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Finding Hidden Mickeys at Disney Parks

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

If you walk the parks long enough, you’ll likely see it — outstretched index fingers pointing at silhouettes and abstract images of Mickey Mouse. “Hidden Mickeys” are hidden in plain sight in our parks and resorts and there always seems to be a new one to find.

Hidden Mickey

So, from time to time, we’ll be featuring a “Hidden Mickey” and information where they can be found. Our first image is a great example of a subtle tribute created by Disney Imagineers. But where’s it located?

Hidden Mickey

Yes, our first “Hidden Mickey” is part of a fireplace at The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. The fireplace is located in the Carolwood Pacific Room which is located within the lobby of the Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, just off to the right as you enter the building.

No one knows when the first “Hidden Mickey” appeared but this is the first for Disney Parks Blog. Do you have any favorites?


  • i love finding new ones. We just got back from disneyland and found one we never noticed before on POTC it is behind the map at the end of the ride there are 3 leaves to form a hidden mickey. Which if not mistaken is 4 hidden mickeys on 1 ride. we also love the one at the hand washing station of the petting zoo at disneyland,ca. it looks like three knot holes punched out to form the classic mickey.

  • Being a DVC member, I’m really excited to check those out next time I go. I just found a hidden mickey last week in a cactus at Disneyland. I was totally surprised. I stuck a picture of it on my blog. And yes, I’m unemployed lol.

  • My favorite is on the ground near the Aladdin’s Carpet ride. There are gems set into the concrete and there is one spot where they form a Mickey. I love it because you really have to be looking for it!

  • OMG…I’m excited!! Just found my first “official” hidden Mickey…was at Disneyland on Friday, and found the dish-Mickey in the Haunted Mansion!! So COOL 🙂

  • A cast member once told me that the hardest hidden Mickey was located in one of the front shops at DCA. Look in the corner of the store with the Mr. Potato Head feature, and make sure you’re tall.

  • My new favorite is carefully placed stones in the grasses to the right of the Japan pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. My 10 year old son was so excited to find them!

  • Mine is on Spaceship Earth – the scene where the monks are writing – there is one who fell asleep. On the upper right corner of his paper there is a faint inkblot in the shape of Mickey. It took me SO long to see it, I was so excited once I did!

  • One of my favorite hidden mickeys to show friends when we go to Disneyland is on the Mark Twain riverboat mural in front of the rivers of America to the right of the Mark Twain loading dock, if you look close you might be able to see a familiar character riding the boat in the picture!

  • My favorite hidden Mickey is on Peter Pan’s flight in Disneyland. As you round Big Ben, Mickey is in the far right window waving at you. Also outside the ride in the 2nd story window, the teddy bear in the window has a Mickey head on it’s paw.

  • My favorite hidden mickey is on Test Track at Epcot. When you are in the car, before you “hit” the wall for the crash test it is on the floor to the left of the car you are in. It is made of hoses. If you buy the ride picture, you can see half of it. My family bought the picture the first time we went on the ride and I spotted the mickey after we had returned home. On our second trip, we all looked for it and sure enough, there it was. We now point it out to whomever is in the car with us =)

  • My favorite is one at Epcot, in Disney World. It is very small. In the Fastpass line for Test Track, you look down onto a work table (just before you get to the top of the incline) and see three washers in the Mickey shape. It’s easy to miss! 🙂

  • My favorite is in the Haunted Mansion – but not the dining room table one that everyone sees. As you’re about to leave the graveyard and see the HitchHiking Ghosts, on your right is a spooky image of the Grim Reaper. He’s holding out one of his hands, pointing towards you. The way his hand and sleeve are positioned forms a Hidden Mickey. It’s my favorite because you have to turn to your right and look behind you quickly in order to see it. 🙂

  • Check out the onion rings on the walls of Beaches & Creame

  • We have 2 favorite hidden Mickeys, both are at Epcot and really not so hidden. The first is in Maelstrom, where the Viking in the background of the loading zone is wearing Mickey Ears, and the second is on the Sporting Goods Sign located in the England pavillion. Again both are easily spotted yet make very cool pictures.

