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Oktoberfest 2009 at the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

I absolutely love to travel, but I’ve never made it Germany for Oktoberfest. Lucky for me, the Downtown Disney District will be filled with the German spirit as it hosts Oktoberfest for the first time later this month.
Oktoberfest Band

I’m most looking forward to seeing the bands in full costume that will be performing throughout the Downtown Disney District nightly October 23-25. If you want the full experience, don’t miss all three groups:

*Alphorngruppe, a German alphorn ensemble, performing near ESPN Zone October 23-24 between 6 and 10 p.m.

*Stu Undem Band, a five-member polka band that will be strolling throughout Downtown Disney District October 23-25 between 6 and 10 p.m.

*Doug Lacey, a polka-playing accordion musician, performing throughout Downtown Disney District October 23-25 between 6 and 10 p.m.

Need more inspiration to come down for the chicken dance? Maybe these photos will help:
Oktoberfest Band

The UVA Bar & Café has a special menu featuring kasknoedel, Oktoberfest sausage, backfish, wurstsalat, schweinefleisch and apfelstrudel now through October 31. Want more for less? You can catch these menu items at 50 percent off during happy hour at UVA Bar and Café between 3 and 5 p.m. October 23-24. During happy hour, you can also grab $5 Oktoberfest beers and $5 well cocktails and house wines by the glass.

What do you love most about Oktoberfest? The sausages, beer, lederhosen, Bavarian music? (Remember to keep it family-friendly).

Hope to see you there!


  • My parents and my fiancé have all been to Germany and they love German food, so we ate at the Uva Bar for happy hour on Friday, October 23rd. The backfish, schweinefleisch, and apfelstrudel were excellent! The menu was a bit misleading because only the bottled beers were $5 during happy hour and our waiter didn’t even know that until after we’d already ordered. I didn’t care for the bottled beer that they had but my dad and fiancé drank theirs. The food was excellent and I hope this treat becomes a tradition!

  • I’m not sure who has suggested the meals, but I never got a kasknoedel when I was on the Oktoberfest (BTW: we mainly call it Wiesn here in Germany). The bestseller is Hendl (grilled chicken). We also don’t have backfisch, this comes from the north of Germany like Hamburg. We have instead Steckerlfisch, it’s a whole fish on a stick (small stick=steckerl) grilled over coal, so it gets a little smokey taste. Wurstsalat and Apfelstrudel fits well. I think with Schweinefleisch you mean Schweinsbraten mit Biersoss. Schweinsbraten is a pork roast. The best piece for this is the shoulder, because it has a lot of fat on top, which when you bake it in the oven gets very crispy. We call it here Krustn. Another good thing for dessert is Dampfnudln mit Vanillesoss (dumplings with vanilla sauce). When I prepare it for the family it has a great Rammerl. A Rammerl is the sweet caramelized bottom of the dumplings, when you cook them in a milk-butter-sugar mixture. I also love Auszogne (when you want an English translation this would be undressed, but don’t use it). It’s similar to your donut, but without a hole. Its a ball of yeast dough, which is pulled to all sided (this is where the name refers to), so you get a disc, which looks like a large donut with a thin layer of dough in the middle. When you fry it, the thicker border gets soft and brown and the middle stays white and gets very crunchy.

    I also love the Erdinger Weissbier banner on the second image.

    And before someone asks: no we don’t wear our Lederhosn all the time. We also wear jeans and T-Shirts. And in our Bierzelt (beertent) we don’t listen to alphorns, the play typical Bavarian music mixed with pop classics and Germany music.

    from Munich/Bavaria/Germany

  • A group of us are actually going to go check it out after work today. Who knows… this might become a tradition for us too.

  • This is one of my favorite things about the world of Disney; they bring the world to people (like me) who may not get a chance to go see it for themselves.

  • Does this happen every October? We will be there in 2010 and if it is around the same time next year I would love to make our time there around this.

  • It is nice to see that more culture is coming to Disneyland like Walt Disney World offers.

  • This is just wonderful! I’m very excited to see this because it reminds me of the Biergarten at EPCOT which I LOVE!! So awesome to have a little piece of that here on the West Coast! =) Thanks, Disney!

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