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Dumbo the Flying Elephant

A mother and daughter ride aboard Dumbo The Flying Elephant

Magic Kingdom Park


Guests Can Be

Any Height

Age Interest

All Ages

Thrill Level

Slow Rides, Spinning

Soar high in the sky on a whimsical flight over Storybook Circus aboard Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Take Flight

Climb atop Dumbo and launch into the air on a joyful journey based on Disney's 1941 animated classic Dumbo. Everyone's favourite circus elephant, Dumbo the Flying Elephant invites you to accompany him as he discovers his unique ability to fly, inspired by the jubilant sounds of carnival music.

Dumbo's faithful friend Timothy Q. Mouse greets you from the arched entry, directing the action with help from his "magic" feather. As a jovial organ melody begins, Dumbo gracefully rises from the ground and magically begins to fly around and around.

How High Will You Fly?

During your aerial adventure, you can direct Dumbo to soar skyward or fly low by moving the handle inside the Dumbo-themed gondola. Feel the wind in your face as you admire the sweeping views of Storybook Circus below.

Twice the Fun

This breezy attraction features 2 sets of rotating elephants moving in opposite directions as they fly high above Fantasyland.