  • My favorite hidden Mickey is a self made one. At the general store on the Boardwalk, we were shopping and a milk container fell from the refrigerator case. To our surprise, three droplets of milk spilled out into the shape of a Hidden Mickey. We won’t forget that one! Only at Disney World!(even though I do see them at home, too)

  • My Fav is behind Minnie’s house. Next to the Gazebo, her flowers are a hidden Mickey….minutes the tree that flourished there lol. Also the One in Pixie Hollow. In the winter woods. I really like the hidden kiss when you meet the princesses though. Just because you see Cinderella, theres a little kiss on the wall.

  • It’s hard to choose one favorite Hidden Mickey, but I particularly like finding them in our Disney hotel rooms. Often they are hidden on the bedding, but he’s been on shower curtains too. I also like it when the Imagineers hide their names, initials, etc. into the attractions.

  • My favorite, of all time (so far, haha), has to be the Hidden Mickey that was designed in to Disney-MGM Studios (now, Disney Hollywood Studios) when it first opened. With the addition of the Sunset Boulevard section and the Sorcerer’s Hat it’s been kind of wrecked…

  • My favorite is the plates at the dining room table in Haunted Mansion. Its a large Hidden Mickey, but it was the first I ever found!

  • I like the one in the mural behind the loading area for Maelstrom at Epcot. One of the vikings in the boat is wearing a Mickey ears hat.

  • There are also a variety of hidden initals throughout Disneland. Take a closer look at the plaque at the edge of the draw-bridge commerating the re-model of Fantasyland.

  • My favorite is at Disneyland on Indiana Jones. In the skeleton section, the third or so skeleton you see is wearing mickey ears.

  • My favorite Hidden Mickeys are the ones on the floor in the cafe at POP Century Resort. Why? Because I found them without the help of anyone! I looked down and there one was! I think there are three or four of them. Can’t remember how many I have found there.

  • My favorite is the one on the ground at Animal Kingdom as you are leaving Africa and turn right towards Asia. I think that one was also highlighted in the Hidden Mickey pin series.

  • My favorite is in the Haunted Mansion – The three plates that make a hidden Mickey on the far left end of the dining room table where the ghosts are dancing.

  • I have 2 favorite Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland, CA. The first is in The Haunted Mansion during the ballroom scene with the table setting plates shaped to the famous silhouette. That one is always changing locations! My second would be a subtle one on Big Thunder Railroad on one of the inclines. As you pass a set of rattle snakes, one is curled up to shape Mickey’s head and ears!

  • My favorite is the hidden Pharaoh Mickey (and Donald!) at Disney Studios’ Great Movie Ride.

  • My favorite is the one on the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom – the one that you can see just after you go over the bridge entering Discovery Island. I love that it is so big, but easy to miss!

  • One of my favorites is also in the Wilderness Lodge — in a painting in the Territory Lounge. Look for it on the south end of the northbound horse…

  • my favorite is in The Land in EPCOT, on the “Living With the Lands” ride through the greenhouses (opposite of Soarin’). if you look in one of the fishtanks on the right about halfway through the ride, you’ll find a very noticeable hidden Mickey made out of steel wire. =)

  • My favorite is at the bottom of the aquarium floor at Epcot. The outline is laid out on the bottom with some light colored rocks. You have to be in just the right spot to see it!

  • My favorite is the one at the Tower of Terror when you first walk in the lobby and there are a pair of wire frame glasses that make mouse ears

    • Nice, Scott. I haven’t seen that “Hidden Mickey” yet.

  • My favorite Hidden Mickey is in the tiger area of the Maharajah Jungle Trek… he’s painted on the wall and he’s waving!

    I’m also a fan of Star Tours’ Hidden Kermit! =)

  • Two of my favorites are on DCA’s Soarin’: There’s one on the golf ball that flies past you, and in the fireworks at the end of the ride.

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