Mickey Helps Fill Paradise Bay Lagoon for ‘World of Color’

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Last week we told you that Paradise Bay would be filling with water very soon. We also shared the interesting environmental story about how the process works. The time has come! Check out the fun video of Mickey and Goofy lending a helping hand.

Click here if you’re interested in reading more about how we worked with the Orange County Water District to find a more environmentally conscious way to fill the lagoon.


  • I loved it made me smile. I had major surgery two weeks ago and i can’t visit disneyland untile 2011, by then the world of color will be a hit

  • Gotta love Mickey and Goofy for getting it done Disney-style!

  • That was so fun! I can’t wait to see the Lagoon in person. Kinda cute to know that Mickey and pals have other duties when they aren’t visiting with all of us park guests! 🙂

  • Love the video !

    But please don’t get too excited yet !

    We left the park the day this posted on Facebook and didn’t see any water yet, although we had spent our last day at Disneyland and not Ca. Adventure…. so who knows, maybe they filled it while we were across the way…. : )

    BTW, we did the Trick or Treat party and absolutly loved it !!!!
    Great time for the whole family ! : )

  • We were there thursday and there is still no water in the bay.
    The portion near the cafe section was never drained as it is connected
    to Grizzly River (fill and drain) and must have water in it.

  • This is cute! you have to love the enthusiasm the characters put into such simple things. I’m sure Walt Disney would be very happy with this! Thanks, CRL

  • Way to go Mickey and Goofy!! You guys are the best. See ya real soon!!

  • Very fun video! My family and I are so excited to see all the new adventures and sights at California Adventure! We will be driving up there from Camp Pendleton this Halloween Night! Tell Mickey and Goofy we can’t wait!

  • Very cute video – my son loved it!

  • I can’t wait to see Paradise Bay Lagoon full of water! Good job Mickey & Goofy!

  • atta boy, Goofy!

  • Guard your expectations about the lagoon being filled. They Facebooked that it would begin last week and showed a picture of the main lagoon. We were there Tuesday (10/20) and only the portion toward Cannery Row was filled. The main part was dry dry dry. Maybe you’ll have better luck if you go this week! : )

  • Yay! This is so cute. Attaboy, Mickey!

    I guess it goes without saying people LOVE to see the characters in the parks, riding the attractions and preparing for guests!

  • Im soo excited! Thanks to Mickey and Goofy the lagoon will be pretty for my arrival on sunday!!

  • Adorable as always! I think seeing the stuff in the Lagoon is fascinating, but it will be nice to have the water back – especially for photos!

  • so cute! great job mickey and goofy! love you guys!

  • Good video, great article. Way to go Disney.

  • I love this video! We showed it to our kids just now & they’re very excited to go to school now & tell their friends that Mickey & Goofy are filling up the lagoon @ DCA! Fun!

  • Good Job Mickey & Goofy!

  • Cute! I love when videos like this are done, showing the characters out and about in the parks.

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