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Kali River Rapids

A family sits in a round raft, thrilled by the Kali River Rapids ride

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park


Guests Must Be

38in (97 cm) or Taller

Age Interest

Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults

Thrill Level

Thrill Ride, Water Rides, Small Drops, Spinning

Take a rough river raft ride through a lush jungle landscape ravaged by illegal logging.

A Rafting Expedition in the Heart of Asia

Prepare for a thrilling whitewater adventure along the scenic Chakranadi River.

Meander along a winding path adorned with solemn stone ruins before venturing inside a centuries-old temple, home to animal shrines and hand-painted murals. Continue on through a small shop selling hand-crafted wares and then enter the boathouse of Kali Rapids Expeditions, your tour company for the day's journey.

Adventure Awaits!

Make your way to a wooden pagoda and then onto a large, circular 12-passenger raft. Strap yourself in on the boat and gently glide up a 27-metre knoll into a mist, the native scents of jasmine and ginger filling the air. At the top, skim across an erupting geyser and brace for your descent down the mountain.

During your voyage, bob up and down and gently spin, water splashing in all directions. Sail beneath a canopy of lush vegetation as your raft weaves back and forth in the fast-moving river. Graze gushing waterfalls and bounce between craggy mountain bedrock in the raging current. Then, plummet down a dramatic 6-metre slope!

Elephant Squirters

A series of elephant-shaped water sprayers are available to non-rafters atop the bridge that overlooks Kali River Rapids. These free-to-use squirters can be operated to drench passing rafters with the push of a button.