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Disney Parks Blog Launches

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

All journeys begin with a single step.

And this is it for the Disney Parks Blog — an official first leap into the blogosphere for Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line and Disney vacation experiences worldwide.
Disney Parks Blog
Welcome, I’m chief blogger and social media director Thomas Smith.

Beginning today, we’re offering the latest, official information about our destinations as well as some exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at what makes Disney Parks the most magical place on earth. Expect to hear from Imagineers, horticulturists, chefs and other interesting Cast Members.

Walt Disney listened as he wandered the parks. We’ll listen here.

We look forward to your comments on the blog. As with many blogs, comments are moderated. You can find our comment policies in our Terms of Use. Our moderators will keep posts on-topic, friendly and free of inappropriate comments.

Getting started is easy. Simply register and join the conversation.

There are plenty of exciting plans for the Disney Parks Blog so we hope you continue to check us out and connect.


  • Im loving all the great info you send me and the videos and the pictures oh yeah and all the things I missed while I was there… HEHE.. THANKS… I came and left but it feels like my vacation is still going….I love Disney stuff…. 🙂 Keep it up 🙂
    It is A TRULY MAGICAL ADVENTURE 🙂 Walt would be PROUD 🙂

  • Delighted to see you have a blog. My family is going to DisneyWorld in February 2011 and we’re already counting the days. My son proposed to his fiance during our February 2006 trip at Crystal Palace, and the staff was fantastic. Looking forward to future blogs.

  • This is absolutely so very exciting! I’ve spent a real good part of today reading & watching & getting caught up on this very wonderful blog! We just returned from a very long & wonderful trip to Walt Disney World & I couldn’t be a whole lot happier to return to find this! Words just can’t describe my excitement!!!!! Thank you, Disney!

  • Well we all saw this coming on March 10 with D23. Disney is obviously trying to reach out in a more personal maner to there fans. It took them awhile to see how obsessive there fans are and how in love with the Disney magic everyone can be. I think they are finally getting the hint that fans need to have 24/7/365 access to everything disney just to get there fix in between visits. I know personally i find myself logging into sites and update forums just to stay in touch with everything. It is not more then 2 weeks after every one of my trips that i am online again looking at videos and searching news about the company. This blog site is a long time comming and should be a great marketing tool for Disney.

  • This is awesome, I like meeting the people behind the magic. Count on me to check in everyday 🙂

  • Tom,


    The site looks great!

    Well done.

    All the best,

    Joey “The Vest” DiOrio
    aka “The Giants Win”

  • Welcome to the Interwebs of blogdom!

  • It will be interesting to see what happens here on this blog. I will be watching.

  • Fantastic! I can’t wait to read more. This will be added to my daily dose of Disney reading. Thanks, Disney!

  • Thomas,Congrats from a good friend of your very proud mother! You must be very excited about this new site!! sally

  • This will be great, I am glad to see Disney embracing the social media outlets. Thanks

  • Hope to hear some WDW news someday that you will be bringing the Disneyland version of the Enchanted Tiki Room to Florida someday real soon!!

    Robert, I would not get my hopes up.

    That version of the show was far too unpopular in Florida to stay, so they had to create a new show.

    Just because something is popular at DL does not always mean that it’ll be just as popular at WDW–they’re two completely different animals.

  • I’m so excited about the new Disney Parks Blog. It will be one of the first Disney sites I check out every day. I love Disneyland and this keeps me happy between visits. Thanks for starting an official blog. 🙂

  • Congratulations on launching the new Disney Parks blog! I think that this is an important step for the Parks & Resorts, and further evidences your movement towards embracing and interacting with Disney enthusiasts worldwide. The use of the social media tools that are available is so very important, and knowing that we can get accurate information immediately and (more importantly) directly from Disney is very exciting! Looking forward to all that the future has to offer from the blog! “Keep moving forward!”


  • May I also add, the photos on this blog are beautiful and really show why so many of us fall in love with the Disney park experience.

  • another site to check every day! keeps me going between trips!

  • As a lifelong Disneyfan (grew up at Disneyland in California, Honeymooned and many trips to WDW, and own property at Disneyland Paris), I am very pleased to see this.

