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Hong Kong Disneyland’s Alien Invasion

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

If our recent video of Ghost Galaxy grabbed your attention, wait until you see this. Our friends at Hong Kong Disneyland are sharing a commercial from their Haunted Halloween — aliens have invaded. We thought it was pretty interesting and wanted to share. Check it out for yourself.


  • Looks UTTERLY FANTASTIC! “It’s not Family Friendly?” Well, not every person in a whole market share is going to be in a family demographic. I’m thrilled that Disney is looking to expand their borders in that sense. We just need it in WDW.

    In a thematic sense…? again…WOW! Looks REAL, detailed, and chilling. Much as if the AE ride from the old Tomorrowland in WDW took over the whole place.

    I LOVE it!

  • Hmmm…not sure about this. It doesn’t really say “family vacation” to me. It is not like it is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, wouldn’t want to go there with little ones if I’d have kids.
    Actually, it probably will scare me to death as well! Yikes.

  • at some point will there be video posted of the actual attractions?…for those of us who are on the other side of the world

  • Wow! Let’s hope that the team behind that commercial is working on some features for the new “Disney Double Dare You” (ugh, that name…) film brand. Those 30 seconds were scarier than most anything that could be dreamed up for WDW!

  • Wow…Hong Kong is different and very cool. A bit scary too.

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