Tips to Maximize Fun at Mickey’s-Trick-or-Treat Party

Heather Hust Rivera

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Ever been to a private costume party at the Disneyland Resort?
Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party

Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party at Disney’s California Adventure Park is the only opportunity for the entire family to dress up in Halloween costumes at the Disneyland Resort. Kids (and parents) can trick-or-treat throughout Disney’s California Adventure Park and will find sweet treats as well as healthy snacks, like apple slices, dried cranberries, and carrots at the treat locations.

The experience also includes fun, interactive games for the kids, “spirited” music, and a nightly character cavalcade with Mickey Mouse and some favorite characters dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

Here are some insider tips to maximize the fun at Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party:

  • Arrive early – Plan to arrive at the entrance to Disney’s California Adventure Park approximately 30 minutes early and allow plenty of time to park and take the tram from the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure.
  • Want to be the first in line at the treat locations? – Start at the back of the park in Paradise Pier and work your way to the front.

The special nighttime experience is offered select nights in October. Check out Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party for advance ticket info, prices, event dates and event times.
Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party


  • We went to the party last year 2008 it was our 1st halloween visit it was great! the party was a blast and we seen alot of characters that we had not seen in the park, more villians this time of year also. love Disney anytime of the year but halloween was exceptional!! can’t wait for next year we will be there again at halloween:) hope they keep all the extras they have added this year, the new fireworks and ghost galaxy space mountain they look great!

  • Even though I do like the scaryness that goes along with Halloween, I also like the fact that the Trick-or-Treat party in Disneyland is not so scary. I have small kids and it lets them have fun and feel safe! I also suggest to first timers that it is worth it to get the photopass of any pictures because there is so many lights and lazers most home camera pictures don’t come out very well, and thats from experience!! 🙂

  • I’m in agreement with everyone – Mickey’s Not So Scary and Mickey’s Trick or Treat are both tons of fun and should be experienced at least once each (living the dream). The Halloween party over at California Adventure is great and would benefit from a lot of the Not So Scary party – the longer party hours, the fabulous parade, etc. I think that WDW fans might also appreciate a different experience if the party were extended to another park on certain nights, perhaps. All in all, the parties are a fun and friendly place to celebrate Halloween.

  • Went to DCA Mickey’s Halloween Trick or Treat for the first time Oct 2008 to celebrate (ease the pain of) my 50th birthday — it was awesome. I am not into the scary, bloody horror things so Mickey’s party allow me to enjoy the season without nightmares 😀 Have our tickets for this year for my birthday, looking forward to another great time.

  • I am going to Mickey’s Trick or Treat with the goal of getting a picture of my son (dressed as Mike from Monsters Inc) with Sulley….Does anybody know if he will be at the Pier with Pixar characters or by his Monsters Inc ride. I have a 2-year old and I am afraid he will want out of his costume before we find Sully.

  • We attended the 1st night of the Trick or Treat Party at California Adventures. My advice is to avoid the line up going to the Wharf or the Pier and track around the sides past the Redwood trail. There is a huge line of practically empty candy stations there. We also met a ton of characters including Handy Manny and Little Einsteins in Hollywood Studios, as well as hung out and danced with Sully and other characters by Monsters Inc.

    It was a blast. I highly recommend this party, and we came out of there with BAGS of candy.

  • Tanya, You will need to buy a seperate special event ticket. Your Deluxe Ap will not give you access once the Trick or Treat party has started. You can still get into Disneyland with it, but adults can not wear costumes there. Adults can only wear costumes for Mickeys Trick or treat party in California adventure.
    The party is well worth the extra money…So much fun!!

  • Question to those that have gone before. What attractions will be open? It is my first time going- i know my nephew of 6 will have fun, but what is open for him to enjoy. Besides LOTS of candy-:o)

  • If you have a Deluxe AP, do you still need to purchase a ticket for Mickey’s Trick or Treat?

  • We have gone for the last several years to the one in Anaheim and we love it! We are not into spooky, scary, horror and gloom but Mickey’s NOT so scary trick or treat party is so much fun for every age. I am 35 and I hated halloween growing up and now I love it! I can’t wait to go again this year. Looking forward to all the new attractions and decorations that have changed since last year…GREAT FAMILY FUN!!!

  • We’ve taken my daughter every year since she was born. This time, we’ll be taking her new baby brother. 🙂

    • Congratulations on the new baby, Chris. That sounds like a really fun family tradition.

  • Great tips. I agree with you Jackie, Halloween is one of the best times to visit the Disney Theme Parks. Being able to dress up whether you are young or young at heart is a lot of fun and shouldn’t be missed!

  • Have you guys ever though about offering a Halloween party at a different park than MK in WDW? I love the MNSSHP but a halloween party at DHS that is more scary would be cool. Or a celebration of halloween around the world at Epcot? Or something to do with animals at AK?

    I just love Halloween and think that many of us fans would enjoy some celebrations at other parks.

  • We just went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party @ WDW in Orlando & I absolutely cannot wait to attend Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party @ Disneyland in Anaheim!! Halloween is our family’s most favorite time of the year! Thank you for making it so much fun!!

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