt gave me a tour of the Walt Disney Imagineering Art Library vault in Glendale. This place houses the original art of the most iconic images from Disney Parks’ history. Incredible! Vanessa shared that fellow Imagineer Danny Handke and she have written a book for Disney Editions called “Poster Art of the Disney Parks.” This hardcover book, with cover designed by Imagineer Glendon Lee, is coming to Disney Parks at the end of May. I asked Danny about the role that attraction posters have played.

Vanessa Hunt and Danny Handke, Authors of 'Poster Art of the Disney Parks'

“Attraction posters entice, excite and educate guests with a preview of the adventures and experiences inside the Disney Parks,” explained Danny.

“When Disneyland park opened in 1955, it was difficult for guests to understand what a ‘theme park’ was. The Disney Imagineers needed a solution to portray their attractions to a diverse audience. The idea to use posters at Disneyland’s Main Entrance was the perfect solution.”

The book was in development for four years! They conducted extensive research by interviewing close to 20 people, including current and former artists. Vanessa said that they put extra effort into making a beautiful book that all Disney fans could enjoy.

Poster Art in 'Poster Art of the Disney Parks'

“We made an extra effort to ensure the posters in the book were printed as color accurate as possible,” continued Vanessa. “We even found a box containing several poster concepts that had never been published until now. The most challenge part was identifying artists. While many unidentified posters artists were later identified during our interviews, there are some that remain credited to ‘Unknown Artist.’”

I asked Danny about his favorite poster.

“I love the Tokyo DisneySea posters,” said Danny. “They are interesting because they reflect an overall cohesive design, but are stylistically individual to each land. Not many fans are familiar with the Tokyo DisneySea posters, so we hope everyone will appreciate this unique chapter in the book.”

Vanessa said her favorite poster comes from the Disneyland Resort.

“I love all of them, but the one that catches my eye every time I open the drawer is the Grand Canyon Diorama poster from Disneyland,” explained Vanessa. “The colors are absolutely beautiful and the train design is fantastic!”

Which is your favorite attraction poster? I vote Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room!

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