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Disney Parks Blog Launches

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

All journeys begin with a single step.

And this is it for the Disney Parks Blog — an official first leap into the blogosphere for Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line and Disney vacation experiences worldwide.
Disney Parks Blog
Welcome, I’m chief blogger and social media director Thomas Smith.

Beginning today, we’re offering the latest, official information about our destinations as well as some exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at what makes Disney Parks the most magical place on earth. Expect to hear from Imagineers, horticulturists, chefs and other interesting Cast Members.

Walt Disney listened as he wandered the parks. We’ll listen here.

We look forward to your comments on the blog. As with many blogs, comments are moderated. You can find our comment policies in our Terms of Use. Our moderators will keep posts on-topic, friendly and free of inappropriate comments.

Getting started is easy. Simply register and join the conversation.

There are plenty of exciting plans for the Disney Parks Blog so we hope you continue to check us out and connect.


  • This is awesome! I can’t wait to hear more!

  • Welcome to the blogosphere, Disney!! Best wishes on what will surely be a successful venture. Looking forward to reading!

  • Looks like a great place for official Disney Parks information! I look forward to future posts.

  • Wow! Thomas, now I know what job I want when I grow up! Look forward to reading the blog.


  • Yay! What a great way to get news about Disney Parks. Can’t wait to read more.

  • Hey! Congratulations on the launch. Looking forward to what’s in store. *subscibed*

  • Congratulations and best of luck with the new endeavor!

  • Hi Thomas, will the blog be mainly at the America Parks or the Disney Parks overall (including Disneyland Paris)?

    Us over here in Europe get very little information from the Imagineers behind our new attractions, it would be interesting to hear more details.


    • Hi Chris. In the initial phases, the blog will provide US-focused content. However, from time-to-time updates from our international parks may be posted.

  • very exciting… a great way to get my Disney news and information!!!

  • Excellent! Can’t wait to read updates!

  • It’s about time!!! Really looking forward to the inside look at the parks and resorts division directly from those who know it best.

  • Awesome start, social media team! I can see great things coming from this blog in the future.

  • Cool I’m already logged in. Hi.

  • way to go disney, see ya in december

  • Thank you! With all the unofficial Disney blogs out there it will be very exciting and educational to track the “official” one!

  • Woo hoo!! Glad to see Disney keep moving forward! A great start, can’t wait to read all the great posts!!

  • Finally ya Disney folks got into blog land. I m sure I will be visiting very very often..

  • This is excellent! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  • will u have a dvc section

  • Woohoo! Thanks for keeping all of us true Disney fans up-to-date with all of the new news!

  • Finally!!! Can’t wait to see how this develops!

  • This is awesome! Totally can’t wait to see more!

  • More magic from my favorite folks!! Thumbs up, y’all!!

  • This is great! Hope to hear blogs about the marathon in January too!

  • I’ll be watching.

  • FANTASTIC! Just one more way for Disney fans and guests to get more information about our favorite places. Another job well done Disney!

  • Congratulations, Tom! I know it’s been a long time coming, and it looks great. I can’t wait to read more…

  • Yeah! Something I can look forward to reading between trips to the parks – I’m putting the kids down early for naps so I can explore! Thanks Disney!

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! I am beside myself with excitement about the Disneyland Blog. Off to blog and tweet about you πŸ™‚

  • Glad to finally see Parks & Resorts get a blog!

  • Look forward to reading!

  • Awesome! Now…BRING CAPTAIN EO BACK ALREADY πŸ˜‰ hee hee..thanks Guys for making strides to keep in touch with your public. Walt would be pleased.

  • Thank you for the opportunity to share ideas.

  • Welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to reading all about the ins and outs of the Disney Parks!


  • I love this. Disney Park & Resorts is my favorite branch of the Disney empire! Will the Imagineers-and NOT the Accountateers-being reading this? Hope so! Us Mouseketeers have a lot of opinions on how things are being handled in the parks!

  • Congratulations! I cannot wait to be filled in πŸ™‚

  • Awesome! Bravo, Disney!

    I hope this can be an official beginning to a direct relationship with your many devoted fans.


  • I love this idea. I hope it gets lots of attention, and lots of updates on the new Fantasyland Expansion. Many questions are out there on the internet, maybe a Q & A for people to ask questions about the Fantasyland Expansion?

    I’m hoping WDW will get equal attention as DLR in the blog. Always seems like DLR gets more attention.


  • Yay! Good luck on your launch!

  • I’ve been more and more impressed with the PR for Disney/Disney parks. From Twitter to Facebook to viral youtube videos, and now this blog. I am glad someone understands that the little extra touches like social media get consumers interested in the product. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to visit WDW after reading a great article from Miceage or by listening to a WDW Radio podcast. I am sure this will be difficult to start, but I truely appreciate the effort that you guys put in. Thanks so much from the WDW online fan community.

  • Congrats on starting this blog. This is an excellent opportunity for some two-way communication with Disney enthusiasts.

    I look forward to more posts!

    — DisneyDaddy

  • Excellent idea, Disney !!!! Can’t wait to eagerly follow the blog and hang on to every word as one of your best Disney fans !!! So far, this is outstanding. Bravo !!!

  • What a fun idea! Can’t wait to read more, especially about Cars Land and the new Little Mermaid ride!

  • Congrats on the new blog will be looking forward to reading about the Past/Present and future of the parks.

  • Great to see Disney keep up with the latest tools for sharing. All we need next is an iPhone app to interface to this! πŸ™‚

  • Welcome to the blogosphere! I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with, and it’s great to see Disney engaging with the fans. Kudos for allowing comments – the give and take is what makes blogs great!

    Best wishes,
    Progress City, USA

  • Finally! This is the perfect adjunct to your Disney.com site. Disney fans have proven over the years that they have an insatiable appetite for Disney news, and they want it NOW.

  • This is great! The more Disney the better.

  • How many parks did Walt wander through? Just the one or are you counting the unfinished WDW Magic Kingdom? Or are you counting the parks that he visited with his children before building Disneyland?

  • I love Disney World can’t wait to go again.I can’t wait to read post

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