Soon Paradise Bay Will Begin Filling With Water for ‘World of Color’

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

If you’ve visited Disney’s California Adventure Park recently, you know the lagoon has been dry for many months as Walt Disney Imagineers install and test the newest and coolest water fountains at any Disney Park.

You can now see that the floor of Paradise Bay is a superstructure that’s nearly an acre in size and covered with a mass of metal, wiring, nozzles and gadgets. It’s all part of an intricate engineering feat to support “World of Color,” an exciting new nighttime water show that brings Disney animation to life with powerful fountains and amazing projection.
Paradise Bay being tested for World of Color

But, soon, water will be flowing back into the lagoon as part of a carefully planned environmental effort and the centerpiece of Paradise Pier will be reflecting the lights of Mickey’s Fun Wheel and California Screamin’. The lagoon will fill at a steady pace, and should be more than halfway full in about three days.

It’s actually a really interesting environmental story, and the Disneyland Resort was recently honored with the state of California’s highest environmental award for its efforts. To drain the lagoon, we worked with the Orange County Water District to send the water through its state-of-the-art Ground Water Replenishment System instead of releasing the water to the ocean through storm drains. After an extensive purification process, the water was stored in Orange County’s underground water basin and contributed to the County’s overall water reserves. Later this month, the lagoon will be filled with clean water from the aquifer.

“World of Color” makes it’s flashy splashy debut in Spring 2010. You can check out some cool renderings and video at

World of Color Concept Art

Check back here in the coming months to see the progress at Paradise Bay lagoon, the future home for “World of Color.”


  • Any idea at what part of “spring” Disney is aiming to kick of WOC? It is getting close to make those spring break plans. Disneyland is a possibility, but only if WOC is completed.

  • Does the Disneyland Hotel still have its “dancing waters” show?

  • I love how Disney goes out of its way to help the environment whenever possible, and I don’t think it gets enough credit for its contributions. Love what you did with the water! World of Color, along with Carsland, will definitely be the reason I go back to DL for my second trip from the east coast.

  • “WoNdErFuL…”
    I’m recently learning of the new and planned additions to California Adventure…How ExCiTiNg!!!
    Hopefully, with this new feature, ‘C.A.’ will stay open just a tini-tiny bit later (so the Pixie Dust will have time to settle) for an extra sprinkle of MaGiC!!!.

  • I am so excited to see water return to the bay! It will finally start to feel like I’m at the pier once again and not a parking lot! I used to love having a drink at the Cove Bar and overlooking the pier and the reflecting lights. Bring on the water!

  • If this is anything like the Fantasmic water show at Disneyland it will be fabulous! I’m assuming it will be even better. Can’t wait for Spring!

  • So exciting!

    Can’t wait for World of Color and all the new things coming to DCA.. and I can’t wait to see the bay full of water again! It will look amazing.

  • I can hardly wait for this! I will be there when it opens!

  • It’s going to be so cooooooool! I loved the World of Disney as a kid, it certainly evokes great memories, can’t wait to share new ones.

  • I will be in Disneyland and CA Adventure in early November. Am I understanding this will be filled with water by then? The difference is amazing! I really missed seeing the reflections of all the lights when the bay was empty! 🙁 Hoping it will have water by November 5th!

  • I can’t wait to see next summer, I hope cast member gets to see it before everyone else, so that way My dad can take me.

  • I have always admired the Disney Legacy of Environmentality. So proud!

  • I will be so happy to see water in the bay again. And I’m also glad to hear about the environmental nod. I was wondering how all that “wasted” water was going to be handled.

  • I am definitely gonna hit the west coast when all the work is done! I made the trip from the east coast for the 50th celebration and I was completely disappointed in DCA. But now that the imagineers are doing quality work again I am so there!

    Great job, Disney! Keep amazing us!

  • I can’t wait!! Looks amazing! We just visited in September and looked at all of the renderings for the project. Can’t wait to bring the kids to see it in the spring.

  • I hope to get back there…. I was Sad when I came in sept 09’for my 1st visit… that California adventure was A BIT under construction…. Cant Wait… I guess there is always something UNDER CONSTRUCTION… Keep up the great work … 🙂 Hope to come back in 2012

  • Looks like a cool show similar to Fantasmic hopefully it will bring more attendance to DCA. I look forward to seeing it on my next visit.

  • Very cool ! I can’t wait !!!

  • Can’t wait to see. Looking forward to next year 2010. Purchasing my VIP annual pass.

  • Oh I can’t wait to see this, I will be there when it opens…

  • Oh how fun! I’m excited to see the completed show.

  • This looks really exciting. I hope I can make a trip to California to check out the park when the changes are finished!

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