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Just for Fun – Walt Disney World Photography

Here is a photo I made in the Magic Kingdom. I used a favorite combination of high-end digital camera combined with a low-tech plastic lens with a flexible bellows, a lens that allows one to use very selective (if any) focus for a unique look. I photographed Chip and Dale, then Cinderella Castle with fireworks, and combined the two frames afterward. I hope the image makes you smile…

Just for Fun


  • Chip and Dale are my favorite Disney Characters and this picture with Cinderella’s Castle in the background and fireworks being shot off makes me enjoy them even more :)…

  • lens baby? GREAT image! 🙂

  • Kimberly, that statue is one of 8 small statues ringing the Partners statue (Walt and Mickey) in The Hub at the top of Main
    Street USA / base of Cinderella Castle. The other characters there are Goofy, Donald, Dumbo (with Timothy), Pinocchio (with Jiminy) and Minnie, Brer Rabbit and Pluto.

    Gene, as always, your photos simply amaze me – it’s easy to see why you’ve worked for the Disney Co. all these years… they only hire the best! 🙂 We’ll be at WDW starting this Sunday… I’ll keep an eye peeled for you in the parks! 8(:-D

  • I love the photo. But have never seen this statue of Chip and Dale. Family is planning to go to disney world in less then 2 weeks. Hopefully I can find that statue. They are my favorites.

  • The fireworks and their trails remind me of fiber optics. Your photography is very creative, and I see your name credited in a lot of the Disney books I have.

  • very good!!

  • Really nice!

  • awesome! very cool idea!
    need any more creative brains? I’d love a job 🙂


  • Yeah a lensbaby, they are fun little lenses. I just have to work more on my manual focusing.

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