More Walt Disney World Resort Stories


Ah, how satisfying it is to be able to be alone with your thoughts, no matter where or when. Consider that within ten yards of Goofy’s nose, dozens- no, hundreds of Park Guests are excitedly photographing family and friends in front of Cinderella Castle. But I just love imagining what Goofy could be contemplating amidst the excitement of it all. A dog bone, perhaps?

This is from a series but without altering the image in any way – that unlikely marriage of high and low technology….


  • Loving your work! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Nice shot Gene. You and my wife and I chatted for a bit in Magic Kingdom a few weeks back when you were shooting the new “Princess and the Frog” show on the Liberty Belle. Thanks for the time you spent.

    Shots like the Goofy statue remind me to look around at everything. It’s the little details that most people just walk right by that make some of the most interesting pictures.

  • Great photo! I love seeing the pictures from around the World, I can’t wait to go back in a couple weeks!

  • Ahhh one of my favorite lens is my Nikon 85mm tilt and shift lens. On a digital body it “old school” meets “new school”

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