Holidays at the Disneyland Resort Starts November 13!

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

I can’t believe it! We’ve been talking about Disney gift ideas for the holidays here on the blog, and I’ve been seeing holiday decorations popping up all over the Parks. The holiday season is definitely upon us, and I guess I’d better get in the spirit. It all starts Friday, November 13 at the Disneyland Resort!

There’s something for everyone, but here are my top 10 holiday experiences in the Parks.

    10. Watching the reindeer play in their corral and visiting Santa Claus at “Santa’s Reindeer Round-up” in Big Thunder Ranch.
    9. Walking through the Parks and looking at all of the decorations, including the 300,000 lights on “it’s a small world” holiday, the icicles on Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle, the giant Christmas tree on Main Street, U.S.A. and the oversized ornaments in “a bug’s land.”
    8. Exploring the shops in both parks and finding the perfect Disney ornament to give to friends.
    7. Sitting on a bench, eating a big gingerbread cookie from the Blue Ribbon Bakery and watching families celebrate at the parks.
    6. Finding the ideal location to take a holiday photo with my mom (The giant Christmas tree on Main Street is always a winner, and we’ve found some fun spots in “Santa’s Reindeer Round-up,” too).
    5. Listening to the carolers on Main Street, U.S.A.
    4. Watching “A Christmas Fantasy” parade and imagining that I’m graceful enough to dance like those performers.
    3. Sailing through “it’s a small world” holiday with a little kid. I love the experience even more when I can also experience it through a child’s eyes.
    2. Experiencing Haunted Mansion Holiday featuring Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
    1. Drinking hot cocoa while watching “Believe…in Holiday Magic” fireworks show, listening to a touching rendition of “White Christmas,” and waiting for the nightly snowfall to cascade around me.

I know that for some of us it seems too early to be thinking about the holidays, so maybe this video will help get you in the spirit. Please tell me what you love most about the Holidays at Disney Parks.


  • I can’t wait for our trip this year! We haven’t been there in a while, we are going for my birthday Dec. 31!! I have never been there for my birthday. I love Disneyland during the holidays BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • I can’t wait to see the Believe in Holiday Magic fireworks. It’s my favorite part of Disneyland during this season. It honestly isn’t Christmas until I see those fireworks! 🙂

  • next mouth i am going to disney land for christmas break with my dad and me

  • wow! What a things what a celebration, i have totally see this video and become this place fan and keep a desire in my inner soul that i will sure visit this place once.
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  • What’s not to enjoy? The light show on small world is so fun! I love all the lights.

  • If you’ve never been to Disney during the holiday season, I STRONGLY recommend a visit! The decor and atmosphere is truly magical. No matter where you’re staying; on-property or off, allow some time to visit a few of Disney’s on-site accommodations. Each place has its own decoration theme and style. Believe me, it’s worth your time.

  • I’ve been lucky enough to see how wonderful Disneyland is for the holidays (Halloween and Christmas). Although I live 30 miles from Disney World, with the recent changes there which are not for the better, I will be making Disneyland my holiday destination next year.

  • Again. Thanks for this. I wish I was having a trip to Disneyland coming up in 2 weeks rather than Walt Disney World with everything that’s been cut and changed at WDW.

  • I guess I should plan on spending my holidays at Disneyland from now on. They don’t seem to be cutting amazing touches like Lights of Winter or charging for holiday offerings like WDW does for the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

  • Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! My hubby and I are taking our children and my sister to Disneyland this up coming week. We will be there to celebrate my birthday on November 18, we have already started our countdown and are so excited! One of our favorite things to do in Disneyland during the holiday season is to see the castle decorated it is so pretty, if only I could decorate my house like that!

  • My wife Janelle and I are taking our 2 (almost 3)-year old daughter there first week of December! Although I’m actually attending a conference nearby, they’ll enjoy the parks and I’ll catch up with them before/during/after my event. And we are looking forward to getting our first ever Disney Annual Passes! 21 days to go! Yesss!

  • We spent Christmas at Disneyland last year! Wish we lived in Cali so that it could be an annual event! There’s nothing like it! :0)

  • Going to Disneyland on Mon the 16th to celebrate my husband’s b’day. This will be his first time to experience Disneyland decked out for the holidays. Can’t wait to enjoy the magic!!

