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Disney Parks Celebrates Buzz Lightyear with Ticker-Tape Parade

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Here at Disney Parks, ticker-tape parades are a big deal. But Buzz Lightyear is back — mission completed. And we’re celebrating at Walt Disney World Resort.
Buzz Lightyear Ticker-Tape Parade

Buzz’s achievement as the longest tenured Space Ranger in space was celebrated on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom Park. Buzz’s closest friends, including Buzz Aldrin joined in the fun.
Buzz Aldrin and Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear recently returned home aboard Space Shuttle Discovery STS-128 after more than 15 months in space. If you recall, he launched the Disney Parks-NASA Space Ranger Education Series last year after joining the shuttle Discovery crew’s mission to the International Space Station.

Since then, Buzz has been encouraging students to pursue math, science and tech studies. Special material for educators and online games were released to begin the mission. And, a successful return to Earth brings a new Space Ranger Education Series game.

Disney Parks and NASA also launched an online Mission Patch Design Challenge that will run from October 2 through November 6. Students ages 6-12 will have the opportunity to design a mission patch to commemorate Buzz’s return. The student with the most creative mission patch and 100-word essay will win a trip to Walt Disney World Resort and a VIP tour of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. More information on the Mission Patch Design Challenge is available at


  • going 2 c toy story this weekend! c u soon buzz

  • ! I wish we were still there ~ I would have loved to have seen this in person! The pictures say that it must have been awesome!

  • It’s wonderful that Buzz Aldrin was included in this – I only wish I could have been at WDW to see the parade, since I remember watching him (on tv, of course) walk on the moon when I was a little girl! I love your photo of Buzz and Buzz… and while it’s not a Disney element, the design of the ring that Mr. Aldrin is wearing is spectacular!

  • Yay! Welcome back buzz!

    Thanks for the cool parade Disney. It’s special out of the ordinary things like this that really make the fans happy. Also, it’s great to see that a special event like this is used for educational outreach programs.

    Disney FTW!

  • We were there. It was a great parade 🙂 Gret pictures!! I love the idea of the Mission Patch Design Challenge. Looking forward to seeing the winning patch.

  • These are fantastic pictures and what a great event. My youngest thinks Mickey used his Disney magic to shrink Buzz to fit in the car!

  • It was pretty funny seeing Buzz and his tiny toy self with all the giants around him. Welcome back Buzz!!!

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