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Disney Parks Unveils ‘Small World’ Holiday Spot

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We’re launching a pretty unique holiday television spot and wanted to share it with you first on the Disney Parks Blog.

The video features children from around the world coming together for a magical journey to experience the best of Disney Parks. It’s video that’ll make you smile and may just tug at your heartstrings.  Let us know what you think in the comments.


  • Beautiful, very sweet and magical:)

  • It really reminds me of the “Polar Express” with all the children welcoming each other. Personally, I’m not getting the Holiday aspect of it until the end.

  • LOVE IT!!
    Beautiful commercial!
    Thank you as it allows you to be even more excited about our next trip.

  • This has become my favorite Disney Holidays ad! It gave me chills and that cozy, Christmassy feeling! Well done!

  • Scott from CA – I believe the boat in the ad is representative of the flying Jolly Roger from Peter Pan after Tink dusts it with pixie dust to get the Darling children back home. The boat is picking up children all over the “small world” to celebrate the holidays together @ WDW/DL. ºOº

    Janet from MI – I’m not sure if this video is on it yet, but the Disney Parks Channel on YouTube has many great videos that you can share!

  • Beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes, too. I’d love to share it on Facebook–could you make a way to do that?

  • Thanks goodness I have a trip planned for this December; otherwise, I would be heart-sick right now. Wonderful commercial! Pure Disney, through and through. Applause to the creatives who dreamed this on up! And yes, I have tears in my eyes, too.

  • WOW!! What an awesome video for the holidays. It brought tears to my eyes (happy tears, of course). Thanks for starting my holiday season off with a big smile. =:)

  • very nice video… if a tear doesnt come close to appearing on your face while watching that, then you must be sleeping!!!

  • How to make a grown man cry! It’s a Small World had a profound impact on me in my childhood. I grew up to study international relations and work as a children services strategist. So this is a great add. And having been born in San Francsico, lived in London and Paris, worked in Hong Kong, Honeymooned in WDW and grew up at Disneyland. Well, this just warms the cockles. Thanks for showing what Disney can still do.

  • That is one of the most magical videos I’ve ever seen & only Disney could do it. TYSM for the joy.

  • Truly Magical!!! Gave me “goose bumps” just watching it!

  • GREAT video. I absolutely loved it. One of the best Disney commercials I think I’ve ever seen. Way to go!

  • WDW inspires us to dream and brings families, guests and Cast Members together every day of the year. A wonderful holiday message.

  • Hi , I had tear, We will be in Disney World in 35 days , Our fisrt Dec trip. Disney is my Happy Place.

  • Absolutely stunning! This video is a perfect example of why we all LOVE Disney so much, thanks!!

  • Love that video! Truly is Disney Magic.

  • It is beautiful!!! Disney World commercials are always the best!

  • cleaning my tears, I thought maybe beacuse Im pregnant thats why i was crying but Im not the only one lol. I cant wait to go see small world christmas.I love Disneyland sooooo much. I hope someday to take the family to Disney world.

  • i love it. 40 more days!

  • awesome video love it!

  • A tear??? I was sitting here bawling with tears streaming down my face and my nose runnning.This is one of their best. Looking forward to my trip in January, sorry to say will miss out on the holiday decor. But still magical. This trip is just for DH and myself for our 30th. I made him come watch this with me.

    Disney “Perfect, absolutly perfect. 🙂

  • It is wonderful and yes I had tears too!

  • I really don’t understand where all the kids are coming from. Is this a real boat?…. why does it fly and not go on the water? Disney has missed the “boat” on this one….

  • Beautiful!

  • Pure Genius. This is just beautiful!!!

  • Makes me wish I was there now and not have to wait until next December when my husband and I are going for our wedding anniversary after our 4 day Disney Cruise.

  • It says Disney from the very beginning! It’s beautiful, magical and absolutely wonderful! It will be one of the very few commercials I wont mute and I will look forward to seeing it each time it comes on and probably never get enough of it.

  • What an absolutely amazing and simple message!! I LOVED it!! Regardless of what anyone says, “it’s a small world,” both classic and holiday, is my favorite attraction!! Thank you so much Disney Parks!!

  • Great video!!!

  • Beautiful! Now I can’t wait for our December trip! (Well, I was getting excited before but NOW…)

  • I was trying to decide when to go to WDW next year. After this video I’ve decided! Great video, Disney! You’re the best!

  • Oh that was fantastic, brought tears and goose bumps for me! Great stuff Disney! :o)

  • OMG!!!! Chills and tears! This is why I love Disney so much. Nothing else creates such a warm and fuzzy emotion.

  • Our family love’s the video! Wish we could post it on facebook.

  • Again, Disney knows just the right combination to give you chills and smile and remember your own great times. Lovely.

  • Absolutely AWESOME!

  • I had to watch this in segments of about 8-10 seconds to avoid bursting into tears over this. But then again, I’ve been known to cry watching the Wal-Mart carol of the bells commercial….

    I especially liked the “Joy to the Small World” idea.

  • Oh how I love this commercial! I can feel myself right on Main Street USA! Thank you, Disney World!! I love you!!!

  • that was amazing. It does bring tears to my eyes. So glad Im going in December. Kudos to the Disney people. Loved it.

  • This is magic! Pure Disney magic!

  • I think this is one of the only times that It’s a Small World has not gotten on my nerves.

    Someone posted that CMs should watch this video…I think ANYONE contemplating going to DL or WDW should be watching this video.

    That is the epitome of MAGIC. And everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what their life is like right now, this moment…EVERYONE needs this magic!

    Thank you for seriously making my day.

  • small world is my grandfather’s favorite ride (which he is not a fan of rides, but he talks about this one) so it already is one I think of. Gotta say that I love the new video.

  • Ok…that just gave me chills! Great commercial!

  • That commercial is very sweet and beautiful indeed.

    It would be very nice if WDW could offer the It’s a Small World Holiday overlay. All the other Disney parks around the world already offer it, so WDW should too.

  • Gave me goose bumps and brought a tear to my eye. So meaningful. Nice job.

  • Absolutely loved it! The tears are welled up in my eyes for sure after watching that.

  • I teared up too! Beautiful. Send that ship my way, won’t you?

  • Dear Santa:
    I know what I want for Christmas this year…..Thanks Disney.

  • What a beautiful commercial!! It gave me chills! Disney is such a Magical Place! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us!

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