  • I used to dislike the Holiday season until four years ago when I went to Disneyland with my Fiance in November. Being at the park with someone I love dearly changed my mind about the Holidays. I have never seen a real snowfall, but the one after the fireworks show brought tears to my eyes, and just spending it with him made my night. Now we go every year in November, and I still cry after the fireworks.

  • Everything you said, plus we love sitting in the Grand Lobby and listening to the piano playing Christmas music and waiting for Santa to make his appearance. We also love taking our Holiday photo in the little spot next to Pirates of the Caribbean. My kids love decorating a cookie at Santa’s Reindeer Roundup. So much more… We can’t wait for our annual trip in 2 weeks!!!!

  • Too much fun! We love Disney’s Christmas celebrations. I think Walt Disney World’s Christmas festivities start today. Any chance we’ll get to see a similar video about Walt Disney World? Sometime soon I hope we can visit Disneyland for the Christmastime events!

  • After more than a dozen visits to Disneyland I’ve never been able to experience the holidays there. This year for my 30th birthday in December my family and I will be celebrating in Disneyland! I can’t imagine a better way to spend the day.

  • I will be there Friday and Saturday and I am so excited. The annual pass is worth it just for the holiday times.

  • This is Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    We were at Disneyland last December 2008 and it was soooo beautiful and the firework show was amazing!!!! We are thinking about going back to Disneyland this holiday too..

  • We too are going to Disneyland in December; this will be our second trip there this year:) The last time I was in Disneyland for Christmas was 30 years ago…can’t wait to see all the beautiful decorations !

  • I asked my wife to marry me during the snowfall and fireworks on Main Street a few years ago and now we try and go on the same date, Dec 20th, every year.

  • I absolutely love the fireworks and snow on main street. It’s the most magical event ever! My husband and I went to disneyland on our wedding day and got some amazing pictures taken in our wedding attire. The castle was decorated beautifully and made for an amazing background.

  • Fireworks over the castle during Christmas *always* make me teary!

  • Why aren’t you mentioning the Holidaytime at Disneyland tour?

  • I am taking my 2 1/2 year old Godson this Friday thru Sunday. It will be his thrid visit, but first for the Holidays! He keeps asking me when we are going to Mickey’s house. I am so lucky to be sharing one of my favorite places with him and watching him experience Disneyland for the holidays for the first time! Thank you to all who help make our visits there amazing every year.

  • Going to Disneyland this weekend to start off the Holidays with a bang. Celebrating my Daughters sweet 16th birthday on Saturday, will be great to see the lights and decorations. And the best thing? The fireworks, I will get a chance to see the fireworks in my children s eyes as they light up the sky. What a wonderful place to go during the holidays. I love Disneyland, its my home away from home. See you there!

  • Disney + Christmas = ::does the happy dance:: WOO HOO! CHRISTMAS AT DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!! ::gets crazy happy eyes::

  • I can’t wait to go this weekend and next weekend with my family. I love Disney. And I’m looking forward to the Cast member holiday party.

  • Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, especially at Disneyland. Seeing all the faces of the kids when they see the castle and the tree light up or seeing “snow” on Main Street. My own personal favorite memory is when I had the opportunity to be a part of Disneyland’s Candlelight Processional. Truly magical.

  • I just love the sights and smells of the Disneyland when I go. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and what better way to enjoy it than going to the park and seeing all the decorations. It is even better when it’s on a chilly day as well.

  • I REALLY love the Christmas decorations in New Orleans Square. I’m blow away every time I see them. but NOTHING beat the Christmas fireworks. They are so beautiful and moving. And I LOVE when it snows on Main Street! So magical.

  • Watching the Spooktacular Halloween fireworks show from our Disneyland Hotel balcony. Sheer joy. Plus–the room’s tele broadcasted the fireworks show music and voiceover while we watched! It was sheer heaven

  • There are so many things I love about Walt Disney World during the holidays, but I think my favorite parts are the lighting of Cinderella’s castle, and the holiday music on Main Street, USA. There is no better time to go to the Disney Parks than in the holiday season!

  • This is so beautiful. I am going to visit in December… This isn’t my first trip to Disney…it is one of many but I have never been over the xmas holidays. I am sooo excited! Looking forward to all the fun and beautiful moments to share with my soulmate and our three year old daughter.

  • I love christmas in Disneyland and Disney World! i am going to disney world this year! No one does Christmas like Disney. Thanks for bringing the spirit of the season to so many and making the holidays so special

  • i can’t wait to go this year for the Christmas Celebrations! It’s truly magical!

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