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Teamboat Springs

A family on a group whitewater raft ride at Teamboat Springs

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

Walt Disney World® Resort

Guests Can Be

Any Height

Age Interest

Kids, Tweens, Adults

Thrill Level

Thrill Ride, Water Rides, Small Drops

Fun is a family affair on one of the world's longest group whitewater raft rides, where up to 6 can get in on the action.

Stay Together, Play Together

Share an inner-tube raft and lots of laughs on this epic whitewater journey down the mountain.

Hop in, hold on and get ready to be propelled through 365 metres of twists and turns on this super-long, super-wide waterslide. You're at the mercy of gravity and unpredictable whitewater rapids as your raft banks left and right and rotates randomly, putting members of your party in the path of drenching splashes and sprays.

Each raft accommodates 4 to 6 Guests. If you have fewer than 4 in your party, you may be asked to ride with other Guests.