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Meet the Artist: Behind-the-Scenes of D Street

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Noah at D Street

Something new is hitting the streets – the streets of the Downtown Disney District, that is. There’s a new urban-like shopping space opening in December, and I wanted to give you the details here on the Disney Parks Blog.

They call it D Street! It’s a place where urban art product “intersects” (pun intended) with a Disney creative edge. This raw, unfinished industrial-style space will showcase a mix of Disney-inspired art created by local and underground artists. Also up for grabs are cutting edge apparel, pop culture novelties, vinyl figures, collectibles and more.

I was able to catch up with local Southern California artist Noah on one of his recent visits to the Resort. Noah will be one of the featured artists for this new location and whose artwork and art inspired apparel will be on available in D Street at opening.

Michelle: Vinylmation is one of the biggest crazes at Disney Parks, and we hear that D Street will be kind of like a flagship for all the new vinyl products. I know you did a 5 foot-tall Vinylmation Mickey for D23. Any plans to see any cool vinyls from you?
Noah at D Street

Noah: Um….Yes! As a matter of fact there will be a special release on the 19th of December at D Street. It will be one of the most unique applications I’ve ever seen for vinylmation. It is a great thing to see so many artists coming out of the woodwork to express themselves on this platform. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing Disney guests light up when they see their favorite Disney character in a light that fits their personality and lifestyle. It makes the characters and Disney magic that much closer and personal.

Michelle: You’re very well known locally for your cutting edge art approach, what influences or inspirations do you draw on to create these amazing pieces?

Noah: I know it sounds weird but my mind is always turning and moving when I’m meditating and walking in public places. Let’s say I’m at Disneyland and I’m hanging out for the day. I am looking at hairstyles, t-shirt designs, what to wear, what not to wear, peoples expressions and the lighting. I especially love the lighting in the later time of the day. Creativity is a “mood” an “attitude” or “vibe”. If I really want to ramp it up it is being in solitude and cranking music.

I never want my work to “look” like someone else’ or to “follow” a look or feel. To me it has always been about pushing myself with each new work to find something different and greater than before. I love the use of writings in my work to tell the story. People think that it is another language but it is English written in my own font. My Dad was a sign letterer and I was always fascinated by letter characters.


Okay, it’s time to wrap this up, but now you’re in the know. Once I get more details on the opening of the store, I’ll be sure to share them with you. Maybe we can even give you an “insider’s look” at this new local hot spot!


  • This is really beautifull, what a gifted artist…with a big vision….thanks for the sight and the information! Maryann from the O.C. in CA.

  • D Street is going to be at Disneyland, not Disney World. It doesn’t happen often but for once the West Coast is getting something new. It says it’s going in Downtown Disney, but I was there last weekend and I didn’t see where it was going. I’ll be there again in the morning and take another look, otherwise I’ll be there opening day and will find out for certain, just don’t expect to find it near Pleasure Island next week.

  • Looking forward to seeing some of your work Noah. Stay original!

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    That Mickey is so cool!!!! The artist is very talented…

  • Wow Talented and Cute!!!

  • This is AMAZING!!!!!

    Congrats from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🙂

  • Will D Street be in the Pleasure Island area? It would br great to get an insider look at this location. It would also be great if Disney would develop an online store for locations such as this and World of Disney.


  • Go Noah! Amazing talent, amazing guy. Well done, Disney

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