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JaMMitors Making Surprise Visits Across U.S. For Give a Day, Get a Disney Day

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Earlier this month, we showed how our custodial crew uses the tools of their trade to entertain. But, when our JaMMitors Tour Crew grabs their flyswatters, dustpans and trash cans, something special happens — and it may soon be happening in your city.

Members of the tour crew, who prefer the sound of instruments found in hardware stores, are now on the road sharing the spirit of giving around the country. They’re helping celebrate our Give a Day, Get a Disney Day program.

The crew includes a builder, landscaper and painter — all experts you’d likely see on a volunteer site. But these ordinary volunteer workers turn extraordinary on the right sidewalk. It’s probably best if you see and hear it for yourself. So, we’re including video of a recent performance.

The crew has already started their 20-city U.S. tour where it’s estimated that they’ll go through more than 100 pairs of drumsticks and many stacks of trash-can lids. They’re in Philadelphia today but are not saying where they’ll pop up next. If you’re really curious, the trio may offer some hints on their Twitter account, @DisneyParksTour.

We’ve also uploaded this JaMMitors Tour video to the Disney Parks YouTube channel.


  • Does anyone know if there is a tour schedule out? I would love to work as a JaMMitor someday!

  • Robert, The JAMMitors will be continuing to appear at Epcot during the tour. In fact, I don’t see any regular members of the “A” or “B” casts in the video, so Paul and Danny’s teams should still be there for you to see when you go.

  • Does this mean we can’t see the Jammitors in Epcot for the duration of this tour?

  • I am totally keeping my fingers crossed that the tour comes to Seattle! I absolutely cannot wait! We took our kids out of school the morning that the “What Will You Celebrate” tour came here & we had the time of our lives! I have such amazing pictures from that morning! FUN FUN FUN!!!

  • The JaMMitors are GREAT! Would love to see the Tour Crew somewhere in/near NC!

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