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Frozen Ever After

Concept art depicting a group of people watching Elsa sing and create ice fractals


World Showcase

Guests Can Be

Any Height

Age Interest

All Ages

Thrill Level

Slow Rides, Small Drops, Dark

Hoist the sails in Arendelle aboard an ancient Norwegian vessel as you cruise into the wondrous wintery world of Frozen!

An All-New Family Friendly Attraction

Come and celebrate a very special "Summer Snow Day" with Queen Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and friends.

Welcome to Frozen Ever After, an unforgettable adventure where you'll be whisked away for an on-the-water journey through Arendelle—filled with your favourite songs from Frozen!

Familiar Faces and Tunes

The adventure begins on the docks of Arendelle, as seen in the classic animated film. After finding a seat aboard your boat, let Olaf inspire a cool smile across your face as the lapping waters take you right into the frozen willow forest.

Soon, you'll be bumping shoulders with some "boulders"—also known as Kristoff's family from Troll Valley—before bracing for the cold. High up in the icy blue world of the North Mountain, Queen Elsa's enchanting ice palace awaits! Behold the splendor... and keep watch for a few more Frozen friends.

Finally, prepare yourself as you glide back down into the Bay of Arendelle and conclude this "Summer Snow Day" celebration in style—complete with many of your favourite Frozen tunes!