    I would adore it if the blog covered off Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, DVC, Cruises and Adventures too, though this is better than not having an outlet (loving the posts so far).

    However, will this be a two way steam if their are critiques to be offered up as well as praise?

    All the very best to the team, I am very much looking forward to what comes next on here. Good luck.

  • This is very exciting! Looking forward to your postings.

  • OOOOOH! Yet another way to get my daily Disney fix! Can’t wait to read all the good info. Keep it coming!

    An idea to blog about: A Moms Panel for Disneyland – not just Walt Disney World. I would love to be a part of that. 🙂

  • I’m thrilled Disney’s started this blog. I’m a huge fan of WDW & am looking forward to learning more about all aspects of Disney through these blogs. Congratulations & best wishes for continued success!

  • Good luck with this venture…

    I’m looking forward to the official spin to complement the news I get from other Disney-focused blogs and boards. I’m hoping you’ll be alerting your avid, loyal readers to the various promotions, themes and “rumors” of updates/maintenance/repairs as well as potential new venues.

    Thanks for thinking of the fans!

  • Delighted to see Disney finally entering the blogosphere for themselves! If this turns out to be anything like the blog that Delta Airlines has, I think we’ll definitely be on to a winner! The more this blog becomes a place for Disney to connect with its’ fans, and less of a place to repost press releases and other more formal communications, the better it will be – and it’s already looking like it’s going to be pretty amazing! Great job, Disney!

  • I just looked at the video of the Magic Kingdom being Transformed for MNSSHP and I have to add this to my earlier comments: if this is representative of what we’ll see here, add more bandwidth now ’cause you’re going to need it!! LOL Way to go.

  • I love all things Disney. I went to Disneyland for my first time at 31 yrs old and enjoyed every minute. I was suprised though that you cant buy items of certain characters. I guess I expected there to be something of every character, mugs keychains etc. for all the favorites, it is Disneyland. Also I wasnt to fond of the Jungle Cruise it seems a little outdated.( compared to all the rest) But other then that, HOORAY to all the staff You make it fantastic, and you are all so friendly, I was really impressed. Im planning my next trip in 2012, Hopefully the construction will be over at California Adventure.Keep it up Disney :o)

  • Any chance will can get some insider info on the park attractions? For example, do you have any info on when the Expedition Everest Yeti is going to be restored to full movement? The strobe light effect (B-Mode/Show-Mode) is a bit of a letdown for those folks who have seen the real Yeti Lunge!

  • Wow, like others have said, what a thrill to be able to interact with Disney fans on a Disney site. I’m so happy to see this.
    I look forward to hearing about all the Disney news and tips, and I love the sneak peek videos. Great Job!

  • How is it “listening” if nothing even remotely critical of the company gets through due to your moderation team?

  • Glad to see this new interaction between fans and Disney directly… thank you!!!

    Hope to hear some WDW news someday that you will be bringing the Disneyland version of the Enchanted Tiki Room to Florida someday real soon!!

  • This is great news!!!
    I love Disney news and I can’t wait to hear more!

  • Great way to get my “Disney fix”!

  • This is great….I can’t wait to see more…this will really help with our trip in Oct 2010

  • I’m liking what I’m seeing so far! Added it to my RSS feed and I look forward to lot’s of interesting information in the future!

  • Awesome, I can’t wait to get breaking news on the always great Disney Parks.

  • Welcome to the blogosphere! I’m subscribed and looking forward to following the cool new posts. Thanks for blogging. 🙂

  • The blog looks great! Congrats on the launch and I look forward to reading each and every entry!


  • Thanks for a great blog! Looking forward to getting the Disney News!

  • Kudos Disney, Tom, and the rest of the Social Media team! Looks GREAT. Looking forward to reading this as it evolves. Already added it to my “favorites” list.

  • This is wonderful! I don’t live too far away from the Disneyland resort…well, at least far enough that I can’t count on hearing the fireworks go off at about 9:30 every night.
    Now it’s nice to have a blog here where we’re able to read much more about the magic of Disney.
    -Amanda from Whittier, CA.

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