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Mobile Magic – First Disney Parks Mobile App Details, Screen Shots Unveiled

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Earlier this year, we announced our first official Disney Parks mobile application – Mobile Magic. Now, we’re sharing details and screen shots.

You’ll recall that Mobile Magic is bringing attraction wait times, FASTPASS return times, extensive information on character locations and more for Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks to your Verizon Wireless phone. Development work has been ongoing but the team recently offered a walkthrough of the app and it’s looking great.
Disney Parks Mobile Magic

Attraction wait times on your Verizon Wireless device will be unique. There’s been an investment in the backend infrastructure to support Mobile Magic and offer actual wait times based directly on Disney Parks information.

As for FASTPASS, you’ll be able to check if it’s still available for specific attractions. And if FASTPASS is available, the app will deliver information about the next return time. So, if you can still get a FASTPASS, the application will show, for example: FP: 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Also, mobile maps are GPS-enabled. While wandering the parks, your location will be indicated by a white circle. Then it’s simple to scroll through content and find it on the map via a “getting there” option. The map zooms out and allows you to see your location and exactly where the character greeting or restaurant can be located.
Disney Parks Mobile Magic

It’s important to note that actual wait times, FASTPASS return times and detailed character appearances are only available in the park you are in. When you’re out of the park or on the soon-to-be-launched mobile Web site, you’ll see scaled-down wait time descriptions (now – moderate – high demand) FASTPASS availability (yes – limited availability – not available) and the list of character appearances will be limited.

If you are not a Verizon Wireless subscriber, you can still use your mobile phone to access select information via text and on the Disney Parks Mobile Web site. It’s just better from our friends at Verizon Wireless.

There’s more to this offering but we wanted to share these screen grabs and let you know that the app is coming soon. So, how’s it looking?

Of course, there are some official details you should know about: The downloadable Mobile Magic application for Verizon Wireless subscribers is available for purchase. Message and data rates also may apply. Coverage not available everywhere. Availability subject to handset limitations. If you’re under 18, get your parent’s permission first.


  • Unfortunately the app has not been created for ALL of the phones available from Verizon. I own an LG Dare and the App will not work on my phone. It appears the app will not work on ANY of the more advanced phones, including the new Droid. So an app that I would maintain year round will not be purchased by me at this point in time.

  • Do you have an ETA on the mobile site launch. I want to use with my VZW Android device.

  • +1 for the app for Android OS and Droid. Easy choice.

  • Where’s my Android app? HTC Hero!!!!!

  • Wow.. really this will not be on the iphone due to the exclusivity to Verizon. add me as another dissapointed Disney Fan.

  • FINALLY an app that comes someplace else before iPhone!!!! Can’t wait until it’s available. Yippeeee. Thank you Verizon & Disney. I’m tired of all the aps for iPhone and indifference from companies in regards to Blackberrys & other phones.

  • Please don’t forget palm pre and webOS. The verizon exclusive thing is very disappointing.

  • I would pay for this app, and I just switched to Verizon, but apparently I won’t be able to use it since I got a Droid. Looks like I will need to run back to Verizon to return this phone and hit the AT&T store for an iPhone. They don’t have the 10 dollar Disney app, but they have the free one, and it looks like that will be more accurate than any Verizon smartphone.

  • Dates please!!!

  • In response to Robert from MA, Verizon may have 89 million subscribers, but have they proven themselves as willing to buy apps for their phone as iPhone users? The iPhone’s application market is fully mature with a user-base that is very willing to buy all sorts of applications.

    How many of those 89 million Verizon subscribers own a phone capable of running this app, and are also willing to “rent” the app from Verizon for $9.99 every 6 months? Factor those in and I think you’d see a number much much lower than 89 million, where as all 21 million of the iPhone owners worldwide own a phone capable of running applications.

  • Available for purchase starting today. $9.99 for 180 days. So really, it’s available to RENT from Verizon. You’ll never actually “own” the app given their draconian pricing policies.

  • Will this also be made avaliable for the two new Verizon phones running Android (Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris)?
    If not, I’d suggesting porting the program over to Android, as a lot of people are now buying those, and there’s going to be many more Android-powered phones out in 2010.

  • What a nice app. I wish that it would come to Sprint-based phones with full support as it will have for Verizon phones as I’d like to put it on my HTC Hero. If iPhone was sold by Sprint I’d purchase one, but since AT&T has exclusive rights for a few more years (i’d never switch to AT&T from Sprint), that excludes me from ever owning one of these phones, hence I got the next best thing with HTC Hero. I hope this app. is supported by Android-based phones as this is something I’d love to have.

  • To all the iPhone users wondering why Disney went with Verizon Wireless, here’s some data:
    Est. Number of Verizon Wireless subscribers: 89 million
    Est. Number of iPhone owners *worldwide*: 21 million
    If you were a business, which pool of potential customers would you go with?
    (And it’s worth nothing that Verizon’s numbers are for just the U.S., the iPhone numbers are worldwide, including many, many millions who will most likely never visit the U.S.)

  • Pretty pretty please iPhone app-asap!

  • Please remember he did say that there doing a Mobile site for it as well althoguth different the actual contract is with Verizon users only and no other carriers, its all base on the platfrom your usung on your phone and if its a verizon app it most defently is goign to be for the new Verizon Droid Phone thats comign out which is a Android Platform phone right now this is Verizon nich for the Droid phone dont expect an Iphone app any time soon.

