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Meet Tinker Bell or a Fairy Friend at Pixie Hollow

Fawn, Iridessa, Tinkerbell, Rosetta and Silvermist

Disneyland Park


Age Interest

All Ages

Discover an enchanted forest hideaway where you’ll encounter one of the resident fairies—maybe even Tinker Bell herself!

The Path to Never Land
Did you know that fairies are more likely to appear when you’re as small as they are?
Your journey starts along the banks of a peaceful pond. Wind past a waterfall, and as you go deeper into the thicket you’ll get smaller and smaller as you “shrink” to fairy size. Before you know it, flowers and blades of grass tower above your head. It seems you’re as small as a ladybug!
On the way to the fairies’ home, you’ll discover how snowflakes are shaped, what gives stars their twinkle and who gives bees their buzz!
In the heart of this magical realm, you’ll be greeted by one of the fairies. Since they constantly flit in and out, you never know which one you’ll meet. And don't forget your camera―fairies just love to have their pictures taken!