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Disney Parks Unveils ‘Small World’ Holiday Spot

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We’re launching a pretty unique holiday television spot and wanted to share it with you first on the Disney Parks Blog.

The video features children from around the world coming together for a magical journey to experience the best of Disney Parks. It’s video that’ll make you smile and may just tug at your heartstrings.  Let us know what you think in the comments.


  • I have chills from watching! It is so beautiful! I love Disney at Christmas (ok, I love Disney anytime, but Christmas is especially beautiful)

  • What a great video. And, it made me cry … just a few happy tears. 😉

  • Very, very cute. Makes you sing the song the rest of the day! LOL

  • Brought tears to my eyes!

  • I like it. I also find it very amusing (unless I’m mistaken) that all those shots seem to be from Disney World except the It’s a Small World scene.

  • *sniff sniff* I wasn’t in the holiday mood until I saw this.Now let the holidays BEGIN!!

  • It’s very sweet. I found myself getting very teary too. I love how kids can be friends with everyone, no matter where they are from.

  • Wow! Disney loves to play with my emotions. Great video!

  • Very MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! It brought me chills. We can’t wait to vist Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Absolutely Perfect. This is what makes Disney so magical at this and anytime of the year!

  • Love it – glad I’m not the only one who had tears :~) My family will be arriving at Disneyland on Thanksgiving day – can’t wait!

  • One of the best video’s ever. I will be in WDW the first week in December cant wait for the christmas party im counting the days.

  • Wow! It brought tears to my eyes. I love seeing Small World in Disneyland all lit up like that. The castle at DisneyWorld was totally cool, too. All the kids from all the different countries…

    Very cool!

  • Very cute, very sweet and very magical! I love all the lights magically going on in various places – and my son loved spotting London where we live!

  • Tried not to tear up, I really did, but it happened anyway. Going next week and hope that a lot of the Christmas decorations are already up!

  • I loved it! It brought tears to my eyes. My 2 year old sang small world during the video and made me watch it 3 more times. Of course, I didn’t mind because I love Disney. We’re looking forward to seeing WDW in December and MVMCP!

  • I haven’t gotten goosebumps like this in a while! I wish there was a CD with the ballad version of Small World on it!

  • I LOVE it!!!! ºOº Christmastime @ WDW or DL is always so magical. What a great concept and beautiful shots. It makes me miss teaching…kids can teach adults so much! It also makes me want to sit in on a Disney Marketing meeting just once! Way to go Disney Parks! ºOº

  • This gave me goosebumps also. Loved the age of the kids featured. This age is such a majical and imaginative age. Loved it!

  • Goose Skin and tears…..20 days and counting till our ’09 WDW trip…

  • We need more advertising like this all year 🙂

  • Truly awesome, it brought a tear to my eye!!

  • I experienced something new when I was at Disneyland this last time, which isn’t that the goal everytime? Anyway, the kids and I went to It’s A Small World during the fireworks show. I never knew that the outside of IASW was part of the fireworks show. Waiting in line and watching this scene before me, my mind was flooded with thoughts of when I first saw IASW as a 10 year old and how I was now present with my 10 year old, 8 year old and 6 year old children. The commercial may evoke wonderful emotions, but being there does it much better!

  • That spot gave me goose bumps, too. I am SO excited about my upcoming visit to Disneyland during Holiday Time. I’ve only been once during the season before.

  • Now ****THAT***** is GOOD DISNEY Marketing. Not generic. Not cheesy. (OK, maybe a little, but in a good way. 😉 ) Not too overdone. This is very heartfelt. Very emotional, and GREAT!

    Definitely made me excited for my trip in December. EPCOT for Holidays Around the World, and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmans Party. Should be good.

    Nice job, Disney. 😀 Do more marketing like this.

  • THIS is what brings me back to Disney..this video captures that childlike wonder I miss from Disney World. Its that joy of waking of Christmas morning as a kid and the overwelming flood of excitement that first time walking thru the train station and laying eyes on Main Street and the Castle..Bravo guys!! This one captures the true spirit of “Disney Magic”

  • I love it. May me tear up

  • Truly MAGICAL!!! Can’t wait until November 13th to go check it out!

  • That is so beautiful, hope it makes it onto Uk TV 🙂

  • I loved it. What a pretty video!

  • Definitely captures the magic that is Disney!! Brought tears to my eyes!

  • I have goosebumps from watching that. Very Magical!

  • This is a wonderfully magic video that gives you a great big smile. It appeals to the child in everyone that never wants to grow up.

  • I hope EVERY Cast Member at the parks is REQUIRED to watch this, to remind them, though they are on the clock, why we ALL GO TO DISNEY. Some of us more often than others but regardless, THIS, is why we go. And the employees of the parks need to be reminded of this. Of these moments, that, us, the guests go for the “in the moment joy” the parks bring us. On special occasions, on weekly basis, on monthly visits, on yearly visits. THIS IS WHAT DISNEY IS ABOUT! Cm’s really ought to be reminded of such obligations to help bring these moments alive.

  • Beautiful. Disney magic at its finest.

  • Watched it again….This better air A LOT. 😀 :-/ :p

  • Tingles. Tears. And a smile. 🙂

  • Love, Love, Love that commercial!

  • Loved it. I am now going to make reservations for next December. It also made me teary eyed. I just love Disney.

  • Loved it….so sweet.

  • LOVED IT!!!! Sort of a Polar Express meets Peter Pan with the destination being Walt Disney World (and Disneyland’s Small World). Focusing on the kids at Christmas is really what makes this special. And the music had me instantly.

  • Great now my kids will really want to go!!! They were Peter Pan and Captain Hook for Halloween so this will catch their eye!!

  • Beautiful!! what a wonderful message! Well done!

  • Fantastic! Absolutely captures the spirit of the ride, and the reason it is such a favorite!

  • Ok. I feel like a total baby!! How can a commercial bring me to tears? It’s that music. And those sweet kids. I LOVE IT! Totally made me bawl. Thanks a lot! hahaha

  • I teared up immediately! The kids made me play it several times as well. We cannot wait for our first trip during the holidays!

  • Excellent video! It makes me more than ready for the holidays now!

  • I am ready for Christmas at Disney!

  • nobody does it quite like Disney. that was just a beautiful Christmas card for everyone! It made me want to cry ! (in a good way!!)

  • Thank you for starting my holiday season with the right message!! Can’t wait to return to “the world.”

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