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180-Day Booking Window Begins at Walt Disney World

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Attention, Disney Parks vacation planners: Beginning today, we’re adjusting to a 180-day booking window for dining, recreation and tour offerings at Walt Disney World. Our theme park operating hours calendar will be published 180 days out as well. The changes will help you coordinate and plan upcoming vacations to Disney Parks.
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You should know that reservations for Walt Disney World Resort hotels may still be secured up to 500 days in advance. And yes, Resort Guests will have the 180-day window plus 10-days benefit. Guests who have booked future reservations for arrivals after January 25, 2010 are being notified via phone or e-mail of the policy change.

Also, all existing dining, recreation and tour reservations will be honored as booked. Let us know what you think.


  • Why the need for reservations 6 months out. 90 days is a much more realistic scenario. I’m lucky to figure out what my kids want to eat tonight no less 6 months from now.

  • I am a bigger fan of the 90 day window than 180. It is hard enough to know where I want to eat three months ahead of time let alone 6 months. We don’t tend to know that far ahead what all special “events”, meals, etc. that we will be planning nor have our transportation nailed down (whether we will have a car). Also, we don’t always know six months ahead of time if we will even be able to take a vacation.

  • Thank you for doing this! We’re planning our trip for February 2011, along with our two sons and many other family members, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, and it will help us immensely with our planning. Save a room for us!

  • Oh this is great! Thank you Disney! Now I just wish our next magical vacation was just 180 days away =:o

  • I had great customer service yesterday as well! Yes, it was a bit harder to get through than usual, but it’s just a testament to how excited we all are about our future vacations that we are willing to set our alarms to wake up early to make the phone call and will stay on hold for hours, just to make dinner reservations! Thrilled to be returning to Disney and glad that I have all the park hours I need so I can plan for my trip!

  • I called at 6:59, went straight through and was on hold maybe 10 minutes. Much quicker than I actually expected. The CM I spoke with was wonderful. We got all of the reservations I was interested in except Kouzinna. I don’t think it was in the system for February yet. Hoping to handle that today! I love booking early. Glad for the change!

  • Kudos to all the WDW-DINE castmembers! It took a long time to get through to a castmember, but once I finally did, she was gracious and very helpful. She never let on that it was a stressful day. WDW castmembers make the rest of customer service lines pale in comparison. °0°

  • We all could have used a bit more pixie magic today to make booking the ADR’s a little more smoothly. After 2 hours on the phone, I get to repeat the process tomorrow to try to get the last two reservations that apparently was not loaded up into the system so you could book them. I felt bad for the person assisting me. Just when she thought the reservations were loaded in, they got lost and we had to rebook the reservations all over again. Then both sets of reservations were found so one set had to be cancelled. Hopefully, the system will be and running smoothing in another few months.

  • I must say that I prefer the 90-day window. I found it easier to plan that way, even though we booked in July and made dining reservations in September. I guess having the park hours 180 days in advance as well will help.

  • The service I received on the phone tonight was outstanding! I tried to call in earlier today but the lines were jammed. When I got through earlier this evening, I received fantastic service. Competent, friendly and professional – Disney service is always above the rest.

  • I send a big THANK YOU to WDW-DINE, because they have been truly amazing though the ADR system crashes on and off today. Everyone was as delightful and accommodating as ever. Talk about Disney Magic…

  • Booking ADR’s today has been extremely difficult. The online system has been down since 6 a.m. and the phones are jammed.

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