  • Hey Thomas:

    Do you know if the Mobile will have the same features as the app or will they be different, Please dont forget us ANDROID Phone users as well With TMOBILE

    ANDROID Phones are taking over the World.

  • I read about this last Nov. or Dec and have been waiting and waiting. Now, I am waiting more because it seems the left hand and the right hand are not talking. Verizon has no information on this. This is a huge problem because we can not find out what handsets it will be available on. I think that most of us are assuming that it is available to ALL Verizon customers. As a Blackberry owner (1 time never again), I don’t think that I will be able to get it. In looking at the screen shots, it appears that it will only be available to the “Get it Now” phones. So all you customers on other carriers, ALL Verizon customers may not reap these benefits! It would be nice for someone to let us know more information. My vacation is the end of Nov. Will we find out by then, or will it come out on the last day of Nov? Or will it be the final day of the year? STOP teasing us and give us some REAL information!!!

  • Awesome…I am coming on Nov 23…I am a verizon customer, can this be used on a Blackberry? No one at Verizon seems to know

  • Verizon doesn’t offer mobile web in our area. Please do an app for the iphone!!!

  • Very Cool! Looking forward to this app being available for the iPhone!

  • Though I’m sure there is an exclusivity contract in place to keep the more detailed version of this new tech on Verizon, I hope its in the realm of a “head start” contract giving them six months or so after which Disney can leverage this content on other networks.

    I am not entirely opposed to this technology, but wonder whether it does more to damage the guest experience than to enhance it. My biggest complaint is that unlike FastPass, the same guest experience is not available to everyone coming through the turnstiles. Some guests (those with Verizon) will be able to purchase access to additional information not available to the other paying park visitors.

    The beauty of FastPass, as opposed to similar offerings by other companies, is that it remains a free service available with every park ticket or annual pass. This new feature re-introduces a sort of class system that hasn’t existed since A through E tickets disappeared in the early 80s.

  • PLEASE add PARKING information. Just a little flash saying Disney and friends is full and that you filling Buzz or Simba. That would save an hour just knowing to get off at Harbor or Katallia instead of Disney Way.

  • I’ll be taking my family to WDW in February of 2010. It would be great to have an Iphone application by then. If you can dream it YOU can do it.

  • Very cool. I hope that Disney listens that many people have iPhones, like myself and have no plans to get Verizon for the app.
    Make it available for iPhone and I’ll buy it.


  • Nice to see something for the loyal Verizon customers out here. It would be nice if this came out for the iPhone as well. But first and foremost the Droid 🙂

  • Can’t wait for this app. to be released

  • SO HAPPY this app is for Verizon Wireless! I’m betting it will be introduced at the same time as the new Droid phone. Hear it’s going to knock the iPhone out of the arena. What a cool way to start off!

  • When???? I leave for Disney in 3 weeks and would love to have this.

  • So where the heck is the application on the Verizon website? I go to my Verizon sign in and under apps I cannot find it. So where is this magical mystery app?

  • This is like a dream come true. Make sure you do a BlackBerry client and one from Android platform as well (hello Moto Droid, anyone?).

  • Thomas, This is a fantastic job. I was @ Disney this past April and had made suggestions just like this. I would like to think I had a small part to play. I would like to add maybe 2d barcodes could be issued to phones as fastpass, making the process quicker and greener. My wife and I are both Blackberry users and I know we will be back to Disney soon and will take it all for a test drive. Thanks!!

  • For you iPhone people….search on “Project X”

    They are releasing a VERY similar app today or tomorrow soley for the iPhone.

  • iphone has a wait time app already. Just go to itunes. It’s not as broad based as this one will be, but it links directly to the parks system and gives true wait time updates. iphone almost always gets stuff first. It’s nice for a change to see stuff coming to other carriers/phones. Not all of us live in areas where att service works or want an iphone. Being a Verizon blackberry user and a DVC member (travel to Disney frequently), I cannot wait for this!!!

  • wow. what is disney thinking an iphone app not for the iphone. verizon must have made some great deal. how many apps do people not using iphones actually use anyways. might want to take a look at this one mr iger. i love the disney parks and go at least once a year but don’t think i would switch from my iphone just for this one app that is best used on those occasions when in the parks.

  • Looks great guys! Keep it up.

    -Z (mouseketweeter)

  • Hooray for Verizon and Blackberry! iPhone users and others the article did state “If you are not a Verizon Wireless subscriber, you can still use your mobile phone to access select information via text and on the Disney Parks Mobile Web site. It’s just better from our friends at Verizon Wireless.” I like that last part – it’s just BETTER for Verizon Wireless Customers! I would not hold my breath for Verizon to get iPhone either I work for Verizon and the way top execs are talking it’s not going to happen no time soon

  • +1 for Iphone

  • That sounds awesome. As an additional feature (maybe this is already included) but it would be sweet if you could also see where your family was in the park (ones that also have Verizon phones with the app). Will it be available by December?

  • Not to sound redundant…but it sure would be great if other carriers..Iphone…would have the abailty to use this app too. Many of us long time Disney fans have been looking for this for some time now. I love it, keep up the awesome work!!!

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