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Halloween Costumes At Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

When we last talked Halloween costumes, Mickey and Minnie were featured. Now, it’s you. Your unique costumes at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party grabbed our attention and we’re sharing images.

Manager of creative photography for Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group, David Roark, and a producer, spotted Guests who dressed for the occasion at Walt Disney World and created a series of interesting photos. There was no method to selecting Guests – just those with incredible costumes. We’ve included some favorites in a quick video. Enjoy.


  • For the last 3 years we’ve done the Halloween party, we’ve dressed up as condiments. Dad is Ketchup, Mom is Mustard, and the 2 kids are relish and mayo packets.

    In the sea of Disney inspired costumes, we definitely stick out and elicit many comments. Of course, we also hear the usual jokes… ”
    “hey… where’s the hotdog?” which of course the answer to that… “hotdogs are at Casey’s!”

    I love the Halloween party… it’s by far the best party Disney World does. The icing is the parade and the fireworks!

  • I wish I was in Disney for halloween. I have been there many times and I dont live in florida or around there. It is a distince for me to get to Disney world (In flordia) but there is no wayy I will want to stop going. I <3 disney and i will always recommend it to everyone who has or has not gone!

  • I was also glad to see Sora and Riku in there! Last year when I went to the Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom, I saw a couple dressed up as–get this–the alligator lady from the stretching portraits and the hatbox ghost from the Haunted Mansion! Highly original ideas, and the costumes themselves were GREAT to boot!

    These are all great costumes. I wish I’d been there for it this year! Love the music as well, btw.

  • This was so cute. I hope it gave others the smile it did for me. Such fun.

  • This is really wonderful that you are sharing these wonderful costumes with all of us on your blog! Such fun, I love it!! <3

  • The Kingdom Hearts costumes were really the cream of the crop here.

  • Riku and Sora costumes! Yes!!

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