The Disney Gallery Reopens at Disneyland Resort

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

If you loved The Disney Gallery in New Orleans Square, you won’t want to miss the new one in the former Bank of Main Street, U.S.A., opening today at Disneyland Resort.
Disney Gallery at Disneyland

Disney’s prized artwork is now more secure than ever as special highlighted work will actually be on display in the original bank’s vault.

The Disney Gallery will feature Walt Disney Imagineering’s cherished concept art and Disney inspired artwork by current and former Imagineers and Disney Artists, and the person responsible for designing this creative new space is Kim Irvine, Director of Concept and Show Design for Walt Disney Imagineering, Anaheim.

Irvine’s design maintains the main elements of the bank and also builds on the charming turn-of-the-century atmosphere of Main Street U.S.A. The Disney Gallery features an elegant Victorian interior with chandeliers and hand-woven carpets.
Disney Gallery at Disneyland

For a look at some of the original bank elements, take a look at the photo of the marble signs from the old bank teller windows and The Mosler Safe Co. vault.
Disney Gallery at Disneyland

When asked what fans of the original Gallery will think, Irvine responds, “It will be like moving to a new home, so fans should know that. There’s always a bit of fear when there’s change, and I did not try to imitate the former Gallery because that was very New Orleans. This is very Victorian and very, very elegant. I hope fans appreciate the care and thought that has gone into the new design.”

Beginning today, guests will see work from an array of artists, including Jim Crouch, Jody Daily, Jeremy Fulton, Kevin Kidney, Larry Nikolai, Maggie Parr, George Scribner, SHAG and Yakovetic.

Artwork on display from George Scribner, former Walt Disney Studios animator and director of Oliver and Company, will include “Haunted Mansion,” ‘Sailing Ship Columbia,” “Ward Kimball Train,” and “Ducks to Tiki.”

For a look at some of the artwork available in the Gallery, check out this painting by Jim Crouch:
Disney Gallery at Disneyland

If you stop by the new Gallery, don’t miss the new “Enchanting the Classics” show that will focus on some of the parks most beloved attractions and the enhancements that have been made to keep classic Disneyland attractions fresh and surprising.

Upcoming Events

Super fans of The Disney Gallery might not want to miss these opportunities: October 10 artist signing event and October 17 signing event showcasing art that celebrates Haunted Mansion Holiday and Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

What’s the “Art History” of The Disney Gallery?

It originally opened on July 11, 1987 in the rooms above the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean, which were originally designed as a private apartment for Walt Disney. Before closing on August 7, 2007, The Disney Gallery in New Orleans Square featured many popular shows, including “The Art of Disneyland” and “The Disneyland That Never Was.”

What’s Next for The Disney Gallery?

No future exhibits are confirmed, but Kim Irvine says she would love to see an exhibit of art from the Disney Parks around the world, including a display of the different castles around the world. Another idea out there is an Alice in Wonderland display.

Let us know what you think about The Disney Gallery.


  • What is going to happen with the space of the old Disney Gallery?

  • Heather – I’m not 100% positive, but Walt’s office was removed/relocated to be shown in One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the 100 Years of Magic Celebration. I’m fairly certain it still resides there, if people want to see it. Essentially they built a matching room and then put the furniture where it belonged in the new room, and then put a glass wall up so it could be kept pristine but still viewed.

  • It looks great and look forward to seeing it in person. From what I have seen in the pictures, it feels to me the artwork looks better at this place than it did at New Orleans. Thanks for the article!

  • What happened to Walt’s Offices? They have become two of the gallery’s rooms. Will they be relocated and included in the updated Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln that opens in December?

    • There are currently no plans to include the re-creation of Walt’s office in the updated “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,” which is scheduled to open in December

  • Oh…this is just beautiful! I cannot wait to come down & see it person! Wow ~ just breathtaking!

  • Robert,

    Thanks for your response! I just wanted to say that I kicked myself for missing Epcot’s 25th anniversary gallery. I’ve read about it and seen pictures but as everything, its something that I wanted to experience for myself. Blargh!

  • So glad the Disney Gallery didn’t just disappear. I will however really miss it being in Walt’s old apartment. It was such a lovely getaway, and quiet respite to enjoy some Disney art in a beautiful spot. But I’m glad it’s still around, even on Main Street!

  • Heather – I’m a Florida transplant to SoCal.

    The Art of Disney at WDW actually has a few locations, Downtown Disney, Epcot, etc… Each one is a little different in theme/look and what they offer. They all sell “Collectible” art and figurines and such. Essentially they sold the same sort of things that were available for purchase in the old Disneyland Disney Gallery.

    Walt Disney World could use more of the museum-type presentations that the Disney Gallery offers. Epcot briefly had the 25th anniversary gallery, but that space has been closed again and the models/drawings/etc.. put back in storage. One might expect something similar in the Exposition Hall on Main street but that’s just a glorified camera/photo shop.

    One Man’s Dream at Hollywood Studios also offers some of this, but it constantly having items taken out, leaving behind empty displays (for showings at Disneyland, Epcot, etc..) because of special events. It doesn’t have a steady rotation of shows but rather a permanent collection that is seemingly always on loan elsewhere.

    One of my all-time-favorite Disney moments was seeing Mary Blair’s elevations for “small world” in the Gallery on my first trip to Disneyland. She had creases in the paper, stray pencil marks, scribbled out mistakes, etc.. Sometimes everything we see at a Disney park seems so effortless that we forget that real people help to create this magic and that it’s not always easy or perfect for them.

  • I spent hours in the original Disney Gallery and look forward to seeing what new magic the new location has in store!

  • This makes my day! The Gallery has long been one of my very favorite places in the park.

  • So I guess if I don’t trip over myself just gushing about how wonderful this is, you will remove my post? There goes any credibility for your website!

  • Now that the year of a million dreams is over, why not put the gallery back where it belongs above Pirates in New Orleans? This is supposed to be a bank… not a retail store!

  • How is this different than the Gallery in Downtown Disney WDW? I just caught it on my last trip and saw some amazing pieces. Are all of those replicas or were there original artwork that were taken to Disneyland?

    • Thanks for your question, Joe.

      From what I understand, the shop at Walt Disney World is called Art of Disney and sells original artwork by Disney inspired artists. The Disney Gallery in Disneyland is part-shop and part-exhibit (not for sale). The new exhibit The Disney Gallery at Disneyland is called “Enchanting the Classics.” I’ve never been to Art of Disney in Walt Disney Wolrd. Does anyone else have anything to add to my explanation?

  • Beautiful pictures. What a great way to utilize the space. I hope to see it sometime. Alice in Wonderland would be two thumbs up!

  • Thank you for opening the gallery. It is this type of thing that keeps my family coming back to Disneyland.

  • HOORAY!!! Welcome back! I’ve missed the gallery.

  • Wow, the disney gallery looks really cool. When are we going to get one in WDW?

  • It’s Mosler Safe Co. not Moseler. Just to let you know.

    • Thanks! This has been fixed

  • I really love how they decided to use the vault door and overall theming of the bank for the new gallery. It looks great!

    And that show about refreshing the classics sounds very interesting. I can’t wait to hear and see more about the Disney Gallery as people start making their way through it.

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