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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

A First Order stormtrooper looks on at the Millennium Falcon docked below exotic Star Wars buildings and petrified wood spires

Welcome to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge! There's a place where you can live your very own Star Wars story. Come discover a land where a galaxy far, far away unfolds all around you.

Star Wars Attractions

Custom Merchandise

  • Savi’s Workshop – Handbuilt Lightsabers
    Build your own custom lightsaber at this clandestine shop that continues the traditions of the Force.
  • Droid Depot
    Design, assemble and activate the customised droid that you’ve always been looking for.

The Best in Galactic Dining

  • Oga’s Cantina
    Drop by the cantina to sample the local beverages and curious concoctions.
  • Milk Stand
    Sip on the blue or green milk that Luke Skywalker famously drank in the Star Wars movies.
  • Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo
    Hungry travellers can head inside a working hangar bay to feast on galactic favourites.
  • Ronto Roasters
    Sink your teeth into a delicious grilled sausage and roasted pork wrap.
  • Kat Saka’s Kettle
    Stop at this eclectic food stall for a sweet, savoury popcorn snack.

Black Spire Outpost Shops

  • Toydarian Toymaker
    Explore a whimsical workshop filled with handcrafted toys made by local artisans.
  • Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities
    Find rare and unique artifacts collected by a legendary antiquities dealer.
  • Black Spire Outfitters
    Outfit yourself for galactic adventures at this colourful apparel shop.
  • Creature Stall
    Discover exotic creatures and critters from around the galaxy—and even take one home.
  • First Order Cargo
    Proclaim your allegiance to the mighty First Order and shop for recruitment gear.
  • Resistance Supply
    Pick up Resistance supplies to aid your next daring mission in the fight against the First Order.

Explore Black Spire Outpost on the Planet Batuu

On the edge of the galaxy, between the Unknown Regions and Wild Space, there is a long-forgotten planet named Batuu.

Batuu’s largest village is a settlement known as Black Spire Outpost, which has become a thriving destination for those who would prefer to go about their business unnoticed—scoundrels, rogues, smugglers and, recently, whispers in the woods reporting sightings of individuals associated with the Resistance.

News of the Resistance has drawn the attention of the First Order, eager to stomp out any remaining flickers of opposition to their absolute control.

Amid this brewing conflict, sits an exotic outpost surrounded by a beautiful landscape dominated by the petrified remains of towering ancient trees, from which Black Spire Outpost draws its name. The modern village is built on the remains of crumbling structures built by a long-extinct civilisation.

Now you are invited to visit this beautiful and treacherous village of secrets, built upon secrets.

Drop by the local cantina to sample the indigenous beverages and curious concoctions. Chat with the locals, and meet travellers from across the galaxy. Wander a street market filled with rare and unusual artifacts… and more than a few hidden treasures.

When you’re ready for more adventure, opportunities abound.

Answer the call from local “business man” Hondo Ohnaka to deliver hard-to-find items to a particular clientele aboard a ship in his employ, the famous Millennium Falcon.

After your flight, join up with the Resistance on a secret mission that may find you trapped deep inside the belly of an imposing First Order Star Destroyer.

Visit Batuu to live your Star Wars story!

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

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